Coffee buffs like to relish coffees of different tastes, flavors, andstrengths. However, it is essential to know about the taste of a variationbefore ordering. Otherwise, it might be a matter of disappointment.

Hence, if you are a coffee enthusiast, you should definitely know about cappuccino vs frappuccino. Are you curious? Let us start the discussion.

Cappuccino vs Frappuccino

Cappuccinos and Frappuccinos maysound similar but they have many differences. Cappuccino is a very populardrink among coffee buffs. You can easily brew it in your comfort zone.

However, Frappuccino is not possibleto find anywhere other than Starbucks. Nonetheless, you can get similarvariations of Frappuccinos but it is critical to ensure the taste in advance.

What Is Cappuccino?

If you prefer to have a classicaltaste of coffee, then cappuccino makes an ideal option for you. Its base is anespresso shot accompanied by steamed milk and foamed milk. The ratio is 1:1:1.

Cappuccino does not come with a largeserving. It is around 5 to 6 ounces but enough to appease the soul of a coffeeaficionado. Cappuccinos are neither very strong nor excessively milky. It makesa beautiful combination of espresso and milk.

The authentic flavor of coffee comeswith the velvety and lavish effect of milk. That is why many people prefer it inthe morning.

The cappuccino brewing process isextremely easy. You just need to buy an espresso machine with the feature ofcappuccino. And it will produce delectable cappuccino for you.

Cappuccino VS Frappuccino

What Is About Frappuccino?

As you already know the source of frappuccino,it is just possible to copy the taste. However, homemade frappuccino is alsodelectable and heart-warming.

Basically, frappuccino is all abouticed, blended version of coffee. The base is definitely coffee but there aremany other ingredients as well, such as milk, syrups, cream, ice, andflavorings.

The term “Frappuccino” comes from the combination of the term “frappe,” which meansa combination of milkshake and ice cream.

Frappuccino vs cappuccino

Difference between Cappuccino and Frappuccino

Nature Of The Drink:

If you prefer a hot caffeinated drink, you can consider a cappuccino. Cappuccinos are piping hot by nature. It is an espresso-based drink with milk foam and steamed milk. Moreover, cappuccino acts as the base of beautiful latte art.

On the contrary, frappuccinos come ascold beverages. The concoction of crushed ice, heavy cream, coffee, syrup, andcondensed milk makes it a fabulous delicacy. Heart-warming, chilly whippedcream is there on top added with the drizzling of sauce or syrup.

Not every frappuccino comes withcaffeine. Actually, this beverage is available in different forms with severalmodifications. For instance, a Matcha Frappuccino does not contain coffee atall.

If you are fond of decaffeinated yetdelectable beverage, then you can go for it. However, a frappuccino comes as asweetened drink most of the time.

Sugar Content:

The preparation technique of both ofthem is different. As a result, they contain a different number of calories.When it comes to a cappuccino, the base is espresso that means it containsalmost zero calories.

However, steamed milk is an integralpart of cappuccino, which comes with loads of milk fat. Otherwise, cappuccinoswill not get its rich, velvety taste. And there it comes to a lot of caloriesin a cappuccino.

However, if you do not prefer sugar,simply avoid it and you can end up to around 36 calories in your cup ofcappuccino. Since, cappuccino is a particular kind of beverage, customizing itwill create something else.

On the contrary, a frappuccino is more flexible than a cappuccino. It is because you can easily change the ratios of the ingredients, as per your needs.

Type Of Coffee Used:

Cappuccino calls for only espressoshots. On the other hand, frappuccinos can contain any type of coffee. That meansyou do not need an espresso machine to create a customized variation at home.

Both cappuccinos and frappuccinos areextremely strong brews. However, they depend on cream, milk, and whipped cream.Some inspiration for frappuccino comes from frappe that uses instant coffee.

It is not possible to make acappuccino with a filter coffee due to the difference in flavor, consistency,and delicacy.

Wrapping Up

Now, when you know about the cappuccino vs frappuccino, you can easily pick your favorite, as per yourtaste. In anutshell, a cappuccino is a simple form of latte whereas a frappuccino is anembellished form of a latte.