Nespresso descaling tips

Do you want to maintain your coffee machine and ensure the longevity of your Nespresso coffee maker? Then, you should take care of its descaling. Your adorable coffee maker presents you rich, delightful coffee every day to refresh your day. So, don’t allow limescale to clog the machine, as it can welcome some serious problems in the future.

Descaling Nespresso

 In this post I’m going to describe how to descale nespresso coffee machine steps by steps. Before starting lets read some more about descaling and why you should do descaling on your coffee machine.

What is Descaling?

Actually, your coffee machine features certain hot parts and the minerals start building up inside these areas. This scale is known as limescale. The severity of this problem depends upon the hardness of water since water holds a certain content of different minerals.

So, it’s obvious that the water holding areas of this coffee machine affect from such buildups. The most common areas that get affected include the pumps, boiler, and all other parts carrying water. So, it’s very important to keep on removing these scales from your coffee machine to maintain its well-being and the process is known as descaling.

Descaling process doesn’t have any connection with dismantling. You should descale your coffee maker to maintain a smooth running and get a delightful, fluffy coffee for a long period. So, to ensure the taste, performance, and longevity, a proper descaling of the entire machine is a must.

How often does it need?

How much duration you should maintain between two descaling depends upon a lot of factors. The first one is the water quality and the second one is the water quantity, going through your machine. It’s a good idea to make use of a water hardness test kit to figure out the hardness of the water you’re using.

Also, you can realize it by examining your kettle. If you notice limescale buildups in the kettle, the same thing will be applicable to your coffee maker. The harder the water is, the more your coffee maker needs descaling. Moreover, if you’re an espresso drinker, then it’s obvious that less water is used. That means less descaling will be needed for your machine.

How do I descaling Nespresso with vinegar ?

It’s time to take a look at the process of Descaling Nespresso with vinegar.

How to Make a Vinegar Solution?

Do you want to make sure to properly take care of your Descaling Nespresso coffee maker? So, why don’t you think about preparing a custom solution? It will be a great idea to maintain your coffee machine.

Actually, a lot of techniques are available to clean a coffee maker. However, the common factor is that each one of them needs a proper descaling liquid. Moreover, it’s also important to ensure the ratio of 50/50. And vinegar is actually the most prominent and well-known solution in this regard.

Take one portion of vinegar followed by mixing it with water of a similar ratio. Allow it for five minutes of minutes and let it mix appropriately. You can make use of warm water to get better outcomes.

Also, don’t forget to prepare a vast amount for your Nespresso coffee machine otherwise shortage can create a problem later on.

What are the steps prior to Descaling Nespresso Coffee Maker ?

  • This step is all about preparing the entire process. Just take the descaling kit and start the process after that. First, it’s time for preparing the coffee maker. Remember, the procedure might be a little bit of varied, based upon different models of the machine. That’s why it’s recommended to go through the manual in advance and always be extra careful while performing descaling.
  • It’s time to remove extra capsules (if any) from your machine. Also, you need to ensure that the specific capsule container becomes empty completely.
  • In this step, you need to arrange fresh water of sufficient quantity. Next, your work will be to place it into the specific water container followed by mixing it with an appropriate descaling solution. The vinegar solution will be used in this regard.
  • Don’t forget to search for the mixture amount that your coffee maker requires in the respective manual. You can also check for the information on the official Nespresso website.
  • Next, a container needs to be placed under the specific coffee outlet. Don’t forget to ensure that it accommodates up to one liter of water. Now, just turn on your coffee maker.

Explanation of the Main Process


Step 1

  • First, you need to start the descaling process by pushing one or multiple buttons. Actually, it depends upon the respective model that you have for Nespresso. When it comes to a VertuoLine, just hold one button. Pressing it for seven seconds will do the work.
  • On the contrary, when it comes to Inissia, Citiz, or Pixie, you’ll need to press a total of two flashing buttons. Remember, you must press the buttons for three seconds. Moreover, press all the buttons at once.
  • But, when it’s about Prodigio, you must press all three buttons for the duration of three seconds. So, be careful! Check your coffee maker model before pressing any button.

Step 2

It’s time to start the main procedure. The duration will be less than ten minutes. Moreover, some of the machines also need water refilling. So, take care of that as well. Don’t forget to place the respective solution once more after that followed by repeating the entire procedure.


Step 3

After completion of the running cycle, it’s time for rinsing water container. Next, your work will be pouring fresh water into the specific container. And then repeat the cycle one more time and allow for the next ten minutes. But, don’t add any vinegar solution this time.

Step 5

At last, it’s time for leaving the descaling mode. Just you need to press similar buttons whichever you pressed at the beginning phase. And one more thing, always use your Nespresso machine after letting it dry for minimum ten minutes after performing descaling.

Now, you know how to perform Descaling Nespresso with vinegar. Even you can use specific descaling kit to descale your Nespresso.

Some Points to Remember



Yes, you can descale your coffee maker with white vinegar. However, it should be done in a specific limit. Since the vinegar holds acetic acid as a key ingredient, using it more frequently without maintaining a proper gapping might be very harmful to the machine.



Moreover, the pipes will also more likely be affected along with the internal mechanism and leaks. That’s why a certain gap should be there between two descaling with vinegar.

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I hope this guide should help you to descale your favorite nespresso machine. Don’t forget to share this descaling guide with your friends.

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