Are you a homemade juice buff? Yes? Then, you need to start learning different juice recipes. How about learning tomato juice? You can prepare it with your blender and get a lot of nutrients by indulging it.

Why Tomato Juice?

If you haven’t tried tomato juice earlier, then this questionis natural. Tomatoes are repositories of important nutrients. They offervitamin A, B6, C, folic acid, potassium, and so on. Moreover, tomatoes are alsopacked with alpha- and beta-carotene.

Also, you’d receive zeaxanthin, lycopene, lutein, and carotenoids from tomatoes. You might be familiar with the contributions of antioxidants for our body. Lycopene, being an antioxidant, will help you by protecting body cells. While it comes to protecting DNA from the process of oxygen damage, lycopene helps a lot.

Earlier tomato juices used to be prepared by tossing awaytheir skins. But, it‘s important to note that skins hold the most amount oflycopene as well as dietary fiber. Skins have also come with flavonoidphytonutrients. These nutrients help to combat inflammation, viruses, ulcers aswell as allergies.

Tomato Juice might help to alleviate the probability ofchronic disease. According to the research, tomato- and tomato product-rich dietsmight help in this regard.

Moreover, it might also improve the risk factors of heartissues. It is worth noting that tomatoes are involved with the improvement ofheart health for a long time. Tomatoes are rich in important antioxidants,including beta-carotene and lycopene. Such antioxidants are helpful inalleviating the risk factors associated with various heart ailments, such ashigh cholesterol, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis.

Tomatojuice might also protect against different types of cancers. It is rich in highamounts of important antioxidants as well as nutrients. It’s believed thattomato juice features anticancer properties. 

Youcan start trying tomato juice in the place of sweetened drinks. However, always try to prepare thetomato juice at your home. More than one process is discussed below. Choose a convenientmethod for you and start a healthy journey.

How to make tomato juice with a blender

How to Make Tomato Juice in a Blender

It’s up to you whether you want to relish a simple tomatojuice or a flavorful one? But, you can go through both processes and then decideon yourself. But, you can also try them both. 

Plain Tomato Juice

You want to relish nutrient-loaded tomato juice, right? Yes? Then, it’s a must to wash all the tomatoes. And then, you need to extract the cores, unwanted or bruised spots. And then, it’s time to blend the whole tomatoes with your blender. You don’t need to peel them.
Now, just start blending until the mixture gets smoother. And voila! It’s ready to serve. You can also store your tomato juice in your fridge if you want to relish or use it later.

Preparing tomato juice by scalding as well as peelingtomatoes followed by cooking them and keeping them in a colander is not acorrect approach. This process will subtract a lot of nutrients from tomatoes.And you don’t want that, right? So, it’s very important to follow the correctprocess.        

make Flavorful Tomato Juice


For preparing fresh tomato juice, you’d need some basicingredients only. They include two cups of water, one can of tomato paste, two tablespoons of whitesugar, two tablespoons of lemon juice, three cups (or more if required) ofwater, and one teaspoon of salt. You can use salt as per your taste. Now, let’sproceed to the procedure of tomato juice. 


Start the procedureby taking two cups of water, sugar, lemon juice, salt, and tomato paste into ablender. Blend all ingredients well until it becomes smooth. Next, you need topour the whole mixture into a half-gallon container. It’s time for stirringthree cups of water into it. Now, you can keep it in your fridge until it getsthickened. Wait for one hour. And then just add one cup of water if it seemsexcessively thick.  

By Cooking

First, you need to take fresh tomatoes and slice themproperly. Next, start cooking sliced tomatoes. Let them cook for 30 minutes.The heat must be medium. And then, wait for them to cool properly. It’s time totossing the tomatoes by using a blender. In this process, you need to take ahigh-powered blender. Keep on pulsing tomatoes until you’re getting therequired consistency. You can continue blending the mixture as long as you geta drinkable consistency. If you want to use it as a sauce, keep it in the thickertexture.

You can also add other herbs and vegetables with tomatoes, includingred peppers, oregano, and celery. Thus, you can increase the amount ofnutrition and flavor in your juice. It’s also possible to add olive oil (alittle bit) in times of cooking the tomatoes.

I hope you’ve got a lot of information regarding tomato juice along with the recipe. Now, it‘s time to plan about preparing it and get a healthy dose of nutrients.