Best Breville espresso machine Review 2021

At times, when you want a quality espresso at home then you want to turn to a trusted brand that is known for giving the amazing espresso making experience that too at the comfort of your home. However, Breville is one of those our favorites brands.

Breville takes out the things in their each coffee brewer model what users should expect from their coffee experience. Plus, all of their coffee machines are well-made, intuitive as well as those offer a stronger selection of features in comparison of most of their counterparts.

Best breville espresso machine

Moreover, these braville brewers come up with guaranteed one-year warranty because Breville offers a one-year limited warranty on all of their products. That means initially when you get to know your machine you are free to show it some tough love.

Additionally, breville encompasses excellent customer service where their customer service representatives are always ready to answer all of the questions that you may have anytime. And, guess what breville coffee brewers come with easy to use features. That means, Breville designs its products with the features that are created for the espresso beginner as well as for the espresso experts.

However, these features aren’t just easy to use, but they also allow you to get that perfect cup of coffee every time. And, you have no need to worry about the quality of their products as they make high-quality products. Hence, most of the Breville’s appliances are manufactured with stainless steel which is a durable and easy to clean material.

But with such a wide range of products, we understand that it can be hard for you to find out the Breville brewer that’s just right for your brewing needs. Therefore, we’ve here got you covered with a complete breakdown of all of the best Breville Espresso Machines.

Best Breville Espresso Machine

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

With this Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, you can easily prepare some authentic and amazing-tasting espressos. All you need to do is to follow the barista method where they grind fresh beans and extract the grounds for immediate use by using the Barista Express with Conical Burr Grinder and Dose Control.

However, this Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine has been created with a design that allows you to conveniently grind, dose and extract the fresh beans to provide you with that flavorful espresso enjoyment and that too in less than a minute.

  • At first, this coffee brewer by breville comes up with the dose control grinding that has integrated conical burr grinder that is useful in grinding on demand so that it can deliver the right amount of freshly ground coffee and that too directly into the portafilter for providing you with a coffee as per your preferred taste with any roast of the bean.
  • It also gives you the precise espresso extraction with the digital temperature control (PID) which has been designed to deliver water at precisely the right temperature and to ensure that optimal Espresso extraction
  • It also has got a micro foam milk texturing. Hence, the steam wand performance has been given to it which allows you to hand texture micro foam milk for enhancing the flavor as well as to enable the creation of latte art
  • This model has also equipped with the grind size dial which is simple and intuitive and which gives you a control over the grind size regardless of what type of bean you’re grinding
  • And last but not the least feature of this unit is the hands free operation. So, the innovative grinding cradle which is given in this model allows anyone at home Barista to grind the beans directly into the espresso port filter.

Breville Barista Touch Espresso Maker

Experience the barista quality performance with this new intuitive touch screen display that comes up with pre programmed café drinks menu as well as automatic milk texturing. And, all of this will be within a compact footprint. Plus, this breville barista touch espresso makers has a built in grinder that delivers the right amount of ground coffee on demand as well as with a 3 second heat up time, you can go from bean to cup and experience to have a coffee faster than ever before.

  • First of all, this barista coffee brewer comes up with a clever automatic customization feature where the intuitive touch screen display simplifies that how to make your favorite café coffee in just 3 easy steps such as Grind, Brew and Milk.
  • Plus, you can also adjust the coffee strength, milk texture and temperature easily that suits to your taste. However, after doing all these settings one time you can save the settings with your own unique name. And, you can create and save up to 8 personalized coffees.
  • It moreover got the automatic micro foam milk texturing. The auto steam wand of this machine allows you to adjust the milk temperature as well as the texture of it to suit your taste. Moreover, it delivers the barista quality micro foam that is essential to enhance the flavor of your coffee and for creating latté art.
  • It has got the faster heat up time as this unit has got an innovative ThermoJet heating system which achieves the optimum extraction temperature in just 3 seconds and yes then it is Ready to make your best coffee without the wait.
  • It lets you get the precise espresso extraction where the digital temperature control (PID) delivers the water at precisely the right temperature as well as ensures an optimal espresso extraction.
  • Moreover, it comes up with an integrated Coffee Grinder. So, with a single touch, this integrated conical burr grinder which has a dose control delivers the right amount of coffee on demand, for providing you with the maximum flavor.
  • And last but not the least it comes up with hands free operation where the innovative grinding cradle allows anyone at your home Barista to grind directly into the espresso portafilter.

Breville BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

The Breville Duo-Temp Pro BES810BSS espresso machine has been designed for providing you with the stability and control throughout the entire steaming and brewing processes. However, for the starters, this Duo-Temp comes up with a coveted PID temperature controller that is known for greater temperature stability.

Plus, at times of transitioning between steaming and brewing, this Duo-Temp brewer uses an automatic purge function that is used to flush cold water through the heating system. This feature helps your machine to return to the proper temperature for espresso brewing. It also prevents you from scalding your espresso while increasing its stability.

