How to clean a Bunn coffee maker

Are you looking for cleaning your bunn coffee maker but not aware of the procedure? Congrats! You have come to the right place. With this post, you can easily start cleaning your adorable coffee maker in no time. So, without any ado, let’s start the discussion.

How to clean a bunn coffee maker – A Brief Introduction

Take your single or multi-cup Bunn coffee maker and start its entire routine cleaning process while the unit is unplugged. It’s followed by running of the respective brew funnel as well as glass decanter via the dishwasher’s top rack on a periodic basis. And then, you need to clean the thermal carafes by making use of another process.

How to clean a Bunn Coffee Maker

How to clean a bunn coffee maker

What’s about the Routine Cleaning of bunn coffee maker?

It’s a must to wipe down your Bunn coffee maker per week. Start wiping down the coffee maker by using a damp cloth but first, it must be unplugged. And then, you need to allow the machine to cool properly.

What is Spray Head Lime Removal?

You might know that lime often starts building up due to water impurities present within the Bunn coffee maker. Prior to removing such buildups, it’s a must to unplug the coffee maker from the respective power source. Now, it’s time for detaching and cleaning specific spray head. And it should be done minimum once per two to four weeks.

It’s time to find out its spray head or drip on the below of the machine’s top part, just at the top of the place, where the particular decanter is present in times of the utilization.

Now, it’s time for detaching the respective spray head from that coffee maker. Just you need to unscrew the same with the help of the fingertips. It should be followed by setting the machine on the specific countertop or within a small dish so that you don’t lose the same.

Next, it’s time for inserting the probe, which has already come with the bunn coffee maker via the hole, which has been visible following the removal of its spray head. As a result, probe’s two inches will be remaining between the fingers.

Then, you must move its probe up as well as down via the hole around five or six times for removing any sort of crusty deposits.

Now, you need to thoroughly analyze the respective spray head for ensuring that its holes remain clog free. But, if it’s not, it’s time for inserting the toothpick’s small end into each and every hole carefully for removing or freeing up the buildups. Then, running cool water via its spray head after cleaning off the deposits will be the next work. It’s time to ensure that the deposits have been removed prior to screwing back its spray head into your coffee maker.

What is Hard Water Cleaning of bunn coffee maker?

You must clean your coffee maker once per three months in case hard water is used. It’s very important to note that hard water causes the buildups of magnesium and calcium within the coffee machine. The buildups affect the performance of the machine.

Now, it’s time to unplug your coffee machine from the power source. Then you need to set its decanter within the specific unit.

It’s time for adding distilled vinegar of one quart to the top of your coffee maker. When the vinegar stopped flowing via the specific funnel into its decanter, it’s time for emptying that decanter followed by setting back in the place.

Plugging the coffee machine back into the power source and allowing it for the duration of two hours will be the next task in the entire process. When it comes to the Velocity machines, you need to set your unit to the specific “Vacation” switch.

It’s time for unplugging the coffee maker again by leaving its funnel as well as decanter within it for catching the water whatever you pour via the same.

Next, it’s time for adding cold water of one quart to your machine and then allowing it to drain via into its decanter. Emptying the decanter followed by replacing the same will be the next work.

Now, you need to flow cold water of a second quart via the coffee machine. When the water would stop flowing, it’s time for emptying its decanter followed by setting it aside.

Detaching the respective spray head will be possible just by unscrewing it.

You need to grasp your coffee maker right on the bottom front part of its warming plate using one hand whereas using the second for accommodating the top segment of your coffee machine. It’s time for emptying remaining fluid (if any) into a sink. Remember, the water might come right from the water tank’s top part or right from its spray head while you start emptying the same.

Now, just reattach its spray head for which you need to screw in it. It’s time for pouring 6 to 8 further water quarts via the respective unit in the presence of its decanter as well as the brew funnel. Just start emptying its decanter once it fills.

At last, it’s a must to fulfill a taste test. It needs to be performed on the water that’s coming right from the respective brewer. But, if its taste is still vinegary, it’s essential to keep on rinsing water via the coffee machine as long as it doesn’t feature a vinegary taste.

What about the Clean Thermal Carafe of bunn coffee maker?

While it comes to cleaning a thermal carafe, you need to insert powdered dishwasher detergent of two tablespoons within a brew filter, present within the funnel. Next, it’s time for pouring water of one carafe into your coffee machine. Now, turning the coffee maker on will be the next work to enable hot water into its carafe.

Once gets completed, it’s time for discarding the brew filter. Next, let its decanter to be placed for the duration of 10 to 15 minutes by using the detergent-loaded water prior to clear within it by making use of a soft-bristle bottle brush for removing the coffee stains.

Next, you need to rinse properly using cold water prior to using. Cleaning the carafe lid following the removal of the respective brew-through valve will be the next work by using a quid alkaline-based detergent. At last, it’s time for rinsing thoroughly followed by reinstallation.

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