If you area fan of coffee drinks, then it is a must to know about different coffee typesand also various brewing methods. The post is about drip coffee vs pour over. Hence, let us start the discussion.

Drip Coffee vs Pour Over – Introduction

Both drip coffeeand pour over are about water flowing through coffee grounds. These twotechniques allow gravity to draw down the brewed coffee.

Moreover,both of these strategies produce a clean cup of delectable coffee. However,apart from similarities, differences are also there. One of the key differenceslies in the results of these techniques.

What Is Drip Coffee?

Drip coffeeis among the strategies to produce delectable brewed coffee. You already knowthat it is made by flowing hot water through coffee beans. What is next?

The coffeebeans would be allowed to mix into the pot properly. Under the setting of dripcoffee, a pot is there where coffee continues to dripping at a slower pace. Itimproves the taste of the coffee. That means you can expect strong flavor atevery cup of drip coffee.

Drip coffee vs pour over

What About Pour Over?

Pour over coffee is the most fundamental way to prepare coffee. It is all about a funnel and filter without any need for machines. Pouring a steady, relaxed flow of hot water through coffee grounds helps to get an exquisite cup of full-flavored coffee with more refinement compared to a French press or drip machine.

Pour over vs Drip coffee

Drip Coffee Vs Pour Over – Comparison

The Quality Of Coffee:

Being acoffee aficionado coffee quality means a lot to you, is not it? You can clearlysee the differences between these two coffee types if they are placed side byside in two cups. If fundamental pour over strategies are contributing, then itwins the game of quality over a drip coffee.

Temperature Stability:

Most of thedrip brewers (mid-range) cannot attain the proper water temperature rangeduring the process. However, a proper range of temperature for brewing is alsodifficult to figure out. Some of the drip coffee pots can reach the correcttemperature. Others cannot retain the warmth of coffee. It adversely affectsthe quality of the produced coffee.

On thecontrary, pour over brewers do not hold any control of the water temperature.It is easy to get water in boiling temperature. That means there is no need tothink about water temperature under the setting of pour over brewing.

Pouring Style And Consistency:

Most of thedrip pots do not come with consistent showerheads. Whereas some parts of thecoffee grounds become excessively watery, some become dense. That means theresult is not consistent.

On theother hand, pour over brewers provide people with complete control of waterpouring. That means one can change the pouring style, as per the needs. Hence,if one can hold the kettle properly, pouring water in a uniform way is not abig deal. Better control in the brewing process means a consistent cup ofcoffee.


Since thereare differences in brewing techniques, pour over coffees seem to be moreflavorful compared to usual drip coffee. Pour overs take a long time in brewingand hence the flavors get incredible. It is due to that the water gets a longertime to extract the oils as well as flavors from the coffee grounds.

Althoughboth the variations are delectable, pour over coffee comes with a more vibrantflavor than drip coffee. Pour overs feature simple, savory, and soothingflavor.

Wrapping Up

Both dripcoffee and pour over brewing techniques offer a flavorful, tasty cup of coffee.However, your requirements (brewing time, operational strategies, flavor, etc)will determine the most suitable brewing process for you.