How to make celery juice in a blender

Are you looking for the recipe of celery juice with your blender? Yes? Congrats! You have come to the appropriate place. Do you consume raw celery accompanied by peanut butter? Then, you will more likely start preferring the liquid form of this vegetable. So, let’s talk about some aspects of celery juice with the detailed recipe.

Some Health Benefits of Celery

Celery is rich in fiber but its calory portion is low. Moreover, this vegetable is a repository of folate, potassium, and vitamin K. These nutrients help to enhance circulation, improve tolerance, and increase the training of strength when it’s consumed as a snack before the workout.

Nonetheless, celery comes with a lot of important anti-inflammatory substances. And they are believed to promote a healthy stomach. It can help to combat cellular damage that could otherwise result in disease as well as premature aging.

Celery juice is believed to alleviate bloating and aid digestion. However, it can be different for different people and depends on the habits of the digestive system of individuals. Moreover, the result also depends on the state of gut whenever the intake of celery juice had been started.

What about the Celery Juice Preparation

Are you ready to prepare celery juice in the comfort of your home? Since you’re going to make it with blender, make sure to have an appropriate strainer or nut milk bag to separate the fibers.

You’d also need fresh stalks of celery. To ensure the quality of your juice, you should purchase organic celery. It’s a must to clean them properly before making the juice. Since you’ll make the juice with a blender, you can add a small amount of water to improve the spinning of the blades.

When the celery gets break down, you should start pouring the same in a spacious bowl via a strainer or nut milk bag. It’s time to extract the juice properly. As a result, you’d get a perfect glass of smooth juice of celery to promote your workout or accelerate your day’s activities.

How to make celery juice in a blender

How to Make Celery Juice in a blender

Now, it’s time to take a look at the detailed process of making celery juice.  Actually, it’s a really simple process. Take a high-speed blender (recommended) for this process. You can optionally add peeled, fresh lime to your celery juice. Thus, you will get additional flavor and brightness.  Do you want to increase the amount of sugar in your juice? Then, you can add an apple in this process. But, you can make use of 100% celery without adding any other ingredient.


Celery: Two bunches

Lime: One (Remove the skin properly) (Optional, just for improved taste)


Take celery bunches and remove the top and base of its stalks. Now, wash it properly and gently with the help of a colander.  

It’s time for chopping the stalks into three pieces and adding them to a high-speed blender’s base.

Now, it’s time for adding one-fourth cup of water followed by putting on the blender’s lid. Allow to blend it until you’re getting a smooth mixture.

Now, take a jug and start pouring the blended mixture through a nut milk bag (it must be clean). Squeeze the juice properly by using your hands.

It’s time to serve the celery juice instantly. If there are some remaining portions, you must keep the same in a properly sealed jar and refrigerate.

Some Important Questions and Answers

Is it possible to prepare celery juice with a regular blender?

It is better if you can make celery juice using a high-speed blender. But, if there’s no other option available other than a regular blender, you must chop the celery into one-inch pieces.

Don’t forget to add the half cup of water (minimum) to your regular blender. Keep on blending for at least one minute followed by straining the juice. It’s really simple! Isn’t it?

How is the Taste of Celery Juice?

Don’t be surprised. Your celery juice will taste like celery. Are you a fan of the taste of celery? That’s great! But, you can also add peeled lime juice. Also, you can add an apple with the main ingredient “celery” to improve the brightness as well as sweetness.

Is it possible to make Celery Juice in Advance?

Yes, it’s possible. But, try to finish the juice within 48 hours after its preparation to get the maximum benefits. Don’t forget to keep it in a properly sealed container followed by refrigerating.

The amount of celery you’re taking will determine the quantity of the juice. One bunch of it will make juice of around 16 ounces.

For maximum health, it’s better not to use any other ingredients with the key ingredient ‘celery,’

I hope you have got a lot of information regarding celery juice. Now, you can consult your dietician and start preparing this juice to get the benefits of celery.

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