Do you want to clean your Breville espresso machine? Then, you have come to the right place. This post is about the simple-to-follow steps through which you can easily clean your coffee maker. So, let’s start the discussion.

A Brief Introduction

Do you know the maintenance of the Breville espresso machine can influence your espresso flavor? That’s true! And not only espresso only, but also impacts on your cappuccino as well as other coffee drinks.

Old coffee grounds, minerals from the used water, or natural oil residues from the coffee can start building up deposits inside of your espresso machine. As a result, the drinks will become unpleasant or bitter flavor.

But, this occurrence can be prevented by cleaning your machine on a daily basis following its each and every utilization. However, a deep and thorough cleaning is also needed each of the two to three months.

How to clean Breville Coffee machine

How to Clean Breville Coffee Machine?

Follow the steps below to perform regular cleaning on your Breville espresso machine:


First, removal of your coffee machine’s filter holder from it just after the completion of brewing will be the work.


Now, it’s time for emptying the coffee grounds followed by rinsing the filter plus the filter holder within warm water. Are coffee grounds present in the respective filter? Then, it’s a must to make use of a nylon scrub brush for its gentle cleaning.


Next, returning of the empty filter plus the filter holder to the Breville espresso machine will be the next task. Now, it’s time for brewing plain water into a cup (10 to 15 seconds). And then, place the hot water in the cup.


It’s time for pulling the steam wand’s froth enhancer at once following its utilization. And then, rinse the same using warm water to make it clean.


Turning its selector control, present on the front part of the Breville espresso machine, to the specific steam position for the duration of two to three seconds will be the next work. As a result, it will be possible to blow the milk out of its wand.


Now, it’s time for turning its selector control to the “Stand By” mode followed by unplugging your coffee maker from the respective electrical outlet. Allow your espresso machine to cool perfectly prior to the continuation.


Cleaning the opening segment on its steam wand using the pin will be the next task. It should be performed on the end portion of the respective cleaning tool, which has come with the Breville espresso machine.

Is the tip of its wand very much dirty? Does it appear blocked? Then, it’s time for twisting the tip of the wand off by opening the same within the middle part of the specific cleaning tool. Now, soaking the same in hot water will be the next task. Thus, removal of the clogs would be possible.


It’s time for the removal of your coffee machine’s drip tray from the bottom part of the machine. Next, emptying the same into the sink would be the task.


Now, you need to wash each and every segment of your drip tray by making use of warm water as well as dish soap. Rinsing the items followed by drying the same properly will be needed prior to returning those to the Breville espresso machine.


Wiping down the exterior of your coffee machine with the help of a damp cloth will be the next task.

How to Perform Deep Cleaning?

Just execute the following steps to perform a deep cleaning of your coffee maker:


Setting your coffee maker to the “Stand By” mode followed by unplugging the same from the respective electrical outlet will be the first task.


Now, it’s time for filling your coffee machine’s water tank with two parts of water and one part of white vinegar. But, if hard water is going to be used, use one part of water as well as one part of white vinegar instead. Thus, you can ensure to save your adorable coffee machine from any kind of mineral deposits inside.


Next, it’s time for keeping a large pot onto its drip pan for catching the mixture of water and vinegar.


Now, plugging in the Breville espresso machine followed by turning it on would be the result. Have patience until its orange temperature light gets extinguish. Actually, it signifies that the water is sufficiently hot for brewing.


Next, it’s time for keeping the steam wand above its container followed by switching its selector control to “Steam” would be the next task. However, the remaining part of the mixture would be flowing out of its steam wand.


At least, you need to fill its water tank with cold, clean water. And then, just execute the steps three to six times for properly rinsing the Breville espresso machine.

Now, you are aware of the cleaning process of your Breville espresso machine. It’s time to implement the steps and ensure its longevity.

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