If you’re a coffee buff, then this article is for you. In this post, I’ll introduce you with a brilliant, feature-added espresso machine through which you’ll get a coffeehouse-style coffee in your comfort zone and that is De’Longhi EC155M Pump Espresso Machine. So, without any delay, let’s discuss the delonghi ec155m review.

A Brief Description of De’Longhi EC155M

In the truest sense, the De’Longhi EC155M espresso machine brings your favorite cafe right in your comfort zone.

Being an incredibly compact machine, it is very easy to use and loaded with some top-notch features. This is such a great coffee maker that you’ll confuse whether to brew a super-delicious cappuccino or a single or double shot of espresso.

Now, serving guests have become a breeze- thanks to the Rapid Cappuccino System of De’Longhi EC155M. It can easily maintain the optimal temperature so that you could brew cup after cup delightful coffee without any waiting time.

The EC155M holds two separate thermostats for effortlessly controlling water as well as steam pressure on a separate basis. That means you’ll have your every cup of espresso or cappuccino at the appropriate temperature.

The incredible 3-in-1 filter of this coffee maker has been designed for one or two espressos as well as easy-serve espresso pods, which provide you with plethora of brewing options. Moreover, De’Longhi EC155M features a dishwasher safe drip tray along with a removable 35 oz. water tank.

Having a high-quality stainless steel boiler plus 15-bar professional pump pressure, you could enjoy superbly delicious, authentic espresso as well as cappuccino for many years to come.

delonghi ec155m

Features of De’Longhi EC155M 

Every Cup is like a Seventh Haven Experience: De’Longhi EC155M is featured with a 15-bar professional pressure that assures you top-notch results every time. With the help of the adjustable controls, you could easily make modifications, as per your personal taste preferences.

Brew like a Professional Coffee Maker: Irrespective of your preference – single or double espresso or cappuccino – this particular coffee maker brews authentic, top-class quality beverages just like you relish at your favorite cafe.

Creamy Cappuccino: With the help of this espresso machine, you can effortlessly whip up frothy cappuccino in a flash owing to its Steam Wand. Moreover, it’s so easy to use that you don’t have to be an experienced barista.

User-friendly and Convenient: The best part of De’Longhi EC155M is that it performs most of the works on behalf of you. It controls water and steam pressure separately with the help of two separate thermostats. That means you could prepare the perfect cappuccino or espresso at the appropriate temperature.

No Waiting-Time between Cups: This espresso machine features a Rapid Cappuccino System that controls the optimal temperature so that you can easily brew one cup after another on an instant basis.

One or Two Espresso Shot: This machine has come with the three-in-one filter holder and also with a unit. It features a holder for two shots and one holder for an easy-serve espresso pod, as per your preference.

Features that I like in De’Longhi EC155M – Delonghi EC155M Review

A Compact and Beautiful Design: Having a compact design, the De’Longhi EC155M espresso machine has come with black with stainless accents finish that’s superbly attractive. This model matches perfectly with your kitchen decor that’s too without occupying a large space.

Removable Water Tank: The 35 oz water tank of De’Longhi EC155M is easy to remove, simple to refill as well as reattach. Moreover, here you can easily keep track of the water level that means no need of guesswork at all.

Self-Priming Pump: This brilliantly-designed espresso machine is equipped with a 15 bar pump to make consistent and top-notch cafe-quality espresso shots each and every time. Owing to the self-priming capabilities, you can start brewing immediately after plugging it in. You don’t need to go for any other setup. Its adjustable controls enable you to dial in the pressure, as per your preference. 

Cons of De’Longhi EC155M

With De’Longhi EC155M, it is not possible to use normal-sized cups and/or a regular-sized steamed milk pitcher. Many times, the espresso is weaker, as compared to a cup of instant coffee.

This espresso machine shakes whenever espresso is coming out and so the users need to hold the cup to ensure that the liquid comes out directly to the cup. De’Longhi EC155M’s steam wand doesn’t heat up the milk sufficiently. But, these shortcomings are not enough to affect its benefits.


Delonghi EC155M is both a brilliant and user-friendly espresso machine owing to its fantastic features like a self-priming system, small footprint, easy-to-implement operation etc. You’ll get smoother shots in absolutely no time.

Even though it’s a small machine, the integrated dual thermostats along with the Rapid Cappuccino System enable you to do brewing to steaming cup after cup even without any waiting period.

A brilliantly-designed integrated tamper has made the tampering task amazingly simple and quick. And the specially designed 3-in-1 portafilter enables you to select brewing with E.S.E. pods or ground espresso for improved convenience. The sleek black appearance with stainless accents perfectly matches with your kitchen decor.

I hope the entire delonghi ec155m review was insightful for you.

What are you waiting for?

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