Espresso Vs Latte

Are you fond of coffee? Then, you should try out different variations of it. However, it is essential to know about the flavor of at least the common types of coffee.

The post is about espresso vs latte. Both of them are concentrated coffee beverages where pressurized hot fluid forced through coffee ground. Moreover, both espresso and latte call for finely ground beans. Hence, what are the differences between them? Before diving into that, let us know about them first.

Espresso Vs Latte –Introduction

Most of the coffee aficionados prefer to relish espresso and latte. Many people think that espresso comes with more caffeine content than one cup of coffee. However, it is not right. How much is the caffeine content in one espresso shot? Averagely, it is around 64 milligrams.

On the contrary, a latte contains espresso shots. Sometimes, you can also find out a latte with a double espresso shot. Smaller-sized lattes feature one espresso shot with 77mg of caffeine.

What Is Espresso?

Is there anyone, who does not like espresso? It is a concentrated, full-flavored type of coffee with the serving of “shots.”

Espresso features crema that is not the case with most of the coffee types. Crema is a reddish-brown colored froth that is a concoction of air bubbles and soluble oils of coffee grounds.

Due to the crema, espresso offers a strong taste and rich flavored coffee. Moreover, the aroma is also mind-blowing. The crema often acts as the symbol of a perfect, high-quality espresso with properly ground coffee.

Many delectable caffeinated drinks use espresso as their base, including Cappuccino, Caffé Americano, Gibraltar, Caffé Latte, etc. If you prefer the strong flavor of coffee without any milky addition, then you can go for espresso.

What is latte ?

Do you like to relish a milky caffeinated drink? Then, latte can make a great option for you. A classical latte is all about steamed milk of six to eight ounces. However, the base remains in one espresso shot. However, larger lattes come with a double espresso shot sometimes. Lattes may feature foam as the topping to enhance the flavor.

A latte shares many similarities with a cappuccino. However, it does not come with as a generous amount of foamed milk as a cappuccino has. A latte is also similar to macchiato but the latter one does not contain steamed milk. One of the popular types of latte is an iced latte, which is a great concoction of espresso, cold milk, and ice.

espresso vs latte

Espresso vs Latte – Comparison

The Process:

Most of the espresso machines work in a similar way. The pressure of hot water gets forced through the finely ground beans. Once the mixture goes through the filter and reaches the glass, a beautiful crema layer must be present to prove the quality.

Since espresso makes the base for a latte, the preparation method starts with brewing espresso. Hence, you must have a latte or espresso machine to make a latte. However, nowadays, it is also possible to brew latte without these machines.

Coffee Beans:

Espresso calls for long-roasted Arabica beans, which must be finely ground. The long-time roasting process allows extracted coffee oils to come out to the surface. Overall, Arabica is the best choice in this regard whenever it comes to quality and taste. However, if crema is the main center of attraction, then Robusta coffee beans make a great choice.

When it is about producing a lavish, velvety, creamy cup of latte, Arabica coffee beans make the best choice. However, the base of espresso remains the same.

Milk Usage:

The key difference between espresso and latte lies in the addition of milk. Espresso with milk is not an espresso at all. It is completely a different variation of espresso. Oftentimes, espresso can seem excessively bitter for some coffee buffs. In that case, it is okay to add a dash of sugar in it. However, the overuse of sugar can cover the original flavor of espresso.

On the contrary, milk is an integral part of the latte. It comes with both steamed milk and milk foam to get a creamy texture.

The Bottom Line

Now, you know about the espresso vs latte that means it becomes easier to opt for a correct drink, as per your mood. Whenever you are in a mood of strong coffee taste, go for espresso. And if your mind is craving for a milky delight, opt for a latte.