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French Press Vs Drip Coffee Comparison

Frenchpress and drip coffee are suitable for various applications. However, itdepends upon the preferences of the coffee drinkers. You can choose the desiredoption as per the choice of your flavor as well as lifestyle.

What Is French Press Coffee?

If you are a coffee lover, then you must know about the rising popularity of French press coffee. This well-known coffee brewing technique is a perfect match for strong flavor enthusiasts. You can find out this amazing delicacy at coffee shops, restaurants, etc.

The Frenchpress is an extraordinary technique in which coffee grounds interact with thewater all-along the brewing method. A cup of coffee, prepared in a French Presscoffee maker, is straightforward but delectable in taste.

What Is About Drip Coffee?

Drip coffeegot its name from the method itself. It is among the processes to preparebrewed coffee. Pouring hot water on top of coffee beans is the method to makebrewed coffee. However, it is also essential to allow the beans to flow intothe pot.

Difference between French press vs Drip Coffee

Frenchpress vs drip coffee

Brewing Time:

So, youneed a cup of refreshing coffee in the daily morning, right? Which of thetechniques will serve your purpose faster?

When itcomes to the French press, the brewing time is 5-8 minutes. The process needsboiling water and 2-3 minutes of brewing time.

On thecontrary, a drip machine takes a bit longer than 5 to 10 minutes for brewing.You need to allow it to warm up and brew for a particular period. As a result,you will get a warm, refreshing coffee.

Clean-Up Time:

A Freshpress coffee maker needs only a simple rinse along with a perfect swish. Itcontains the run of clean water via its stainless-steel filter. And voila! Itis ready for the next brewing.

On thecontrary, a drip coffee needs the change of its filter along with rinsing itspot. It is a must-do between every batch of coffee making.

Drip Coffee Vs French Press

Skills Needed:

Coffeemaking is an art and perfecting this skill needs time. Which one should youconsider when it comes to the learning curve? Both of the processes need loadsof considerations. However, related aspects in this regard include watertemperature, coffee grind, brew time, and plunger-filter pushing rate.

Maintaininga proper brewing time is essential for a French press. Otherwise, your coffeewill become either weak or over-brewed.

On thecontrary, it is easy to handle and prepare coffee with a drip coffee maker. Youjust need to measure the ground coffee to a proper amount. Check out the instructionsof the respective manufacturer for the same. Next, it is time for poppingground coffee into your machine. Checking the water level and allowing themachine to get ready are the next steps of this process.

That meansyou can make your coffee in a drip coffee maker more easily than a Frenchpress.


You mustconsider how many cups you would get per brew from each machine before decidingone. Although different machines come with different sizes, a standard Frenchpress can serve from one to ten cup of coffee at a time.

The maximumcapacity of a drip coffee maker is also almost ten although it starts from acouple of cups.

However, aFrench press does not come with a heat plate. That means it is not possible toretain the heat of your coffee for longer. Hence, if you are not servinginstantly, it could end up to complete waste, as cold coffee means bittercoffee.

On thecontrary, the drip pot of a drip coffee maker helps to keep your coffee hot aswell as ready to serve for a much longer time.

Do you think the taste of the coffee is the most important factor? Yes? Then, which type of coffee you prefer determines the choice between the French press and drip coffee. Do you prefer a cup of coffee with a rich taste? Then, French press coffee is an ideal option for you. On the contrary, a cup of coffee with the lighter flavor calls for a drip coffee maker.

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The Bottom Line

Now, it isup to you which option you want to go for?

A Frenchpress machine enables you to control almost every variable needed for brewing.As a result, you will get richer coffee with amazing delicacy. Moreover, it isan easy-to-clean machine. And you can start producing the next batch of coffeein less time.

On theother hand, drip coffee makers are an ideal option if you do not want to thinkmuch in every cup of coffee. It is an easy-to-use machine, which can keep yourcoffee hot for longer.