Frappe Vs Latte

Coffee buffs must know about the differences between various coffee types. Thus, they can relish a cup of coffee with more confidence. The post is about frappe vs latte. Hence, without any ado, let us start the discussion.

Frappe vs Latte

The soothing taste of coffee can fill one’s mind with joy and happiness. Apart from loads of health benefits, coffee can uplift one’s mood in any weather. The continuous development in the area of coffee making has resulted in different variations in flavor, taste, appearance. Two of such popular variations are frappe and latte.

Frappe and latte share two similarities with each other. Both of them contain coffee as the basic ingredient. Moreover, these two variations may have milk.

What Is Frappe?

The source of the term “frappe” has come from “frapper,” which is a French word. The meaning of frappe is “to chill.” A frappe is a delectable frozen beverage with a combination of milk, ice cream, and flavored syrup.

Sometimes, coffee is also there in a frappe. You can come across different variations in this drink, such as chocolate frappe, green tea frappe, caramel frappe, etc.


What Is About Latte?

Latte is one of the popular espresso-based drinks. A shot of espresso combines with milk foam as well as steamed milk. Lactose-intolerant people prepare latte with a non-dairy ingredient like almond milk, soy, or oat.

Moreover, this delectable drink can also come with a specific flavor, such as raspberry, vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon, etc. The source of the term “latte” comes from “caffé latte” (an Italian name) that means “milk coffee.”

Main Difference between latte and Frappe


Whereas frappe comes with milk, coffee, syrup, and ice cream, a latte features a shot of espresso combined with milk foam and steamed milk.

Hot Or Cold:

A frappe comes as a frozen drink. However, a latte can come in both types- cold and hot. You can opt for an option, as per your needs.


The source of frappe is France whereas the origin of latte is in Italy. 

Types Of Coffee:

You already know that latte contains espresso shots. So, what is about frappe? It comes with instant coffee. The count of espresso shots depends upon you. However, the standard count is one but it can go up to three espresso shots. Hence, a latte is all about a soothing taste with milk with the presence of espresso.

On the contrary, a frappe comes as a little bit of extraordinary drink. The use of instant coffee in frappe is due to that it was introduced at a convention of instant coffee. The main goal was to prepare a unique drink with the use of instant coffee.

Milk Content:

Milk is an integral part of lattes whereas frappes may not contain milk always. Hence, a milk buff will more likely opt for lattes. The most parts of a latte come with milk foam and steamed milk. Although it has some flavors of coffee, it is enormously milky.

The taste of a frappe is different from that of a latte since milk is not mandatory in the former. However, it is still okay to mix milk in a frappe. A frappe is mostly about instant coffee added with sugar and water. Now, you can come across different variations of frappes in various places.


Definitely, the taste is essential to discuss when it comes to a comparison between two coffee varieties. A latte comes with a finer taste with the mind-blowing aroma of espresso. Whole milk can transform its mute taste into a soothing one. That means you can expect a latte as a smooth-textured coffee. In that case, it must contain a generous amount of milk foam.

On the other hand, a frappe offers a strong flavor, which is earthy as well as bitter. However, even after adding cream or milk to a frappe, it tastes stronger compared to a latte with one espresso shot.

The Bottom Line

Now, when you know about the key differences between frappe and latte, you can choose your preferred option with ease.