How to Make a Smoothie Using the Single Serve Ninja Blender Cup

Instead of drinking smoothies at shops, why not make your smoothies at home using your Ninja blender? In this article, I’ll share how to make a smoothie using a Ninja blender.

Smoothie is normally a health drink with awesome taste and flavors. It is a sweet refresher that has fiber content and numerous vitamins. People love smoothies as they are refreshing as well as delicious. Its nutritional value is far more than any other health drinks, thus making it a favorite amongst every age group of people. These drinks are blended goodness of various fruits, vegetables, and other items.

Make Smoothie Using Single Serve Ninja Blender


Different types of Smoothies

Easy to make and easy to serve is the motto of every smoothie as it is possible to experiment it with numerous ingredients according to taste and preference. Some of the most preferred smoothies are made from single fruits as well as from combining two or more fruits with vegetables or other ingredients. Some common smoothies are as follows-

  • Mango smoothies
  • Blueberry smoothies
  • Veggie smoothies
  • Orange smoothies
  • Strawberry smoothies
  • Banana smoothies
  • Chocolate smoothies

How to Make a Smoothie Using the Single Serve Ninja Blender

A single serve of this blender has a professional look with amazing features and is best suited for making different types of smoothies. This powerful blender provides necessary density to a smoothie making it a cool tasty treat. Single serve cups are innovative tools of high powered Ninja blenders that provide outstanding performance. It is now possible to make smoothies for individuals as single cups make different varieties of smoothies for different persons. These single serving cups make the preparation of individual smoothies a hassle-free experience.

Make Smoothie Using Single Serve Ninja Blender

How to Make a Smoothie

Preparing personalized smoothies has become easy as This Blender has reduced the workload of a homemaker because of its single serve cups. Before making a smoothie it is necessary to decide and collect various ingredients of the smoothie which you are interested in making.

It is necessary to follow a recipe that yields an intense treat that is a combination of bright colors and tasty flavors. Following are some simple steps that provide a drinkable delicacy that is convenient in making and full of nutritional values.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes


  • any fresh fruit, yogurt, Milk, Sugar, ice cube


  1. Firstly take a basic ingredient and that is the desired fruit. It can be in the frozen form or fresh although fresh fruits have a unique and better flavor. Some optional fruits for making smoothie are pomegranates, avocados, mangoes, bananas, peaches, blueberries and strawberries. These fruits makes thick density smoothie whereas juicy fruits like pineapple and orange make watery smoothies.
  2. Now pour the fruit in single serve cups and add the chosen liquid inside it. One of the most popular fluids used is milk as it tastes great. People who are lactose intolerant can use Soy milk. Other well-liked liquids are yogurt in both plain and sweetened forms, coconut milk, almond milk, tea, ice-creams and even plain water.
  3. Adding protein powder like soy and whey are optional and depends on individuals
  4. For health conscious people it is advisable to add some greens like spinach and beetroot or in some cases even powder of green plants. This is strictly optional and must be used in a limited capacity
  5. Adding sweetener like plain sugar, artificial sweetener and honey is optional but it provides a nice flavour and taste to a smoothie.
  6. For flavours one can add Vanilla extract, Peanut butter, Almond extract, Oreos, pinch of Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Pepper. These are optional choices and depends on an individual preference
  7. Now churn the mixture with help of a blender for just few minutes at low speed. This helps a blender to gain momentum so that the blades can easily chop them later on.
  8. “Ninja Blender Cup” now helps in breaking down every ingredient to a fine paste with smooth and consistent density with its crushing blades
  9. Put some ice cubes to make the drink cool and turn the blender to medium position.
  10. Turn off The Blender and if the cool mixture meets approval, then serve it in single serve cups
  11. You can also garnish your drink with help of berries, mint or even a piece of lime.


It is advisable to drink it while it is fresh otherwise froth tends to settle down.

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Cleaning the blender

One must clean a blender with lukewarm water as soon as possible because if the blender is left unclean for sometime it becomes sticky and dry. Proper cleaning and maintenance is necessary for its long-lasting usage.

Advantages and disadvantages of drinking a smoothie

It is essential to know finer points as well as adverse effects of smoothies before we try to make them. Following are some benefits that have made smoothies a household name


  • Smoothie is in itself a well balanced meal especially if protein powder is added to it. It is great for breakfast as well as lunch as it provides necessary protein boost.
  • They are great energy boosters as various fruits have valuable nutrients that prove beneficial for human body.
  • Various peels, stems and core of vegetables and fruits that are put in for blending have fiber contents that helps in proper functioning of digestive system
  • The absorption of vitamins and nutrients from smoothies is quick and easy compared to eating it in other forms

Adverse effects of drinking smoothies are as follows-


  • Smoothies have very high calories content and thus can prove harmful for people with high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Although beneficial but it is sensible to avoid it at night because of high calories
  • Added sugar contents in a smoothie can prove harmful as fats are accumulated with regular drinking

Few frequently asked questions about smoothies are as follows

  1. Is it possible to make delicious smoothies at home?

Yes, it is possible to make smoothies at home with the help of Ninja Blender Cup as its preparation is very easy.

  1. Is it necessary to add any liquid while preparing a smoothie?

Although not compulsory but still it is better to add any liquid during its preparation. This helps in maintaining the required density of a smoothie.

  1. Are smoothies healthy?

Yes, it is a healthy drink as it contains plenty of minerals and various nutrients from fruits and liquids

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