How To Use A Blender To Grind Coffee

Coffee is one of the most favored drinks in the world at present and is prepared with the help of coffee beans. It is a brew that has come very close in replacing even the tried and tested tea and is slowly and steadily overtaking the consumer market as people are leaning more and more towards its amazing taste and flavor. It is an energizing brew that can be consumed in both cold and hot forms.

How to Grind coffee beans with a blender

People find themselves in a dilemma when they have to grind coffee beans for making coffee at home because in the absence of proper tools coffee doesn’t seem to taste the same. One has to be a coffee drinker to know the importance of tasting right and one sure way to achieve this is by using a Ninja blender or Vitamix blender or Magic Bullet or Blendtec or Nutribullet.

Guidelines for making coffee at home through a Blender

One of the easiest and practical method to grind coffee is in these blenders as it makes the whole process so much simpler. For this one has to know and collect the ingredients beforehand and follow some basic instructions in order to get the desired results.

Ingredients for making coffee are as follows

  • Coffee beans
  • A blender ( it can be a Ninja blender or Vitamix or magic bullet or nutribullet or blendtec blender)
  • Sugar if desired
  • Milk optional

Steps as follows

  • Setting up a blender for brewing coffee– It is better to use this blender for grinding roasted beans as it helps in smooth grinding. Firstly blender must be set up on a surface that is flat like a kitchen counter. It is vital that a surface is even so that any vibrations caused by a blender do not start to topple things. Next, plug it to a socket but put the switch at off position.
  • Deciding the texture of required roasted beans– People need to grind coffee according to their personal tastes. An individual can like a brew made from medium grounded beans or coarsely grounded beans or even finely grounded beans. Ninja blender, Vitamix, Blendtec, and nutribullet are able to adapt itself so that it can easily produce the desired results.
  • Grinding the coffee beans- If a person is using a blender for the first time then it is better to pour a very small quantity of coffee beans in it so that he/ she can determine the actual quantity beans will be yielding. Although, a handful of roasted beans produce nearly one to one and half tbsp of finely grounded coffee. It is vital to make sure that the top is fixed firmly on blender before switching it on as in adverse circumstances it might cause an explosion of coffee all over the counter. Switch a blender to position “1’’ and it will produce the grounded coffee.
  • Making Coffee– One can pour the coffee contents now in a coffee maker or any other vessel to make hot coffee and add sugar and milk according to taste. In case of cold coffee, one can take the help of a ninja single serve cup or simply the blender and pour cold milk and sugar if desired in the finely grounded beans of coffee. One must never fill the jar at its maximum capacity as liquids tend to flow out if not handled properly. It is sensible to half fill the blender and switch it to position ‘’2’’ as the moderate speed will help in even churning. Lastly, add ice cubes if required and churn it once more to get cold coffee
  • Serving coffee- Pour it now in coffee mugs and sprinkle some grounded coffee on top for better visual. Coffee is now ready to serve.

Cleaning the blender is as important as using it for making coffee.  One must ensure a proper and thorough cleaning for its maintenance and long-lasting usage. Some simple cleaning instructions are as follows –

  • Firstly take out the blade attachment by twisting it from the blender
  • Next step is to rinse a blender thoroughly under running water
  • One can easily wash the blender body in either a sink or a dishwasher
  • It is necessary to wash and clean both the blender body and the blade attachment by hand. One must take extra precaution while cleaning the blade attachment as the sharp blades might cause injuries if not handled properly
  • Now drip it dry for few minutes and later wipe it with a dry cloth so that water does not accumulate inside the blender

Advantages and disadvantages of grinding coffee beans through a blender  

A cup of coffee seems like heaven and for this one can either go through a lengthy process or simply buy a blender that will produce effective results. It is simply a personal choice where time factor and flavor along with taste have to be taken in to account. Some advantages of using a blender to grind coffee are as follows-


  • A blender is able to retain the exclusive taste of the beans
  • It seems a better option as it is able to maintain its flavor
  • People encourage usage of a blender as it is a better alternative and because It works at a faster pace and saves time
  • It requires minimum space and is easy to store
  • It is also simple to clean

Some disadvantages of using a blender to make a cup of coffee are as follows-


  • One of the most serious issues with a blender is that it retains the bitterness while grinding.
  • Using a blender is not in sync with people who prefer using coffee makers for exact taste, flavor, and consistency of coffee

Can you grind Coffee beans in a ninja blender

Yes ofcourse. You can grind coffee beans in a ninja blender. But don’t try with 400-600 watt power ninja blender. To grind coffee always use a high end ninja blender. According my choice, ninja blender Bl770 will be great blender to grind coffee beans.

Can you grind Coffee beans in a nutribullet

Nutribullet blender might be a hash call if I say it can blend coffee beans. As nutribullet blender doesnot comes with high power motor. So it would be better not to try grind coffee beans with your nutribullet.

Can you grind Coffee beans in a Vitamix

There are several vitamix blender avilable in the market. Which can easily grind coffee beans. As per my recommendation vitamix 7500 would be best choice to grind coffee beans. As it comes with around 2.2HP.

Can you grind Coffee beans in a Magic Bullet

No you can’t grind coffee beans in Magic Bullet. As magic bullet blenders are sololy focused on smoothie making and personal blending. You can use a magic bullet blender extensively. A magic bullet blender is perfect for making soup, juice, shake, smoothie etc.

Frequently asked queries about making coffee with help of a blender are as follows

  1. Is the coffee able to retain its flavor in a blender?

Of course, coffee is able to retain its distinctive taste and flavor in a blender because of the even grounding of the coffee beans. But obviously it will not match up with Jura coffee grinder. As Jura has inbuilt Aroma G3 grinder which main moto is to preserve coffee taste and flavour.

  1. Is it appropriate to use a blender for making coffee?

It is eminently practical to use a blender for making coffee as the coffee beans can be grounded consistently and at a much faster rate than other homemade options.