How To Make Kale Juice with Ninja Blender

What is Kale juice?

This juice is a drink whose main ingredient is leaf cabbage. It is basically a health drink and is also known as green juice because of its green color. It is healthy, delicious and can easily be made at home. People prefer it in liquid form rather than eating it in solid forms as they are easily digestible and because one can have also avail the benefits of added ingredients.

Using Ninja blender for preparing Kale juice

This juice can be easily treated as a meal replacement because of its nutritious value and refreshing taste. Homemakers have been successfully preparing this juice with the help of Ninja blenders as it retains its flavours and taste while extracting juice from leafy vegetables and fruits.

Preparation of making juice from kale

Some people prefer making fresh juice at home rather than buying the bottled ones. Preparing it is an easy process but one has to gather ingredients and its recipe beforehand. To make this juice taste better one can combine it with either fruits or any vegetables. In fact 100% pure kale juice is not recommended because our bodies need time to adjust and thus it is vital that we start it with small amount of kale mixed with other ingredients.

For making this type of juice one has to gather the following ingredients

  • Kale leaves
  • A good blender
  • Vegetable like carrot or even a cucumber
  • Fruits like apples or any other according to preference
  • Bit of ginger
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice

Following are some simple steps necessary for its preparation-

  • First step is to place the blender on an even surface. Now plug in the blender, but it is important to keep it in off position at this time.
  • Now wash kale as well as the secondary ingredient carrot. As kale is a leafy vegetable it requires a thorough cleaning as any remaining dirt will affect its taste. One can also add fruits like apples, kiwi, pineapple or watermelon for different taste
  • Cut various vegetable and fruits in pieces so that they easily fit in the blender. Also cut off stalks of kale leaves and chop them. Throw away only seeds and hard core of fruits and vegetables as all the rest of the pulp can be easily used through Ninja blender
  • Put kale leaves as well as other fruits and vegetables inside the blender and half fill it
  • You can add a bit of lemon juice and a bit of ginger for providing flavours
  • Now switch on the blender at position ‘’2’’ and blend it for a few minutes. Medium speed of the blender will help in even and smooth consistency and later switch it to position ‘’3’’ for high speed. This will help to blend perfectly and result in a delicious and refreshing drink.
  • If the juice seems thicker one can add ice cubes or a bit of water according to individual preference. It is necessary to churn it once more so that water or ice blends beautifully.
  • Kale juice is now ready and one can drink or serve this amazing energy brew

Cleaning the blender is an important activity as the leftovers will make a blender habitat of bacterial activities. As soon as the juice is prepared one must take out the blades and clean it along with the body of blender under running water. Disassembling the removable parts is necessary as any leftovers can cause adverse effects during next usage of the blender. It is vital to dry and wipe it with a clean and dry cloth.

Advantages and disadvantages of drinking kale juice

One must be aware of health benefits as well as adverse effects before starting a drink on a regular basis. Although advantages outweighs the disadvantages but it is necessary to know about them. Following are some benefits of drinking this juice-


  • High in fiber content and thus helps in regular and proper functioning of bowels by keeping it clean
  • Provides a check to an increased level of cholesterols
  • Kale juice has high iron contents and thus drinking it results in forming haemoglobin that is necessary for transferring oxygen to various cells. Drinking this green juice also helps in purification of bloodstream.
  • Provides a feeling of full stomach after a meal
  • This juice contains vitamin ‘’A’’ that helps in providing clear vision and glowing skin, vitamin ‘’K’’ that keeps our bone healthy and helps towards clotting of blood and vitamin ‘’C’’ that ensures a proper immune system.
  • It also contains ‘’sulforaphane’’ that has anti-microbial, anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties.
  • It has detoxifying enzymes
  • High calcium contents in this juice prevents osteoporosis by providing extra strength to bones
  • Inflammation is at the root of many chronic diseases. This juice is fat free and has Omega-3 contents that makes it anti-inflammatory


  • Kale juice is too healthy and it is not possible for every human body to fully digest it. Its fiber content is 2.6 grams/cup and thus can easily create problems for digestive system. Kale also has a high percentage of insoluble fiber content, thus creating problems like gas and bloating.
  • Kale includes raffinose, a sugar variant, which is not easy to break down. Its juice passes intact to large intestine causing flatulence and bloating
  • Raw kale juice can also affect proper functioning of thyroid glands

Some frequently asked questions relating to the preparation of Kale juice via Ninja blenders are as follows-

  1. Is it better to make kale juice rather than buy a bottled one?

Yes, it is better to make juice from kale at home because it is fresh and easy to make whereas the bottled ones tend to lose their nutritional potency with time

  1. Is this juice beneficial?

Yes, this juice is very beneficial as it is loaded with mineral and vitamin contents that provide added energy and vibrancy to our bodies.

  1. Is it better to eat kale raw rather than juice from kale?

No, it is better to drink a glass of juice from kale than eating it raw as juice in liquid form is easily digestible. It also retains all its nutrients along with other added ingredients of the juice

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