Even many coffee aficionados faceconfusion when it is about differentiating two variants. The same applies tocappuccino and macchiato.

Different factors work together tomake one cup of coffee separate from another. Are you also interested to knowabout the cappuccino vs macchiato? Then, the post is for you. Keepreading!

Cappuccino vs Macchiato

Many coffee buffs do not like thetaste of strong espresso. Therefore, the milky variations of espresso are somuch popular.

Both cappuccino and macchiato aremilk-based espresso drinks. However, a comparison between the two will help oneto opt for the most suitable option.

It is completely all right not toknow much about cappuccino and macchiato. However, it is at least critical toknow about their taste profiles before ordering one. Both of these options comewith a bitter flavor and in almost the same sizes.

Both cappuccino and macchiato have the same source – “espresso.” Moreover, both of these variations have come with the amalgamation of espresso and milk types.

Thus, they are ranking with other well-known milk-based espresso drinks, such as mochas, lattes, and so on. Nonetheless, the major difference between cappuccino and macchiato lies in the quantity of milk added to them.

What Is Cappuccino?

Macchiato seems simpler than a cappuccino.However, the latter one more resembles with layered latte macchiato regardingthe style. Nonetheless, when it comes to the taste, cappuccino sharessimilarities with espresso macchiato.

Cappuccino is a well-preferredespresso-based drink. It contains an equal quantity of espresso, steamed milk,and foam. Whereas espresso holds rich strong taste, milk products can complementit well.

However, milk products just enhancethe flavor of espresso without any overwhelming effects. Nonetheless, theespresso macchiato variation comes with a stronger taste than a cappuccino.

Cappuccino Vs Macchiato

What Is Macchiato?

The term “macchiato” means “stained.”And the meaning is self-explanatory. Hence, whether it is latte macchiato orespresso macchiato, espresso will come with steamed milk or a hint of otheringredients.

Espresso macchiato is a popularvariation of macchiato.

Are you planning to order a macchiatoon your next coffee shop visit?

Then, you will get espressomacchiato. White, small ceramic cups or espresso glasses contribute to servingthis drink. It can surprise coffee connoisseurs, who are accustomed to drinkinglatte-style beverages in super-sized glasses.

Espresso macchiato is aboutextracting an espresso shot followed by adding steamed milk (few teaspoons).

Moreover, a dash of foam atop thedrink is also there. However, the steamed milk can alone lower the strength ofthe espresso shot.

However, latte macchiato is anotherwell-known option for macchiato. One needs to ask for it to get somethingdifferent from whatever is usually served at a coffee shop.

The latte macchiato is aboutone-third to half the amount of steamed milk with the serving of a 12oz glass.

Espresso of one-shot or less createsthe base of this drink. Due to the slow addition of espresso, latte macchiatofeatures a layer almost like a regular latte.

Macchiato vs Cappuccino

Difference between Cappuccino and macchiato


The key feature of a cappuccino isits distinct ratios. It is about one-third espresso, one-third milk foam, andone-third steamed milk. However, the soothing layering provides a mesmerizingexperience and makes cappuccino more intense and delectable.


Milk-based espresso drinks often comewith a combination of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam.

Milk foam is about steamed milk onlywith some air (due to whipping). Cappuccino comes with an equal volume of allthese ingredients.

On the contrary, macchiato comes withonly espresso and steamed milk. This drink contains a large volume of espressoalong with a dash or layer of milk atop of it. That is why the servings ofmacchiato often come in smaller cups. It is because they contain the onlyespresso.


Due to the more content of steamedmilk, a cappuccino comes with a softer as well as a milkier flavor as comparedto a macchiato.

Although the milk does not cover thestrong taste of espresso entirely, it creates an ideal option for milk-basedespresso drinkers.

Moreover, a macchiato often tastesbitterer than an espresso. However, the content of caffeine remains the same inboth of these variations. It is because both of them come with a singleespresso shot and it acts as the only caffeine source in them.


The macchiato is a way to relish anespresso in later parts of a day. On the contrary, cappuccinos are an idealoption for morning relaxation. It contains enough espresso to prepare one forthe day and enough milk to appease the mind.

Since cappuccino is a combination ofstrong espresso and milk, it makes a perfect morning drink for coffee buffs. Onthe contrary, a bit tempered macchiato makes an ideal mid-day beverage.


Just like macchiato, cappuccino alsocomes with a few variations, such as dry cappuccino, wet cappuccino, andbone-dry cappuccino. The dry cappuccino features less steamed milk and oftenwith a dash of extra milk.

However, the wet cappuccino comeswith more steamed milk and so it greatly resembles to latte. On the other hand,the bone-dry version does not contain steamed milk at all. Rather it features ahuge volume of milk foam.

The Bottom Line

Now, you can choose betweencappuccino and macchiato and indulge in flavorful delicacy. However, if youhave relished neither cappuccino nor macchiato before, consider giving a try toboth these options.

Since taste is the key aspect ofpreference for many people, you can also find your favorite option with ease.

Simply, a macchiato comes with moreintense flavor as compared to a cappuccino. However, it is less strong than adirect espresso shot, owing to the milk content. That is why a macchiato makesan ideal mid-day drink for coffee aficionados.

On the contrary, a cappuccino comeswith milder flavor due to the milk and foam content. The beautiful layering hasmade it a perfect caffeinated beverage for a refreshing morning.

Hence, it is the right time to pamperyou with a cup of soothing caffeinated drink!