Variousbrewing methods are available to produce delectable coffee. Hence, if you are acoffee enthusiast, you have definitely heard about Percolator and French Press. However, do you have any idea of percolator vs french press? If not, then this post is for you. Theseare two of the classic methods of brewing coffee. Let us know more about them.

percolator vs french pressIntroduction

Do you agree that the future ofcoffee depends upon machines? I hope you do, as different types of advancedbrewing systems, coffee pods are taking over the market. However, twoconventional brewing techniques have reappeared in the kitchens of many coffeebuffs.

Percolator and French Press are there in the world for more than acentury. Nonetheless, these two are so much convenient and feature-loaded thatthey can give a strong competition to contemporary brewing systems.

What Is Percolator?

The term “percolate” defines atechnique in which fluid goes through a porous element at a slow pace. Apercolator is a specialized pot for brewing coffee by cycling the almostboiling or boiling via the coffee grounds continuously. It works on the theoryof gravity. Moreover, the process keeps going as long as one gets the desiredstrength.

A coffee percolator does not need apaper filter. However, if you want to avoid all grounds that will reach thepercolator pot, you need to use a personalized percolator filter.

What Is About French Press?

It is better to use coarsely ground coffee beans when it comes to French press brewing. Moreover, one should avoid a blade grinder since it cannot grind uniformly. Also, it produces heat that spoils the taste of the beans. Hence, it is best to use a burr coffee grinder.

A French Press setting needs theaddition of coffee grounds to extremely hot water. Then, you must allow it torest for three to five minutes. Pushing down the coffee grounds with the robuststrainer produces delectable coffee.

percolator vs french press

Percolator Vs French Press Comparison

These twobrewing techniques share many similarities. However, loads of differences arealso there mainly in the preparation technique of coffee. Moreover, they alsodiffer in the output, as per your expectations. Surely, there is a debatebetween them regarding the better result. Nonetheless, it depends uponindividual preferences.


Percolatoris among the classical techniques to brew coffee. However, when it is aboutpreparing large batches of coffee, percolators do a fabulous job. It makes useof the combination of coffee grounds as well as steam to produce lip-smackingcoffee.

On thecontrary, a French press is all about plunging coffee in water. Moreover, onemust use pressure for speeding up the extraction process. The result is astrong, full-bodied cup of coffee. However, the taste becomes weak whenever aFrench Press produces a large volume of coffee.


If you area coffee buff, then taste must be one of the main parameters for choosing acoffee. Percolator does not consider flavor since it was manufactured toproduce large batches of coffee to distribute most of the caffeine.

However,various stovetop percolators are available nowadays to produce strong-tastedcoffee. Nonetheless, the real flavor of the coffee beans is absent in thisprocess.

On theother hand, a French press produces a full-bodied, strong-tasted coffee. If youare expecting a mild, floral taste profile in the output, you would not get itfrom this technique.

Since thecoffee, produced from the French press, is robust by nature, it will make agreat accompaniment with a dash of cream. sugar. Moreover, honey and butteralso go well with it. Furthermore, this process produces thick coffee, as alarge volume of deposits and oil are present here.


Thepercolator is convenient to use. One just needs to fill the upraised filterfollowed by adding the needed quantity of water. Then, switching on the switchwill start brewing. It can produce a large volume of coffee to serve manyguests.

Nonetheless,a French press is also easy to use since it is just about pressing down. Oneneeds to add coffee grounds, heat the water and add it. After waiting for sometime, just one press will brew a strong cup of coffee. It is very simple!


I hope you got loads of information on the percolator vs french press. If you are looking for a convenient and portable coffee maker, you cango for a French press. On the contrary, if you want to brew a large batch ofcoffee in one-go, a percolator can serve your purpose. Now, make your decisionconsidering your preferences.