Arabica Coffee Vs Robusta Coffee

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Are you a new member to the wonderful world of coffee? Yes? Then, you should know about arabica coffee vs robusta Coffee. These are two popular types of coffee beans among more than a hundred types of coffee. However, these two variations are also the most popularly harvested coffee beans for coffee aficionados.

Arabica coffee vs robusta Coffee – Comparison

If you need a specific taste and flavor in your coffee drink, it is essential to know about the types of beans. The key difference between Robusta and Arabica lies in their caffeine quantity and flavor.

Arabica beans feature a fruitier taste accompanied with a higher content of sugar and the levels of acidity. On the contrary, Robusta offers bitterer and nuttier flavor than Arabica.

However, when it comes to caffeine volume, Robusta wins the game. Even Robusta features almost double the caffeine content of Arabica. Since these two variations come with different chemical makeup, they offer different flavors.

What Is Arabica Coffee?

Arabica coffee comes as the most popular coffee variation in the world. The Coffea Arabica Plant is the source of Arabica coffee. Top-quality Arabica coffee features a mildly sweet flavor with a taste of chocolate, caramel, and nuts.

Arabica coffee

Moreover, it is also possible to get a taste of berries and fruit in Arabica coffee. However, a bit of acidity and a hint of bitterness are also there.

Furthermore, cold brewing coffee can extract the sweet taste of Arabica coffee. Nonetheless, the flavors depend upon the type of roast, the location and soil composition.

Most of the coffee shops use Arabica coffee for brewing. However, some cafes also use the concoction of Arabica and Robusta coffee. Arabica coffee beans are more delicate than Robusta. As a result, it needs specific harvesting needs, including altitude as well as weather.

What Is About Robusta Coffee?

When it comes to Robusta coffee, you can expect full-bodied, strong coffee with an earthy taste. Moreover, it also comes with some unique characteristics, including lower acidity levels and higher bitterness.

Robusta vs Arabica coffee comparison

Furthermore, Robusta coffee provides a darker and bolder flavor along with a tone of chocolate. It adds great value when it is about brewing espresso.

Apart from Arabica, Robusta is also among the most prominently harvested coffees around the world. Moreover, Robusta coffee can mature faster, resulting in more production. Robusta features more antioxidants and caffeine as compared to Arabica.

Robusta beans feature an extraordinary flavor profile. It is a bit grainy with a hint of oak as well as bitterness. It also comes with a peanut taste.

Arabica Coffee vs robusta coffee

Robusta vs Arabica Coffee


Arabica coffee beans come in more flat as well as oval shape than Robusta. Moreover, it offers lighter, sweeter, and smoother flavor. Arabica coffee beans contain more oils and provide a fruity flavor. Although it is a costly type of coffee, around 75% of coffee is Arabica in the market.

On the contrary, Robusta coffee beans are a bit smaller as well as rounder by nature. It offers a strong, bitter flavor. These coffee beans feature less oil and hence they offer an earthier, heavier, and natural taste. Around 25% of coffee beans in the market are Robusta. Moreover, these coffee beans are less costly than Arabica.

Caffeine & Antioxidants:

Since there are differences in the cultivations of different coffee beans, they come with the differences in chemical compounds and minerals. For instance, Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine quantity (2.7%) than Arabica (1.5%). Hence, if you want to have a caffeine-loaded coffee, consider Robusta.

Moreover, Arabica comes with 60% more lipids and around double the content of natural sugars than Robusta. It certainly influences the flavor of the coffee. When it comes to Robusta coffee beans, you can expect 7 to 10% of Chlorogenic acid. On the other hand, Arabica beans come with around 5.5 to 8% of Chlorogenic acid.


Most of the coffee aficionados opt for Arabica more than Robusta. Robusta coffee beans come with more caffeine content and less sugar than Arabica. As a result, it tastes bitter and stronger. Moreover, Robusta beans provide a nutty and earthy flavor. These make a perfect source for espresso drinks.

On the other hand, Arabica coffee beans offer sweeter as well as fruitier flavor than Robusta. That is why it is more preferred than Robusta.

However, top-quality Robusta coffee beans are no less than Arabica beans regarding the taste. Your choice will depend upon the preference of flavor since both of them come with different taste profiles.

Wrapping Up

Now, you are familiar with arabica coffee vs robusta Coffee. Both of these coffee beans add a unique flavor to the cups of coffee. If you are a coffee aficionado, then you can relish both Arabica and Robusta and choose your preference accordingly.

If you are looking for a floral taste with less caffeine in your coffee, choose Arabica. On the contrary, if you are craving for a strong taste of coffee in your cup, go for Robusta.

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