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Blade vs Burr coffee Grinder – Introduction

Are you a coffee enthusiast? Then, you might be in a search for delectable coffee flavors and different brewing techniques. The nature of coffee grounds heavily affects the taste of the coffee. It is too fine, the brewed coffee can get a bitter taste.

On the contrary, too coarse coffee ground produces dull-flavored coffee. That means a grinder plays a pivotal role in brewing a cup of lip-smacking coffee.

Two types of coffee grinders are available in the market- blade grinders and burr grinders. It is time to know about both of them.

What Are Blade Coffee Grinders?

These grinders come with the same design with a double-pronged blade. This blade can spin faster and grind coffee beans. Most of these grinders come with a single button. After the press, its blade starts spinning.

A blade coffee grinder can yield coffee grounds of every size and shape. Moreover, the fast-paced blade spinning produces heat that can change the taste of the coffee grounds. It removes some fresh flavors and makes the coffee taste absolutely brilliant.

However, varied sized coffee grounds come with different brewing conditions. As a result, grounds from this grinder produce coffee with unbalanced taste. That is why blade coffee grinders cannot provide an exceptional experience of coffee.

blade coffee grinder

What is Burr Coffee Grinders?

Burr coffee grinders have loads of differences with blade grinders. Here, two burr pieces contribute to funneling the coffee beans. Not all beans are funneled at a time. This grinder produces almost uniformly sized grounds. As a result, these grounds can brew a greatly balanced cup of coffee.

The burr grinders come with the manufacturing of stainless steel or ceramic. As a result, they are more durable compared to metal blades. Moreover, burr grinders produce less heat than blade grinders. That means the maximum flavors of the coffee beans remain the same.

burr coffee grinder

Check how you can grind coffee by using a blender.

Burr vs Blade Coffee Grinder Comparison

Blade vs burr coffee grinder

Grind Size Adjustments:

Whereas a burr coffee grinder can customize the grind size a bit to improve the brew, it is not possible with a blade grinder.

Size Of Coffee Grounds:

With a blade coffee grinder, it is not possible to assume the coffee ground size in advance. Moreover, the ground sizes will become inconsistent. As a result, the flavor of the coffee gets unbalanced. On the contrary, a burr coffee grinder can produce grounds of consistent size. It results in balanced coffee.


The blade coffee grinders are not durable whereas the burr grinders can keep on providing results for many years consistently.


Since burr grinders allow users to grind coffee of various sizes, it is possible to use different brewing devices and brewing techniques. On the other hand, users cannot control the blade grinders, as there is no option available to select the ground size.


A blade coffee grinder is available in less than $20. On the other hand, the price of a hand burr coffee grinder starts at $20. However, the electric burr grinders come with higher price tags.

Wrapping Up

I hope you got a lot of insights into blade and burr coffee grinders from the blade vs burr coffee grinder.

A blade grinder can help to get flavorful coffee. However, a burr grinder can transform the entire concept of flavor. Moreover, there are more opportunities for customizations in these coffee grinders. Hence, when it comes to convenience and results, burr wins the game. However, it is tough to find out this kind of grinder in the market. On the contrary, a blade grinder is easily available in different stores.

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