Moreover, it equips a powerful 1600W stainless steel water control that accurately controls the water temperature and which also helps to ensure the rapid heating. However, the Duo-Temp Pro has also got a new feature that is the electronic PID temperature controller for providing the users with increased temperature stability. However, after steaming the milk, the Duo-Temp machine has an automatic purge function which is designed to flush cold water through the heating system for enabling the machine rapidly return to the ideal temperature for espresso extraction.

And lastly, the Breville Duo-Temp Pro brewer comes up with a number of accessories included such as four 54mm filter baskets, one 54mm stainless steel portafilter, cleaning tablets, a silicon cleaning disc, an Allen key, one 16 fl.oz stainless steel frothing pitcher, one integrated and removable tamper, and Breville’s patented Razor Precision Dose Trimming Tool.

  • It is designed with 15 bar Italian made pump that starts with low pressure for blooming the coffee grounds and then it gradually increases the pressure for extraction
  • Plus, it extracts one or two espresso shots at a time. However, it also encompasses manual control of espresso shot volume
  • Moreover, 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets are also included for use with freshly ground as well as with pre ground coffee beans
  • It has also got a steam wand that is given for steaming and frothing milk along with a 61 ounce water tank capacity.

Breville Oracle Touch Espresso machine

With this breville oracle touch fully automatic espresso machine, you can select from the full menu of café favorites. Plus, the touch screen automated technology has been given in this unit that allows you to select from classics such as Latte, Espresso, Americano, Flat White and Cappuccino.

So, you no longer need to compromise on your taste when making coffee automatically but with automation at every stage you can get the full-bodied flavor and silky milk texture at just one touch of your fingertips. And, to get that velvety texture in your milk the right steam pressure is required to draw in the air and create thousands of tiny bubbles. That’s why this unit is created with the automatic steam wand for the Oracle Touch and it is designed to turn your milk into a silky smooth micro-foam which is essential for Latte art.

And lastly, it allows you to customize your coffee as per your taste. With this machine, you can easily adjust the coffee strength, milk texture as well as the temperature to suit your taste. Moreover, you can also personalize your own coffee and can save it as a favorite with a unique name and picture. This machine allows you to create up to 8 personalized coffees.

  • With automation at every stage, this machine allows you to simply swipe and select for espresso, long black, latte, flat white or cappuccino and enjoy that quality coffee at home.
  • Plus, the integrated conical burr grinder of this coffee brewer automatically grinds, doses and tamps 22 grams of coffee which is just like the commercial machine in your favorite cafe.
  • This Oracle Touch brewer uses digital temperature control (PID) technology which ensures that the temperature is kept at its optimum range.
  • The Over Pressure Valve (OPV) feature limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction process that helps prevent bitter flavors in the coffee shot.
  • Moreover, the steam wand that has been powered by a dedicated steam boiler automatically textures your milk to your taste and preferred temperature.
  • It comes up with touch screen operation with 5 pre-programmed Café’s favorites. And, it also comes up with 2 Year Repair Warranty.

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

This Breville’s Cafe Roma stainless espresso maker is the perfect machine for your first foray while making espresso at home. However, it’s equipped with everything any home barista may need in order to craft café quality beverages. And do you know it’s so easy to operate that even beginners can also pull smooth shots of espresso and that too with thick layers of crema with this espresso maker. And the best part is that, all of this is packed into a compact footprint that will fit nicely in any kitchen, and it is also encased in durable stainless steel.

So, if you’re looking for an entry-level espresso machine that is affordable then the Cafe Roma is the best choice for you. Plus, it comes up with thermoblock heating system that extracts espresso at the perfect temperature. And, a full 15 bars of pressure is there to maximize crema for a rich & barista-style aroma or taste. So, it gives you effortless frothing and foaming. It comes up with some included accessories such as single, double or pods espresso shots stainless steel frothing pitcher, tamping tool as well as measuring spoon and cleaning tool.

  • It is a stainless-steel espresso machine that comes up with 15-bar thermoblock pump.
  • It possesses a dual-wall filter system for excellent crema along with a froth enhancer and a cup-warming plate.
  • It comes up with some accessories such as stainless steel frothing pitcher, tamping tool/measuring spoon/cleaning tool etc.
  • It also has a removable drip tray and grid. And a frothing jug is included with it. It comes in a size of 9 x 9 x 12 inches and has 1-year limited warranty. Plus, it equips a 40.6 oz (1.2 L) removable water tank.

Nespresso Pixie

This Nespresso Pixie coffee brewer by Breville is an espresso machine with Aeroccino milk frother that has been given to this unit for providing you with the ability to brew two single-serve espresso cup sizes along with a café quality in order to create some hot and cold milk based drinks such as cappuccino and latte.

Plus, this Nespresso Pixie espresso maker has been equipped with a 19 bar high-pressure pump that has been designed to allow the users get a barista style result as it unlocks the delicate flavor of each coffee capsule. And do you know, this system heats-up to ideal temperature in just 25 seconds and once your work is done then it automatically turns off also after 9 minutes that helps it to  consume less energy.

