Ninja Blender BL770 Review 2020 – All Pros and Cons Included

The Ninja Blender BL770 is associated with power together with a professional performance that is rarely seen in other blenders thus making it one of the best ninja blenders on the market. Coming with a design that features an XL eight-cup processor bowl, an XL 72 ounce pitcher and the Cups by Nutri Ninja, the product has all that you need as far as a blender is concerned. All these have been boosted by the presence of a powerful 2 plus Horse Power motor that is able to handle limitless tasks within just seconds thus making it that professional-quality powerhouse you need. It is a perfect machine for food processing, frozen blending as well as vitamin & nutrient extraction.  


 Ninja Blender BL770 Features

  • Dishwasher Safe and BPA Free
  • Accompanied with two professional Cups by Nutri Ninja- Used for Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction
  • Extra large 72-ounce pro blender designed with an ultimate crushing technology
  • An extra large eight-cup Food Processing Bowl designed for chopping together with dough making
  • Two-horsepower professional kitchen system rated at 1500 watts

Complete Crushing Technology

This is a technology that is characterized with the delivery of exceptional power and blades that are efficiently designed to crush and pulverize through whole fruits, vegetables and ice within no time. The technology allows you to blast ice within just seconds into snow and then blend your desired ingredients into mouthwatering smoothies, sauces and dips alike.

XL-Eight Cup Food Processing Bowl

With a more than enough eight-cup capacity, the Ninja Blender BL770 is capable of handling all your dough making and chopping needs. The premium quality blades made of stainless steel will also be able to enhance an even and perfect chopping whenever you need to do some chopping. The blade has been designed and constructed with efficiency in mind, as you will be able to mix two pounds of dough effortlessly within just 30 seconds.

Extraction of Nutrients and Vitamins with Ninja Blender BL770

This feature is associated with the provision of a better tasting and a more nutritious beverage preparation. With ice cubes, vegetables and whole fruits, you will be able to experience goodness from the smooth and silky cool final product of the system. You really need a drink that’s rich in vitamins as well as fiber. This system can give you just that.

Ninja Blender BL770 Review


  • The product is a dynamic system that is capable of handling a number of tasks for you
  • It is very efficient
  • It is easy to operate, clean and maintains
  • It has a powerful motor and crushing system that gives your tasks that fine touch that you need.


  • It is more expensive than most of the other products in the market. However, in relativity, when compared with its performance, it is not expensive.

How to use Ninja Blender BL770 

  • Ensure that whenever you use the blender pitcher, the Crushing Blades in total should be inserted before ingredients are added to the blender
  • Smaller ingredient preparation allows for more ingredients to fit in the system
  • Never use the cups provided, the food processor or even the lender for blending hot liquids
  • All the blades, jars together with the lids are dishwasher safe. To attain the best results, it is recommended that you clean immediately after use
  • In case food happens to stick to the pitcher sides, shut off the unit, push the food down by the use of a spatula and continue blending
  • Use the pour spout whenever you are pouring out the components from the pitcher. In case the lid has been removed, it should be noted that the blades will have to be removed before you do the pouring. This is due to the loose nature of the blades, which may make them fall out.
  • In case the protein powder is being used in the Nutri Ninja shakes, ensure that the protein powder becomes the last ingredient to be added. This makes it possible for the powder to fully be blended
  • The BL770 Blender cups cannot be used by any other button other than the Single Serve button
  • When dips and batters are being mixed, to reach a desired consistency, speed 1 should be used and over processing avoided
  • For smoothies and juices, first use Pulse after which the blender is turned to Speed 3 after the mixture has been started
  • The use of quick controlled Pulses will give the best chopping performance
  • Addition of water, juice or milk to a very thick smoothie may be essential for best results.
  • In case your blender fails to turn on, the pitcher alignment should be checked so as to ensure that the lid has been aligned and locked.
  • For personal smoothies together with fruit juices, dressings, sauces, salads and dips, use the Nutri Ninja cups.

The product is a perfect one for home use, camping as well as in small commercial eateries.  At home, within just some few minutes, you will be able to make delicious ice cream easily. Due to the fact that it is not complicated and it doesn’t involve lots of time wasting, the product can be used by almost everyone in the household.

What are people talking about it?

The Ninja Kitchen System, Mega (BL770) has highly been recommended to buyers by professionals and users alike. A whopping 97% of the hundreds of people who have reviewed it are certain that they would surely recommend it to those closest to them. The performance is excellent, it is durable, elegantly appealing and easy to use, clean and maintain.


The Ninja Blender BL770 can comfortably be used in the processing of all those favorite foods, juicing, blending, mixing and making of smoothies. Within just seconds, your dessert dough and bread will be mixed or even juice preparation for you or the family thus considerably cutting down your cooking time. If you are out searching for the best ninja blender to buy, then this is the product for you.

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