Most of the time people buy larger worktop compare to their needs. Sometimes they buy that because they don’t know the exact size of the worktop that they need or sometimes they buy a larger size because they want to create some other useful products from offcuts or sometimes they don’t want to get any shortage in their worktop installation process. But due to the usage of larger worktops, there will be many offcuts. Most of the time people throw away the wastage offcuts instead of using those offcuts in different ways.

But houseofworktops bring an innovative idea to use those extra offcuts for a different purpose. Read the below section, you will understand how one of their client brought a large worktops and got some amazingly useful products from extra offcuts.  

See How People are benefited by using worktop offcuts

House of Worktops is a complete  in-house company, with one aim at its core – providing the most diligent worktops at the best price. Hence its only natural for us to advise our clients how to make the most out of the offcuts left from their beautiful worktops. Since our company is unique in lacking a middle-man between the producer and the customer, we are the ones responsible in all of the stages in the production, starting from the mere cutting of the tree and finishing until the unique worktop is delivered in front of your homes. This provides a great advantage as our customers get significantly more value for the same price. Hence we highly encourage our clients to utilize this advantage to their benefit by purchasing more worktops then they actually need and creating something valuable out of the extra material. Of course this is left to our clients imagination and unique taste!

Picture of the Kitchen Worktop 3-min
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For instance one of our clients who had purchased our lovelyworktop to create this modern kitchen initially had miscalculated the neededlength of the worktop and ended up ordering more worktops than he actuallyneeded. Although we were ready to exchange the worktops for smaller ones, ourclient was determined to use those offcuts in his home. As it can be seen inthe picture the client has created a coffee-table set where if required thesmaller coffee table can be folded under the larger one. This creative solutionthat first seemed like a small mistake has inspired us in many dimensions, wewere excited to see how our worktops can become a beautiful addition in everycorner of the house. 

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The offcuts are simply fitted with wood screws to the metal coffeetable legs, which in turn is bought online. The so-called amateurish cut of theworktops by the client, where the circular blade has left black marks whencutting, have given a particular charm to the table. A perfect cut can beachieved if a special circular blade for hardwood is used. We encourage ourcustomers to always make sure that the circular blades are well-sharpened asthe Balkan Oak is harder than the remaining Oak species. A final touch to theself-made table is given by applying colourless matt premium hardwaxoil. We suggest using hardwax oil on our wood surfaces instead of the varnishoils as it is way easier to maintain and keep clean. Eventually this table hasbecome a unique addition to the house as it is hand-tailored to fit the exactatmosphere of the room. Besides these unique and charming coffee tables, ouroffcuts can be utilized in creating many more beautiful wooden additions toyour homes. Chopping boards, smartphone holders, wood watches are just some ofthe thousand options that you can choose to transform your offcuts into, makingthem a unique piece both in your hearts and homes. Please do not hesitate tocontact us for further clarifications, ideas, suggestions and support!