  • The Pixie coffee brewer is a programmable espresso maker which comes up with two one-touch buttons that efficiently create your favorite coffee and espresso recipes in your desired size such as Espresso (1.35 oz), or Lungo (3.7 oz).
  • You can also pour over ice for creating your favorite iced coffee drinks
  • Plus, it has compact and intuitive industrial design that allowing it to fit into anywhere into your home which saves your valuable counter space
  • Next, an Aeroccino 3 milk frother is also included in this unit that is efficient to create the perfect finish for your single-serve coffee beverages such as cappuccino or latte
  • And, the good part is that each machine includes a Nespresso Original welcome kit which also has a range of unique aroma profiles
  • It works with 1350 watts and its size is  12.8″ L x 4.4″ W x 9.3″ H. The cord of this unit measures 3′ L. And it comes with 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine

This breville infuser espresso machine guides you to the perfect espresso with the built in pressure gauge. Plus, the Infuser of this unit delivers optimal espresso flavor in every cup. However, it pre-infuses the ground coffee with low but steady water pressure before extraction and it gently expands the grinds before it steps up to high pressure. And, the result of this process is a more even extraction that produces a balanced espresso flavor. So, we can say that breville makes it possible to enjoy true café quality coffee at home.

  • First of all this machine comes up with volumetric control because not all coffees are the same so with this feature, you can control the volume of each pour and that too at the touch of a button.
  • Plus, it provides you with the precise espresso-extraction. It also helps you to maximize the flavor potential with its low pressure pre-infusion and digital PID temperature control which is adjustable in 4⁰F increments and pressure gauge. So, it is made to guide you to the right extraction.
  • This unit also provides you with micro-foam milk texturing with the high power 1650W element that is here for high pressure steam and faster heat up as well as to create the micro-foam necessary for a café quality taste and which is essential for creating latte art.
  • It also has flexible shot control. That means, you can choose between 1 shot, 2 shots or manual control over how much espresso should be in your cup for giving you that perfect dose every time.
  • It has a pre infusion function which gradually increases water pressure to gently expand the grinds for providing an even extraction.
  • Plus, it automatically adjusts the water temperatures after steam for providing ou with the optimal espresso temperature.
  • And lastly, it includes some tools such as razor dose trimming tool, 1cup & 2cup Single & Dual Wall Filter Baskets, Coffee Scoop, Stainless Steel Milk Jug, Cleaning disc and tablets, Cleaning brush, tool and Allen Key, Water Filter Holder and Water Filter.

Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Get ready to perk up your mornings with this Breville Dual Boiler Coffee Machine which has been designed to offer you the quick and powerful steaming on demand that helps you prepare rich, luxuriously smooth coffee blends. However, for simple maintenance and a chic, contemporary look, it has been designed with a brushed and stainless-steel exterior.

The Breville BES920BSXL Dual Boiler in Black Sesame offers some commercial features and performance because as we all know the espresso perfection requires precise temperature and pressure control consistently. Plus, the espresso boiler is PID temperature controlled and it is given a separate steam boiler that offers instant and powerful steam on demand. So you can extract your shot at the right temperature which also delivers the optimal flavor. It also simultaneously steam your milk to cafe quality.

  • For providing you with a rich and flavorful espresso shot which can be prepared at precise temperature levels, this Coffee Machine has a dual boiler heating system along with a high-quality, 15-bar Italian-made pump as well as a PID-controlled heated group head.
  • Plus, the Breville Dual Boiler Coffee Machine has been also integrated with a steam wand that lets you infuse a smooth and textured micro-foam crema on your cup of coffee for providing you with the added taste and create eye-catching latte art.
  • Moreover, you can easily control the volume of the espresso pour as per your desired level using this dual boiler coffee machine’s manual setting and one-touch functions.
  • And lastly, you can prepare bold, delicious brews for a large crowd at one go only as it has a 2.5L-capacity water tank and 280g-capacity bean hopper. However, for added convenience, it also comes up with an LCD display for easy settings configuration.

Breville the Bambino Plus Espresso Machine


The Breville Bambino Plus espresso machine has been engineered to deliver an optimal espresso flavor in every cup. However, it pre-infuses the ground coffee with low and steady water pressure before extraction. Plus, it gently expands the grinds before stepping up to a higher pressure. The result is a more even extraction as it produces beautifully rich and balanced coffee flavor. You can select automatic one- or two-shot volumes at just the touch of a button.

  • This unit has got the automatic steam wand which allows you to adjust the milk temperature as well as the texture of it to suit your taste.
  • It moreover delivers the barista quality microphone that will enhance the flavor of the coffee and which is also essential for creating latte art.
  • It also has an innovative thermojet heating system which achieves the optimum extraction temperature that too just in 3 seconds.
  • So, you are now ready to make your best coffee and that too without the wait. This machine uses the power of 1600 Watts.
  • This machine also has a low pressure pre infusion which gradually increases the pressure at the start and which also helps to ensure all the flavors are drawn out evenly during the process extraction for a balanced tasting cup.
  • The digital temperature control (PID) is given to this system that delivers water at precisely the right temperature while ensuring optimal espresso extraction.

Conclusion – So, this was our guide on the best Breville coffee maker. We hope you would like this review guide and it will help you choose the best one. Stay tuned for more interesting review guides in the future.