How to make orange juice with a blender

Do you know you can make amazing preparations with your blender? Have you ever tried to make orange juice with this appliance? Not yet? Then, it’s time to learn the process. And thus, you could be able to relish tasty, flavorful, and nutrient-rich orange juice in your comfort zone. So, without any further ado, let’s start the discussion.

How to make orange juice with a blender – Easy Steps

Step: 1 Collect the Ingredients

Ingredients are the basis of any recipe. And the same holds true for juices as well. So, it’s better to arrange ingredients in your kitchen in advance.

As a result, you can avoid the last-minute rush. So, what do you think? What are the ingredients of orange juice? Is it only oranges? That’s true!

However, you should remember that a blender chops up the ingredients completely whatever you’ll keep inside it. So, don’t forget to take seedless oranges only when it comes to preparing orange juice. Actually, seeds change the whole flavor and the taste gets deteriorated.

Moreover, seeds are also not healthy to consume. But, if there is no option available other than using oranges with a number of seeds. You must remove all the seeds before starting the juice-making process.

It is also worth noting that oranges are of different types and so as their different flavors. You can take seedless mandarin ones.

How to make orange juice with a blender

Step: 2 Prepare Your Ingredients

I hope you won’t want to blend the orange peels while preparing your orange juice, right? So, it’s very important to remove the peels from the oranges.

You can take five mandarin oranges for your first experiment of making orange juice in a blender. Once peeled, you should start checking for seeds in them. If seeds are there, start deseeding the oranges.

Step: 3 Start working with the Blender

Once you have peeled and deseeded your oranges, it is time to place the same in your blender. Remember, mandarins are filled with juice and so no extra water will be needed.

Orange juice

Step 4 Start Blending

Now, you need to start the blender to onset the juice-making process. Execute the traditional instructions that you should initiate with a slow speed and then enhance the speed.

Step: 5 It is tasting time

Take a spoon and start scooping out some amount of the mixture. Taste your experiment’s result. If you want, just pour a small amount of blended mixture in a glass. Take a sip and pat on your back.

But remember, you have just made a pulpy and thicker type of orange juice. Do you like the taste? Then, the process is completed here. You can serve your orange juice and relish with your family and friends. But, if you want to reduce its thickness, move on to the next step.

Step: 6Addition of Water

You already know that it is an optional step. If you want to make your juice more watery and less pulpy, add water in this stage.

Remember, the orange juice is already enough sweet. That means the addition of a little amount of water won’t change the flavor completely. Moreover, additional water to your juice will balance out the quantity of pulp and liquid.

Some Important Tips about How to make orange juice with a blender

Always add a small amount of water only. Don’t blend too much. Don’t forget to taste the mixture.

Remember, you can add water, as per your taste and need, but you can’t take it out once you add. But, definitely, there is a way to cope up with the watery juice. Just add another orange to balance out the extra water.

Orange Juice Smoothie

Do you like to make orange juice smoothie? Then, why not add a cup of the same and keep on blending until the mixture gets smooth. Thus, you can relish a delicious smoothie at your comfort zone.

Step: 7The Filtering Process

Have you completed blending all of your oranges? Then, you can start separating the pulp from the juice. Take a strainer over a spacious bowl and start pouring the thick mixture.

The orange pulp will get obstructed in the strainer itself. And you will get plain orange juice. If needed, take help of a spoon to extract as much juice as possible from the pulpy mixture through the strainer.

Do you want to get the juice directly in a glass?

Then, you can keep a funnel and keep the strainer over it. It’s better if you can do this step in the kitchen sink. Thus, you’ll face less mess later on.

Already squeezed juice from the pulpy mixture? Now, place the pulp in a container. Remember, you should repeat the extraction process until you think all juices have been properly extracted.

How to make orange juice in a blender

Step: 8It’s time to relish your Orange Juice

Congrats! You have made it successfully. Now, it’s time for tasting your efforts. However, you can less amount of juice from the whole process. But, anyway, just concentrate on tasting.

What about the Orange Pulp?

Maybe you don’t want pulp in your juice. That’s okay, but you shouldn’t miss storing the same to use later on. You can add this ingredient as a flavoring agent in various recipes.

Wrapping Up

Do you want your orange juice with lots of pulp? Then, you can surely use your blender. If your oranges are excessively juicy and sweet, don’t mind adding some water to make a well-balanced beverage. But, you need to do some work for sure.

However, you can make a pulp-free or less pulpy orange juice with your blender. But, that would cost you a lot of efforts. And you might not want to get less amount of juice after investing so much perspiration.

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