Are you a strong supporter of at-homecoffee brewing?

Then, getting confused betweenAeroPress and French press is obvious.

Many coffee aficionados perceivethese two methods as the almost same ones. It is because two of them rely onsteeping grounds with the use of hot water. Moreover, both of them filtercoffee using a specific manual pump method.

Nonetheless, each one comes withseparate specifications.

Hence, do you want to opt for themost suitable manual brewing method?

Then, the post on aeropress vsfrench press will help you a lot.

Aeropress vs french press

Two of the most prominent manualbrewing methods are AeroPress and French press. The French press is aconventional, heavily popular brewing method in the world.

On the contrary, AeroPress has beenthere in the coffee world for more than a decade. And it has already become apreferred option for many coffee aficionados. It is time to check out the briefdetails and comparison of AeroPress and French press.

What Is Aeropress?

Among other manual coffee brewingmethods, AeroPress becomes prominent due to its different brewing varieties.Many people think AeroPress can brew the best-flavored coffee.

Moreover, it is extremely convenientto use just like a French press. You just need to place coffee and water ontoit. After a good stirring, allow it for some time. Then, just press the coffeeout into a cup via the paper filter.

Nonetheless, brewing coffee with theAeroPress is not as simple as drip brewing. However, this specialized methodcan brew a special type of Joe.

Aeropress vs french press

What Is About French Press?

Also known as a press pot or cafetiere,the French press is convenient equipment due to its simplicity. The setup comeswith a carafe.

Moreover, a plunger accompanied by afilter screen is also there along with a lid. Not only the design but alsousing a French press is very convenient. Moreover, it is also possible tocustomize the setup in every phase of brewing.

When it comes to brewing for longer,a French press makes an ideal option. It offers an intense, robust, andstrongly flavored Joe.

Do you want to brew for a shorterperiod?

Then, you can still use a Frenchpress to get a more subtle, smooth cup of coffee.

french press vs Aeropress

Aeropress VS French Press

More Control During Brewing:

AeroPress is the only manual brewingequipment, which enables users to change each of the brewing variables. And allthese variables (temperature, time, water quantity, pressure, and so on) areessential for a delicious cup of coffee.

It is the key difference betweenthese two brewing methods- AeroPress and French press. AeroPress comes with theconvenience of controlling every brewing variable.

Do you want to savor an above-averagecup of coffee? Then, an AeroPress is an ideal option for you.


A French press can produce a fuller-bodiedJoe as compared to one brewed by AeroPress. Moreover, French press brewedcoffee is strong, aromatic, and flavorful. However, many people prefer theFrench press to Aeropress for other reasons as well, such as:

The French press is budget-friendlyand economical. Moreover, its appearance can complement the entire kitchendecor.

It is an ideal way to brew aflavorful cup of coffee within only a couple of minutes.

Furthermore, there is no need for usingpaper filters.

Also, a French press can brew coffeefor a large number of people. On the contrary, the AeroPress can brew one cupat one time.

Nonetheless, AeroPress also comeswith several advantages, such as:

The AeroPress brewed coffee sharessimilarities with an espresso machine brewed one, as AeroPress can yield morepressure than its counterpart does.

Moreover, AeroPress is greatlyportable equipment. That means a coffee connoisseur can take it anywhere.

Also, AeroPress brewing time isshorter than that of a French press. The former one takes around 1 min 30minutes. On the other hand, the French press needs around 5 minutes forbrewing.

AeroPress brewed coffee comes with amellow flavor. Moreover, it is strong at the same time.

When it comes to cleaning, Aeropressis more convenient than a French press. Moreover, with AeroPress, there willnot be any leftover grind within the coffee cup. That is how cleaning becomesso convenient in AeroPress.


It is the reason why AeroPress is somuch popular among coffee buffs. This equipment enables the user to alter thepressure, according to their preference.

The proper pressure can extract thegrounds with the ace. As a result, more coffee oils, as well as soluble solids,will be there in the final result. In simple words, AeroPress utilizes pressureto boost ground extraction.

More Differences:

Where the French press uses coarsergrind to prevent grounds to enter the final result, AeroPress needs a finegrind to extract more soluble solids.

The standard AeroPress setup comeswith paper filters only. As a result, it can produce a cleaner cup of coffee.On the contrary, French pots cup contains more suspended solids as well as oilsas compared to an AeroPress.

A French press can brew four to sixcups of coffee with ease. Even pots have come with the capacity of brewing 12cups. On the other hand, AeroPress can produce one serving at a time.

What Is More?

AeroPress offers a bright flavoredclean cup of coffee, owing to the paper filters. Moreover, it comes with anamazingly quick preparation time & brewing time. Furthermore, AeroPressfeatures different options of hot-brew (either coarse or fine grind).

AeroPress is an ideal solution whenthe demand is about a small amount of coffee (single serving). Moreover, itsmaterial is robust enough to ensure portability. On the contrary, an AeroPressneeds some learning curve for newcomers. Moreover, it cannot prepare a coldbrew. Also, AeroPress is not a perfect option for coffee-families or ardentcoffee buffs.

A French press offers full-bodied,strong, and rich coffee experience, owing to its stainless steel filters.

Moreover, it comes with theconvenience of set-and-forgettable with more than 3 minutes of brewing time.This coffee equipment can also male cold brew. Also, a French press can preparemore than one cup simultaneously. It is a newbie-friendly method.

On the other hand, the French pressfeatures fewer options for brewing hot drinks. Brewed coffee from thisequipment can contain grit and oils, which can impart a heavy mouth feeling.Furthermore, most of the models are not travel-friendly.

The Bottom Line

The main goal of aeropress vsfrench press was to help you find out the most suitable option for you. AndI hope, you can now easily opt for one.

Hence, what are you waiting for?

Start your manual coffee brewingjourney from today!