delonghi ec155 review 2019 – Delonghi coffee machine below $100

Are you in search of a feature-loaded, user-friendly yet affordable espresso machine?

If your answer is “yes,” you’re in the correct place. Today, I’ll discuss delonghi ec155 review in detail. So, let’s get started.

A Brief Description of De’Longhi EC155

De’Longhi offers one of the top-notch and most cost-effective espresso machines in the world and it is De’Longhi EC155.

Being a 15 BAR pump model, this classic coffee maker delivers fragrant espresso and mind-blowing cappuccino using ground beans or pods – all credits go to its dual-function filter holder.

The main reasons for delonghi ec155 review are to make you familiar with this easy-to-use and a brilliant coffee maker.

This machine producers such mind-blowing coffee that you can make transform your living room into a small coffeehouse.

You could easily make a delicious first cup of espresso, just you need to switch on the controls and allow the green light to appear.

De’Longhi EC155 is self-priming that means you can start brewing within seconds and not in minutes.

The filter holder arm of this particular coffee maker has been placed to the left that means you could attach any of the available filter baskets before moving its arm to the right and locking the same in place.

With De’Longhi EC155, you’d be capable of using a medium-sized or a small espresso cup right on its drip tray. But, if you need cappuccino in a larger cup, you just have to remove the drip tray.

You need to prepare your De’Longhi EC155 machine by running water through it for a couple of times.

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Delonghi ec155 review

Features of De’Longhi EC155

The brilliantly patented dual function filter holder of De’Longhi EC155 enables you to use convenient ground coffee or pods. This machine has made espresso preparation amazingly fast and simple.

This espresso machine can easily prepare cappuccino and latte owing to its swivel jet frother feature. You’d get perfect drinks every time. With this amazing machine, you don’t have to face cumbersome start-up preparation – thanks to its self-priming operation.

This incredible espresso machine will always brew your espresso at the appropriate temperature with the help of two separate thermostats that enable water and steam pressure to get controlled separately.

Experience mind-blowing espresso in coming years with this amazingly durable, top-class quality stainless steel boiler as well as 15 bar pump pressure. But, it’s essential to go through the user manual before starting its utilization.

The De’Longhi EC155 unit is featured with a steam dial to keep close whenever users don’t want to make use the frother. But, if the dial isn’t open completely, water would come out from the respective coffee spout as well as from the frother.

Every cup will truly satisfy your coffee thirst. The 15-bar professional pressure makes sure top-class quality every time. Moreover, the adjustable controls enable you to modify, as per your taste. 

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Features that I like in De’Longhi EC155 – Delonghi EC155 Review

Every Cup of Coffee is just Mind-blowing: The 15-bar professional pressure feature of De’Longhi EC155 makes sure that you get the best cup of coffee every time. Owing to its adjustable controls, you could easily make modifications, as per your personal preferences.

Brew like a Professional Coffee Maker: Be it single or double espresso, latte, or cappuccino- this machine every time brews authentic best-in-class beverages just like your favorite coffeehouse.

Your Foam, Your Choice: A brilliantly-designed manual frother efficiently mixes steam and milk to create creamy and rich froth so that you can get evenly textured drinks every time, as per your choice.

One Espresso Shot? Sure? The De’Longhi EC155 espresso machine has come with the three-in-one filter holder, accompanied by the unit. It features a holder for one espresso shot and also a holder for two shots. Moreover, it holds another holder for an easy-serve espresso pod, as per your choice.

No Wait-Time between Cups: The Advanced Cappuccino System of this espresso machine is able to maintain the optimal temperature. That means you can easily brew one cup after another on an instant basis.

Cons of De’Longhi EC155

De’Longhi EC155 has come with some best-in-class features but it does have some shortcomings as well. Like, this machine can’t efficiently extract flavor from medium-roasted and lightly-roasted beans. Moreover, its built-in tamper is not of top-notch quality but you’re free to manually tamp it to see better results. As the EC155 is about espresso that means no room is there for larger cups. But, I feel you can easily overlook these drawbacks after going through its features and benefits.


DeLonghi is a reputed brand for high-quality craftsmanship and DeLonghi EC155 is one of those specimens.

Many users have been writing positive and satisfied reviews about this coffee maker and they express how much delicious coffee it produces and how convenient and user-friendly it is! The amalgamation of a fine science and convenience has made this espresso a preferable choice among people.

If you’re in need of a super-delicious shot of espresso within a budget-friendly price, the DeLonghi EC155 is recommended for you.

I hope delonghi ec155 review was an insightful experience for you. So, it’s time to bring De’Longhi EC155 in your home and you’d experience the delight of making a delicious cup of coffee.

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