How to make a margarita with a blender – Ninja or Vitamix or NutriBullet

Although people tend to enjoy a glass of margarita in a restaurant but it is also easy to make this drink at home. However, the big question is how to make a margarita at home. A blender is very useful for this purpose as it helps in making this cocktail drink without any extra effort.

Margarita is a liqueur that is primarily made from lemon juice, triple sec and tequila. It is a well-known alcoholic cocktail that is easily available in every bar and restaurant. People love this traditional drink and it is offered in various variations like fresh-lime juice, flavored liqueur, and frozen margarita.

How to make a Margarita with a blender

How to make a Margarita with a blender

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Advantages and disadvantages of drinking Margarita

How to make a margarita is not the only question one faces. The next important one is whether there are any health benefits in drinking this alcoholic drink as people tend to identify alcohol consumption with ill-health. Although it may look a bit confusing but it is believed that drinking alcoholic cocktails like margarita in small quantities can prove beneficial in long run. If a person is fit and fine then he is allowed two drinks per day and a female is allowed one drink per day. Following are benefits of drinking a margarita in limited capacities-


  • It is believed that tequila in margarita helps in stimulating appetite of a person. If a person drinks one glass after dinner it can help in process of digestion
  • Margarita can help in minimizing anxiety levels
  • It can aid in better sleep
  • It reduces risk of diabetes
  • Cocktails like margaritas helps in reducing risk of gallstones in a body
  • In some rare cases, cocktails have been helpful in avoiding strokes
  • It helps in minimizing risks of heart attack
  • It also limits problems related with cardiovascular diseases

Excessive drinking of any alcoholic drink even cocktails like margarita is very harmful for human body. One must take special care so that a person drinks it in moderate quantities and that to occasionally. Following are some negative impacts of drinking margarita in abundance-


  • It is generally seen that regular drinking of margarita in large quantities have a direct affect on pancreas and they become infected with Pancreatitis even in very young age
  • Alcohol related drinks like margarita are an important reason for spreading of cancer in liver, breast, esophageal, pharynx and mouth
  • In major cases, alcoholic cocktail consumption results in strokes
  • Brain Atrophy and Cirrhosis are other side effects of alcohol consumption
  • In pregnancy, margarita consumption must be totally avoided as it can lead to sudden miscarriages, malformations and even other problems related to fetus
  • Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited as a person can cause accidents and thus serious damages
  • Drinking can also lead to various cardiovascular problems

Certain conditions forbid drinking of any alcohol related cocktails like margarita. Some of them are as follows

  • If a person has been suffering from liver problems
  • If an individual is having problems in pancreas
  • If his/ her digestive system is being affected
  • If a person is having a history of strokes

It is better to avoid tequila contained margarita if he/she is taking the following medications-

  • Sleeping pills
  • Pain relievers
  • Antibiotics
  • Beta blockers
  • Anti-depressants
  • Medicines related to diabetes
  • Medicines for heart diseases
  • Antihistamines


  1. How to make a margarita at home?

Making margarita at home is possible if a person has a good blender and even better recipe. One has to simply follow them by mixing tequila, lemon juice and triple sec.

  1. Is drinking margarita harmful?

Drinking margarita in moderate quantities is never harmful.

  1. Is it permissible to drink margarita during pregnancy?

Drinking of margarita during pregnancy is not recommended as it can cause various problems like miscarriage, early births and even malformations.