How To Make a Protein shake in a Ninja Blender

What exactly is Protein Shake?

A Protein shake is rich in proteins and vitamins and works towards providing extra something to a human body. It can be in powdered or liquid form that has been preserved for using at a further date. Protein shake can also be made fresh at home with help of various vegetables, fruits and other added ingredients. They are supplements to meet the requirements of a body for various reasons like bodybuilding or for meeting the necessary demands of a protein-deficient body.

Protein shake blenders 2019

Using Ninja blender to make protein shake

This blender have become enormously popular amongst homemakers for making protein shakes. People have started recommending these blenders because complete fruit and vegetables can be placed in them to create perfect shakes of protein without wasting any of its pulp. Ninja have proved to be a dependable brand by earning the trust of millions. As these are professional blenders belonging to a reputed brand they work at a better and faster pace.

Instructions for making Protein shake with help of this blender

Before following the recipe one must decide which shake of protein one is interested in making and then gather all the ingredients so as to save unnecessary hassle. Next step is to make a shake that is healthy and delicious. In order to make a fresh and tasty shake of protein one has to follow these guidelines-

  • Plug in the blender but keep it in an off position. Now pour the required amount of milk. If one is interested in making a shake of thicker consistency it is vital to add few ice cubes now. Start blending both ice and liquid at medium speed for a few seconds so that the ice starts breaking. In case, a person is allergic to dairy products, one can pour alternatives like soy milk, coconut milk or fruit juice.
  • In order to provide our body extra proteins one can add protein powder to liquid mix and churn it for few seconds at position ‘’2’’. This helps in blending at medium speed of the blender and actually prevents formation of any lumps and mixes the powder in the liquid evenly. It is necessary to know the amount of powder to be used as excessive usage can be harmful to our body. Generally women need one scoop of protein powder and men need two scoops but it is necessary to verify it with an acknowledged medical personnel. If an individual is allergic to dairy products then he can take the help of non-dairy powders like rice protein or soy protein powder.
  • Next step is using various fruits and vegetables as they will add flavours. Wash the fruits as well as vegetables thoroughly. Now cut them in pieces and put them in a blender. Only the seeds and core should be avoided and one must try to use pulp to its maximum point as they are rich in fiber contents.
  • Add the remaining ingredients which will serve as add-ons for enhancing the taste of this shake. These can be one tablespoon of almonds or one spoon of vanilla essence or even dried fruit powders.
  • Once everything has been put inside a blender, it is necessary to blend it at a position ‘’3’’ as high speed will ensure a thick and smooth shake. If the protein shake seems excessive thick one can add water or for extra cool drink one can add ice cubes
  • Churn it once more for even consistency. Now turn off the switch of blender and remove its lid.
  • Protein shake, made with help of this blender is ready to serve and drink with added vitamins, proteins and even calcium contents

Advantages and disadvantages of drinking protein shake

Every product has positive as well as negative effects. Some benefits of drinking protein shake are as follows-


  • It is easy to absorb liquids than solid food items. As shakes of protein are generally in liquid forms they are absorbed in the body at a faster rate
  • Shakes of protein are easier to make than a full meal. It certainly is a nutritious alternative
  • They are convenient to carry in powdered or even liquid forms
  • Fiber contents and pulp of various fruits and vegetables are rich in proteins and hence a person is able to receive maximum nutrients by drinking Protein shake
  • This shake of protein are considered good for decreasing fats in a body and thus eventually leading to loss of weight
  • This shakes help in building muscles of a body
  • It provides the excessive calories content to people who belong to certain fields like athletes and bodybuilders
  • Although a bit expensive they are cost efficient in the long term
  • Protein powders are available in different flavours also. If one has certain preferences or dislikes one can easily buy accordingly
  • Protein powders have amino acid that are important for proper functioning of heart and brain
  • Extra protein through this shakes helps in promoting healthy hair, skin and bones


  • It has added calories contents that can prove harmful in long term
  • Protein powders are generally expensive
  • In some cases, protein powders have artificial flavours and extra sugar that can surely increase levels of sugar content in blood stream
  • Kidneys and liver have to work at a faster pace to break down the excessive protein contents of a body. Sometimes this can cause damage to these organs

Some frequently asked questions relating to use of Ninja blender to make this shake of protein are as follows-

  1. Is it possible to make protein shake with the help of this blender?

Yes, it is possible to make this shake with help of  this blender as they are able to blend each ingredient to an even and smooth consistency.


  1. Have Ninja blenders been successful in avoiding any unnecessary waste?

Ninja blender have been successful in blending entire vegetables and even fruits without leaving any of its pulp behind, thus avoiding unnecessary leftovers


  1. Does this shake of protein and fitness go hand in hand?

Yes, both are co-related because in order to promote an actual fitness regime it is necessary to take added protein intakes and that is possible through protein shakes