How to make almond butter in a Blender

Almond butter is very creamy and versatile in nature. So, you should know how to make almond butter in a blender. The preparation process is very easy.

However, you must take the help of a powerful blender. It is true that working with soft nuts, such as peanuts and cashews is easy than almonds. But, the procedure of this post will help you to do the task with the ease.

How to make Almond Butter in a Blender

What are the best blender to make almond butter ?

For almond butter, a regular blender will not be enough. You need at least 700 watt plus motors with high RPM. For making almond butter I always prefer Blendtec and Vitamix blenders. Although you can use any high-end ninja blender too.

How to make salted almond butter ?

Start the procedure by adding roasted, unsalted almonds to a powerful blender. Keep blending it on low until it becomes creamy. Now, scrape down using a spatula, if needed.

It’s time for adding half teaspoon of salt at one time. And then again you should start blending for a couple of seconds after every addition of salt. Keep on doing the same as long as the mixture’s flavor becomes perfect, as per your taste.

Now, shift the mixture to an airtight container followed by storing it in your refrigerator.

can I use pre-roasted almond ?

Yup you can. But it might be more expensive compare to un-roasted almond. Where as by spending 10-15 minutes you can roast your almond easily.

Do I need to add oil ?

In my recipe, I use coconut oil, instead of these you can use any type of oil. Even if you don’t want to use any oil that also possible. oil is mainly used to maintain thickness and consistency.

How to make Almond Butter

Some Key Health Benefits of Almonds

You might know almonds to be well-known tree nuts. These nuts are loaded with healthy fiber, monounsaturated fats, protein as well as a lot of other essential nutrients.

Do you know almonds are one of the ideal sources of vitamin E in the world? Moreover, the consumption of vitamin E offers a number of health benefits.

Almonds are rich in Magnesium. Many people do not get enough of this nutrient. It’s important to note that high consumption of magnesium might improve type 2 diabetes as well as metabolic syndrome. Low magnesium intake can result in high blood pressure. That means almonds may help to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Consumption of almonds on a daily basis can alleviate “bad” LDL cholesterol to some extent. It can further lower the risk of heart ailments.

Do you know oxidation of LDL cholesterol can cause heart disease in the future? The good news is almonds can lower oxidized LDL. Moreover, you will feel fullness after eating almonds and it will help you to manage your calorie intake.

So, you have learned how to make almond butter in a blender, right? It’s time to start making almond butter with your knowledge.