how to make homemade Ice Cream with a blender

What is Ice Cream

Ice cream is eaten in frozen form and is a sweetened dish. Although kids prefer to eat it at all times but grown-ups generally prefer it during or after mealtimes as a favored dessert. Made mostly from dairy products, they are combined with other ingredients to give them a distinctive flavour and taste.

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How to make homemade Ice Cream with help of a blender

One has to personally use a blender to know about its various advantages. Blenders are affordably priced and provide a positive experience in making numerous food items like ice cream.  A friend asked me how to make homemade ice cream and my answer was with help of a blender. Yes, it is simple, easy and convenient to make ice cream at home because most of the ingredients as well as a blender are usually found in our kitchen.

Guidelines on how to make homemade Ice Cream with help of a blender

Ice creams are favourite edibles belonging to every generation and age-group. Although at some point of time people tend to go out for a delicious scoop of ice cream, but foodies who want to have a taste in regular basis prefer them homemade as they are tasty, easy to make and cost efficient. Various other ingredients important for making homemade ice cream are as follows-

  • Milk or dairy alternative like Soy Milk or tofu
  • An extract like vanilla, strawberry or custard
  • Sugar
  • Extra sweetener if necessary
  • Additional ingredients according to taste and flavour like berries or nuts
  • Additional colorings according to preference

One has to prepare ingredients before making ice cream and its procedure includes-

  • Plug in a blender but do not switch it on as it is not yet ready.
  • Pour half of whole milk and add half extract in milk. Now whisk mixture on position “1’’ of blender for two minutes. Try not to over-mix it as it will result in too much thickening and hence will not be able to pour. Place this mixture in standard tray of ice cubes and place them in freezer for two to three hours. Place rest of milk in refrigerator for cooling.

Instructions on how to make homemade ice cream are as follows-

  • Once again plug in blender
  • Place all frozen ice cubes in blender
  • Add remaining half quantity of chilled milk in blender and add rest of extract and sugar
  • One can sweeten it up with sweeteners like cane sugar, corn syrup, beet sugar, sucrose to give it an unusual taste
  • In order to continue with its exceptional flavours one can add different fruits or other ingredients like nuts, berries
  • People who are lactose intolerant can have ice creams made from alternatives like soy milk, sheep or goat milk, tofu to deal with their allergy to vegan or dairy protein.
  • Switch on a blender to position ‘’1’’ for two minutes as low speed will help in its mixing properly. Next switch on highest level of position ‘’3’’ and let it remain on high speed for few minutes
  • This will help in blending all ingredients together to a thick consistency with a creamy look.
  • Remove lid and open blender. It can be served in this form or can be refrigerated once again
  • Pour it into ice-cube tray and put it in freezer for a minimum of three hours.

Ice cream is smooth, thick and ready to serve

Advantages and disadvantages of Ice Cream

Ice cream is irresistible and loved by almost every one. No one can refuse to accept a scoop with or without trimmings on a hot or cold day. Although it has an overwhelming affect on masses but one must be aware of its benefits as well as shortcomings. Following are some important ones-


  • Ice cream is rich in vitamins. It provides human body with essential nutrients loaded with vitamins E, D, K, B12, C, B6 and A. Vitamin K helps in thinning blood and preventing blood-clots. It also includes riboflavin, thiamine, niacin and anti-oxidants that help in improving nerve functions and immunity system.
  • Ice cream has lots of calories and is a good energy source as it contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Essential minerals like phosphorous and calcium are found in abundance in an ice cream. Calcium is vital for healthy cardiovascular-system, kidney functioning and maintaining strong teeth and bones whereas phosphorous helps a body to absorb calcium properly and keeps joints healthy.
  • Hormone Thrombotonin helps in preventing mood swings by uplifting a person’s moods. It also minimizes stress levels by preventing insomnia and reducing stress levels. Ice cream is a vital reason for stimulating production of this hormone


  • Whole milk is high in saturated and normal fat and if eaten regularly without any limits can result in weight gain and cardiovascular problems
  • Too much of anything is bad and hence will lead to high levels of cholesterol.
  • Ice cream contains high level of sugar in every servings and this often leads to many diseases like diabetes

Frequently asked questions

Some common questions and answers related with how to make homemade ice cream are as follows-

  1. How can one serve and eat ice cream?

Ice cream is a sweet dish that can be served in a bowl or glass to be eaten with help of a spoon. It is also served in an edible cone that is licked clean. Sometimes these are served and eaten together with desserts like custard pie or apple pie and are even used as a main ingredient to make another food item like sundaes, floats and milkshakes.


  1. How to make homemade ice cream of different flavours?

One has to add necessary extract, color, additional like fruits, nuts and essence to main ingredients for different flavours of delicious and tasty ice cream


  1. Is ice cream harmful?

Ice cream can become harmful if a person is eating it on regular basis and that too in large quantities. It has an excess of minerals, vitamins and sugar contents that eaten reasonably can be beneficial but eaten without boundaries will have serious repercussions.

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