Ninja Blender 1100 Review

The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 – Model NJ602 is a high powered tool necessary for every modern kitchen. It has a sleek design and has a very high performance. It is the best ninja blendercan be used for various functions like blending, ice crushing, pureeing, and even have controlled the processing of some foods. Ninja blender 1100 is capable of kneading dough used to make pizzas, cookies, bread and light cakes. This is one machine that will make all the kneading and juicing in the kitchen quite fast and easy. All these functions are made possible by just the touch of a button without use of much energy.

Ninja blender 1100

 Ninja Blender 1100 Review & Salient Features

  • This product has the patented technology of the Ninja. It is the only product that is of patented technology from Ninja and the technology of manufacturing it has not spread to any other manufacturer.
  • The pitcher of this type of blender is of extra-large size. It is measured at 72oz. It is also free from BPA. The pitcher is therefore safe to use and cannot affect the human health.
  • Ninja blender 1100 also has a bowl which measures 40 oz. this is the bowl responsible for the food processing and kneading the dough. This bowl is also free from BPA and is also safe for human usage to prepare food used by human beings.
  • It has a lock in lid to the pitcher and the bowl which enables the juice and food not to spill over during processing. The pitcher also has a pour spout which makes it easier to pour the juice to the required container like the drinking glasses, bottles and the jugs.
  • The electronic panel which forms the base that drives the machine is easy to clean. It is made of material that that allows it to be wiped with a clean wet cloth and it becomes clean instantly. When there is spillage on this base, it cannot form a permanent stain.
  • The base foot is made to be non-slip and sturdy. During the process of making dough and making juice, the machine has a firm grip on the surface of which it is standing.
  • The machine has a cord storage box where the cord is stored after use.
  • It also has hidden drain holes which help to prevent water from building up on the dish washer. The motor that drives this kitchen tool is also protected from water which will cause a short circuit when it comes into contact with it.
  • It comes with the operating manual for new users to use it to guide them before they are familiar with the machine.

Advantages of Ninja blender 1100

  • It acts as two in one in that apart from making juice it has the capability of making dough for making cookies, pastry and bread. It has a whisker and a mixer too. For these two functions, it comes with a bowl for kneading and a jug for trapping the juice.
  • It can contain large amounts of juice at ago. The jug is of 72oz. This is an extra-large size.
  • The blades of the blender are sharp enough to cut even ice and still remain unaffected and maintain their original order.


Since it has the modification of using the jug for juice and the bowl for kneading, it ends up slightly more expensive than other blenders in the market.

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How to best use the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 – Model NJ602

This application applies to both the jug for juice and the bowl for making dough. Once the jug or bowl has been tightly fitted onto the base, one can now add the ingredients of whatever product they want to make, be it fruits, vegetables or the flour for making dough. When adding the ingredients one should always ensure that they don’t go above the level marked as the highest mark for maximum quantity. All this is done with the machine unplugged from the power source.

Once this is done, the machine can now be plugged into the main power supply and then the machine is switched on. The shaft is able to turn around and make the dough while the blades will also cut the fruits and vegetables until the desired consistency is received of juice. It produces very fine smoothies and dough that have been well mixed. After the end product has been achieved, the bowl or jug is removed from the base and turned into another suitable container. It is advisable to unplug the machine for safety reasons especially in rooms which have young children.

Who is this product best for?

  • This blender is suitable for the kitchen managers who like making juices and baking. It is good for bakers because the process of kneading the dough has been made easy.
  • It is also good for individuals who do not have time to do frequent cleaning in the kitchen. This is because both the bowl and jug have tight fitting leads, therefore the mixing will not allow any spillage onto the working surfaces.
  • The Ninja Kitchen System is also suitable for individuals who prefer naturally extracted juices than those who prefer the juices from the supermarket shelves.

People’s reviews.

Many people prefer using this product because it consumes less power and they are also able to use it for both making juice and making dough. About 97% of the market who have used it have appreciated its functionality.


The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 – Model NJ602 remains the best ninja blender because it enjoys the protection of the patented technology from Ninja. Once an individual has read the manual and understood how it functions, then they will discover that it is the easiest machine to operate. When one purchases Ninja blender 1100, they should be aware that they will definitely get a guarantee for their money. The cost is directly proportional to its rate of operation in both kneading and juice extraction.

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