Jura Impressa c65 review

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Jura Impressa C65 Review

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Jura Impressa C65 is not actually an average home espresso machine rather it has been designed for all the coffee buffs over there. It’s a brilliantly-designed professional grade unit that can brew barista-style high-quality coffee within minutes.

In simple words, Impressa C65 is a completely automatic espresso system through which you could relish delicious cups of coffee in your comfort zone.

Merely pushing a button, you can easily produce every type of caffeine drink in it – for instance, high-pressure-brewed coffee, latte, espresso, cafe mocha, cappuccino, and so forth.

Jura Impressa C65 has come with an Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System and the result is awe-inspiring aroma and rich flavor in each coffee brewing. Now, let’s check out its features, benefits, and shortcomings in detail.

jura impressa c65

Features of Jura Impressa C65

Impeccable Design: you’d be delighted with the mesmerizing appearance of Jura Impressa C65. Backed with a contemporary yet modern design, this coffee maker is featured with an impressive piano black finish – able to improve complement your kitchen decor.

Built with top-notch materials and food-grade plastic, this brilliant coffee machine exhibits compact dimensions and unmatched design – truly eye-catching and mesmerizing.

Mind-blowing Operation: You’d literally feel the convenience after using the Impressa – it’s extremely easy to use. That means you don’t need to be a technically-savvy or professional barista to operate this coffee maker.

One of the best parts is its one-switch operating mechanism dedicated to the smart Rotary Switch as well as the 11-language plain text display. And thus Jura Impressa C65 has successfully stood out from its competitors in terms of ease of operation. Nonetheless, it’s extremely easy-to-program – no need to go through an extensive learning process.

jura impressa c65 review

Incredible Grinder: Jura Impressa C65 is featured with conical steel burr grinder of integrated commercial grade 6-setting and it enables you to prepare coffee beans, as per your choice.

It holds a 5-16-gram brewing chamber and a dedicated funnel for pre-ground coffee. Its hopper comes with the capacity of holding 7 oz. of fresh beans accompanied by a by-pass doser and thus you can try out various flavors of decaf or pre-ground coffee. And a bigger bean hopper has eliminated the need of refilling it on a frequent basis.

The special design of its grinder lowers friction and increases the aroma and flavor of the coffee. And literally, the grinder performs absolutely mind-blowing and be it fine or coarse – you’ll always receive the preferred consistency.

Features that I like in Jura Impressa C65 – Jura Impressa c65 Review

Simple yet Attractive: Just you have to turn, press, and relish! Entering the world of Jura Impressa C65 is like a breeze with the one-switch operating technique of its Rotary Switch plus the 11-language plain text display. You can easily produce the perfect cup of coffee every time – that is super delicious.

Owing to the high-performance conical grinder, the coffee beans would always be freshly ground. The simple and compact design along with the impressive amalgamation of gloss black and matte have made this coffee machine to match with any type of kitchen decor.

Simple Operation: Owing to the incredible one-switch operating concept of the smart Rotary Switch plus the 11-language plain text display, you’ll be just one-touch button away from a perfect cup of coffee. This outstanding machine has been designed so that you can easily program it and take care of it.

Brewing Capacity: The variable brewing chamber of Jura Impressa C65 can accommodate between 5 and 16 grams of ground coffee. And thus you can easily brew any type of coffee, ranging from a single 1-ounce ristretto to two 8-ounce cups of coffee once at a time.

Be it for preparing a shot of espresso for yourself or brewing coffee for a large number of guests, this coffee maker will prove itself as a time-saving and convenient device.

Height-adjustable Coffee Spout: In this incredible coffee machine, you can adjust the height of the coffee spout between 2.6 – 4.4 inches and it enables you to use any cup size, ranging from small espresso cups to the large coffee cups. It also prevents the coffee from splashing on this particular machine and delivers an outstanding, velvety crema.

Fine Foam Frother: This coffee machine has come with the revolutionary fine foam technology through which you can get unmatched milk foam quality with a feather-light and fine consistency. And it’s an ideal way to provide a great finishing touch to your preferred beverages. Actually, owing to the fine foam frother technique, the C65 outshines its competitors in its price structure.

Cons in Jura Impressa C65

Jura Impressa C65 is expensive and it’s obvious, as it has come with an attractive state of the art features and functionalities. However, if your budget doesn’t permit, you can choose Breville ESP8XL Café Roma. Small bean contain is another shortcoming of this coffee machine but I feel that these two cons are not very big in front of its features and benefits.


If you can’t imagine starting your morning without a shot of espresso, then Jura Impressa C65 will be a perfect option for you. But, you have to estimate your budget before thinking about its purchase. But believe me! It will be worth your investment. I hope the jura impressa c65 review will help you in making your purchasing decision.