Cannot you imagine your day withoutcoffee? Then, you can consider yourself a coffee buff. A great enthusiast ofcoffee needs to know about the nature of different coffee types. And when itcomes to common variations like latte and mocha, the post about latte vsmocha will help you a lot.

Latte vs Mocha Difference

Do you like to relish milky treat in your coffee? Then, latte and mocha can make two of your best options. Both of them come with two base components- espresso and milk.

However, both of them have many differences.Hence, before opting for an option, you need to make sure of the taste andflavor of each of them.

Latte and mocha both call for an espresso machine. However, coffee buffs can brew some recipes of mocha without a machine. Nonetheless, the flavor may seem different from the classical mocha.

Apart from common ingredients and theset of equipment, latte and mocha come with a couple of other similarities.However, the amounts of ingredients are not the same. Mocha comes with aningredient that is not present in a latte.

Based on the preparation, one can addice, chocolate, sugar, and cocoa to the drink. However, the conventionaltechnique is evident to brew espresso-based beverages.

What Is Latte?

A latte is one of the popularespresso-based beverages. It calls for 1/6 espresso, 1/6 foamed milkas well as 4/6 steamed milk.

If you are craving for a coffee withcreamy, velvety delight along with less-dense brew, you can prefer a latte. Itis not a full-strength coffee and you can relish something soothing and milky.

latte vs Mocha

When it comes to a standard latte,you can expect the serving in a spacious eight-ounce cup. Latte features a singleor double shot of espresso along with steamed milk of five to six ounces.Moreover, a delicate layer of foamed milk is there on the top.

It is also possible to use syrups andflavorings, as per the taste and preference. Sometimes, experts also customizelattes with mesmerizing artwork throughout the foam. 

What Is About Mocha?

Mocha coffee beans offer a naturalchocolate taste. However, to strengthen the chocolaty delight, experts use adash of chocolate to it. Latte is the lightest espresso-based drink whereasmocha comes with a much stronger, bitter coffee taste. Even mocha coffee isoften stronger than a cappuccino.

Mocha vs latte comparison

Moreover, mocha is a greatlycustomizable drink since different kinds of chocolate can contribute to it.

Based on the region, mocha cancontain dark chocolate, chocolate syrup, white chocolate or milk chocolate.

Furthermore, mocha can also containvarious toppings in different variations. Some coffee aficionados preferwhipped cream in the place of milk foam.

On the other hand, some versions havealso come with cinnamon or chocolate shaving as the topping. This additionaldecoration and amazing flavor are commendable indeed.

Latte VS Mocha


Both of these espresso-based drinkscall for frothed and/or steamed milk. In order to prepare these milkvariations, one can use an espresso machine or a steam wand. Moreover, abudget-friendly option in this regard is a milk-frothing machine.

What is the key difference betweensteamed and foamed milk? It lies in the volume of the air bubbles they form.

When it is about a latte, single ordouble espresso shots create the base. Moreover, steamed milk of almost 5-6 there. As a topping, a delicate layer of frothed milk contributes along withcustomized flavorings.

On the contrary, the recipe of mochais about double espresso shot, hot chocolate (2 oz), steamed milk (1 oz), andan optional topping of a delicate frothed milk layer.


When it comes to caffeine strength,mocha wins the game over a latte. Definitely, mocha and latte come with equalvolume of espresso.

However, the content of steamed milkcreates the difference. Since latte makes use of more milk than a mocha, mochais certainly stronger in this regard.

However, mocha is more dense sincethe espresso content is approx the same as the milk and chocolate volume. Latteis a milky delight and so more diluted than mocha.

If you want to relish a strong andsweet espresso-based drink, go for mocha. On the contrary, if you are cravingfor a creamy, velvety espresso-based delicacy, opt for a latte.


Mocha is sweeter than a latte. It isbecause mocha comes with chocolate. Despite latte is extremely milky, velvety,and creamy, its sweetness is miles apart from mocha.

However, some latte variations comewith sweetened whipped cream, syrups, and many other sweeteners. Hence, theyare certainly sweet by nature.

However, regardless of the type ofchocolate (chocolate syrup, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, etc) used in mochacoffee, it will be sweeter compared to latte always.

The Bottom Line

So, how was your latte vs mocha experience?I hope, it was great. Now, you can easily differentiate between these twodrinks and opt for your favorite one.