Espresso Vs Lungo

Are you looking for some information on espresso vs lungo? Then, this post is for you. If you are a coffee aficionado, then you must know that espresso is a popular drink in the world of coffee.

However, very few people have heard about Lungo. It shares similarities with espresso since it is brewed with an espresso maker. Nonetheless, a couple of differences are also there between these two variations. At the end of the post, you can easily opt for the most suitable option for you.

Espresso Vs Lungo – Difference Between Espresso and Lungo

Whether you are a coffee aficionado or a frequent coffee drinker, you must have heard about espresso. However, what is about lungo? Many coffee buffs are not even familiar with this term. The post will help you to know about lungo (and also espresso) and the difference between espresso and lungo.

Brewing a proper cup of espresso is no less than a masterpiece. Hence, whether you want to be a barista or you are a coffee connoisseur, you need to know about this art. You might already know that loads of espresso-based drinks are available in the market. However, the difference lies in the completion of the brewing process. And it is the key difference between espresso and lungo.

What Is Espresso?


When it comes to a shot of espresso, you can expect a concentrated, rich beverage for one to two ounces. Whenever it is about pulling of these shots by an espresso machine, hot water is passed through coffee grounds. It results in the extraction of strong espresso flavor, as per the expectation of a coffee connoisseur. The entire extraction process calls for around 20-30 seconds.

An espresso shot consists of three parts. The bottom part is darker and is known as the body. Then, the middle part features a lighter color whereas the top comes with frothy, light crema. This reddish-brown, aromatic froth is there on top of a perfect espresso shot. It offers longer aftertaste as well as a great flavor to espresso as compared to drip coffee. Crema is an important element of a perfectly brewed espresso.

What Is About Lungo?

Lungo (“long” in Italian) comes with a different method of pulling a shot of espresso. That is why it provides a bit of milder taste. You can use an espresso machine to brew lungo.

lungo vs Espresso

However, more time is needed to prepare lungo than an espresso. Even lungo can call for a maximum of one minute for pulling. As a result, the prepared Joe would have more water and less strong taste than an espresso. It is because espresso needs pulling for a short period.

A lungo comes in two ounces. It features a bitterer flavor as compared to a conventional espresso. It is because the shot of lungo calls for a long time to pull. Naturally, the overall time influences the coffee grounds’ extraction.

Furthermore, a shot of lungo comes in three parts added with crema. However, it has less crema than an espresso. Nonetheless, a coffee aficionado can also prefer a lungo with multiple shots.

Difference Between Espresso and Lungo

The major differences between an espresso and lungo lie in flavor, volume, and caffeine level. Let us know about these aspects below:


Definitely, the tastes of espresso and lungo are different due to their varying pull times. You already know lungo calls for longer pulling. As a result, it tastes harsher and bitterer as compared to espresso. Moreover, a lungo does not feature a strong flavor just like espresso, as it is a less concentrated drink.

On the contrary, espresso comes with a strong, flavorful taste added with crema. The crema is the most distinguished part of espresso. An espresso features an intense flavor. It is because less water is used for the process.


A lungo calls for around double quantity of water than an espresso. That is why lungos are larger as compared to espresso shots. Where a regular shot comes with around one ounce of espresso, a shot of lungo features two ounces.

 Caffeine Level:

The longer one extracts a shot of espresso, the more amount of caffeine it would have. It is because of a high amount of extraction of the coffee grounds. That is why a lungo comes with more caffeine as compared to a regular espresso. However, there is a minor difference in caffeine levels between the two.

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I hope the espresso vs lungo was insightful for you. Now, you can choose your preferred espresso-based drink easily. Do you prefer earthier flavored espresso? Then, opt for a lungo. Moreover, if you are a Caffe Americano aficionado, you can also substitute the regular shot (s) with a lungo.