Are you searching for a feature-rich espresso maker within an affordable budget?


Then, look no further than Delonghi ECP3630. The delonghi ecp3630 review will help you make a correct purchasing decision.

A Brief Introduction to Delonghi ECP3630

DeLonghi ECP3630 is a must-have espresso machine for you if you don’t want to go outside to quench your coffee thirst. This appliance makes a brilliant combination of attractive design and incredible functionalities so that you can relish a perfect espresso every time.

Being a semi-automatic machine, you can make your coffee as per your choice. DeLonghi ECP3630 offers a fully customizable experience to its users – thanks to a separate thermostat for the water as well as the steam.

Delonghi ECP3630

Features of Delonghi ECP3630

Just like most of the Delonghi machines, Delonghi ECP3630 has come with an elegant and simple design. Moreover, an incredible stainless-steel casing helps it to get an upmarket appearance. Owing to this feature, you can effortlessly clean this machine. This extremely professional machine is perfectly matched with all kinds of kitchen decors.

This incredibly-designed espresso machine is pump driven by nature that means you can squeeze most of the flavors from the coffee beans. It evenly employs a 15-bar pressure to make the absolutely perfect crème.

Don’t want to use grounds? Don’t worry at all! This amazing espresso machine has come with a filter holder that you can use with either grinds or pods. It will help you in tossing in a pod whenever you don’t bother to work with coffee grinds.

In case you want to get more control over the final result, you’re free to grind the coffee beans as fine as per your personal choice and tamp the grounds as long as you prefer.

Delonghi ECP3630 is featured with a frother so that you can quench your cappuccino thirst. Moreover, it can prime on its own that means you don’t have to worry regarding its correct temperature or you don’t need to bother about wasting your first shot of espresso.

This espresso machine features a large water tank that’s able to carry 44-ounces that means you don’t need to fill this tank often. You’ll also get a warming tray to warm your cup. Moreover, this tray can accommodate three standard cups.

The Delonghi ECP3630 espresso machine has come with a separate thermostat for water and steam so that you could get the correct temperature for the milk and coffee.

This espresso machine is equipped with a plastic auto-tamper accessory, although you may prefer to perform this manually.

Delonghi ECP3630 review

Features that I like in Delonghi ECP3630 – Delonghi ECP3630 Review

Become a Professional Coffee Maker: Just like De’Longhi EC155, you can brew like a professional espresso maker with Delonghi ECP3630. Be it single or double espresso, latte, or cappuccino, this brilliant appliance is able to brew authentic and delicious barista-quality beverages right in your comfort zone.

Get Foam of Your Choice: Like DeLonghi BCO430, this espresso machine can also create a creamy and rich froth so that you can get evenly-textured drinks every time. Just you have to select ‘hot milk’ or ‘cappuccino’ and voila! The frother would adjust the foam level automatically. It’s as simple as that!

Get Your Personalized Cup of Coffee: It is equipped with 15-bar professional pressure that means top-class quality coffee every time. The amazing adjustable controls allow you to make modifications, as per your personal taste.

One Shot or Two: Delonghi ECP3630 has come with a three-in-one filter holder that’s included with the unit. It features a holder for one shot espresso, a holder for two-shot espresso, and one holder for easy-serve espresso pod, as per your preference.

Bid Adieu to Waiting Time: This coffee maker has come with a Rapid Cappuccino System that is able to maintain the optimal temperatures so that you can brew one cup after another on an instant basis.

Adjustable to Cup Size: Looking for a larger-sized beverage? Delonghi ECP3630 is for you. Its bottom tray is easy-to-adjust or easy-to-remove to accommodate taller cups as well.

User-friendly Tank: You can easily remove its water tank. Moreover, it’s also simple to refill and reattach. Its level of water is clearly visible that means no need of guesswork.

Attractive Design: Just like De’Longhi EC155M, this espresso machine has come in a compact design and sleek appearance along with a narrow footprint. You can easily place it on your kitchen countertop without any worry of a larger space.


De’Longhi ECP3630 doesn’t have any major drawback and you can conveniently start using it. However, it has some minor shortcomings like its steam wand is not very long, the steam is a bit weak and it needs a reheat following every 40 seconds of use.

Moreover, it doesn’t feature a programmable interface. You can only use short glasses because of the less space under it. This coffee maker doesn’t come with Charcoal Water Filter.


De’Longhi ECP3630 is a decent espresso maker and many people are happy and satisfied after using it. The price tag is under the reach of most of the people and it occupies less space.

The incredible features, consistent results, and superb coffee taste have made this machine a must-have one. Just one condition is, you have to know the process of making a perfect espresso.

I hope delonghi ecp3630 review was helpful for you in your purchasing decision. This machine will work up to your expectation and serve many years to come.

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