How to Clean Keurig Mini Coffee Machine

Are you looking for the proper cleaning strategy of your Keurig Mini coffee maker? Congrats! It’s the right place you’ve been reached. This post is dedicated to some simple-to-follow steps by which you can clean your adorable coffee maker. So, without any ado, let’s start the discussion.

An Introduction in Brief

A Keurig Mini is a brilliantly-designed and feature-rich coffee maker. But, to maintain its working condition and improve its longevity, you need to clean it properly on a daily basis. However, both the inside and outside of the coffee machine should be cleaned.

It’s a must to clean the drip tray, exterior, cup holder, and the interior portions of the machine. And thus you can make sure to brew delicious coffees from your Keurig Mini coffee maker.

How to Clean a Keurig Mini Coffee Machine

How to clean Keurig Mini Coffee Machine

How to clean the Exterior as well as the Drip Tray?

Follow and implement the following steps to
clean your machine’s exterior and drip tray:

of the Coffee Maker:
When it comes to cleaning your coffee maker,
you must unplug it first. Thus, you can easily set it apart or move it to some
other place.

Removal of
the Drip Tray:

Your coffee machine’s drip tray is present under the spout and on the front segment of the Keurig Mini coffee maker.

tray is a crucial part while it comes to setting your coffee cup during coffee
brewing. In order to remove it, sliding the same in your direction will be the
task. But, at the same time, you must maintain the level while holding the
remaining part of the coffee maker in place.

its drip tray might accommodate liquid within it, as it’s there for holding
spills as well as overflows. So, don’t forget this point in times of its

Wiping down its Drip Tray over a sink using a damp rag: clean keurig mini

It’s time for pouring out liquids (if any) from the
tray. Next, you need to wipe the entire surfaces, such as the interior
accommodating excess liquid. In most of the scenarios, wiping down this part
frequently means an easy cleaning by using a damp

if its drip tray is specifically dirty, dish soap can be used for its cleaning.
Apply soap to the sponge or rag followed by wiping down its drip tray. At last,
just rinse off using warm water.

Reinsertion of the Drip Tray and Wiping Down the Coffee Maker: clean keurig mini

cleaning of its drip tray, it’s time to reinsert it. For which, you need to
just push back the same into your machine.

its level and pushing it properly means it should pop perfectly into place.
Whenever its drip tray comes back in its place, you can start using a sponge or
damp rag. It should be followed by wiping down the entire exterior.

Cleaning its outside along with the
drip tray frequently:

You should perform this cleaning process at least on a weekly basis in case you’re making use of your Keurig Mini coffee maker daily. Thus, you can prevent the overflowing of its drip tray. Moreover, you can also ensure the cleanliness and beauty of your coffee maker.

Cleaning of the Cup Area as well as the Removable Water Reservoir

the cup area, where the K-cups are inserted for the brewing purpose. You can
open the same by lifting its handle, present atop the front part of your coffee

times of lifting its handle, its top segment would open up. As a result, the
cup holder would get exposed. While open, it’s time for pulling its plastic cup
holder out of your coffee machine straightforwardly.

In case you’re having a proper hold, the
respective cup holder will more likely be popping out of your machine.

Apart its Cup Holder

Actually, the cup holder has come in two
parts, which you can pull apart after their removal from the coffee machine.
Remember, its funnel is there at the bottom part whereas its cup piece is
there at the top part. These two pieces should be pulled apart with only gentle

Cleaning out of its drip area using a

small hole is there from which your coffee actually drips through. It’s there
at the bottom part of the cup holder and it’s known as the needle. You should
clean it out properly to save it from clogging. It’s because clogging can make
the machine malfunctioned.

up a paper clip followed by poking its end via the hole will be the next task.
Thus, you can easily remove all the buildups. However, various tools are
available that you can purchase for cleaning out this tiny hole. But, it’s okay
to use a paperclip only.

Rinsing and Reassembling the Cup

cleaning out the respective needle, it’s time for rinsing the two parts of its
cup holder with warm yet clean water. After getting cleaned, putting back the
two parts of its cup holder together.

you need to reinsert its cup holder into your coffee machine. The cup holder
should pop into its place comparatively easily. However, it’s also possible to
close as well as open the machine’s cup holder portion. Thus, you can make sure
that its cup holder has been inserted properly.

Cleaning the Water Reservoir (in case of the Keurig Mini coffee maker has come with a removable Water Reservoir): How to clean keurig mini

of the Keurig Mini coffee makers, including the Mini Plus are featured with a removable
water reservoir. When it comes to its cleaning, pulling it up straight and
turning off the coffee maker will be the next task.

just wash the inside and outside of your coffee maker using a little amount of
soap and sponge. Don’t forget to rinse out it properly to clean the soap
residue (if any) after wiping down.

if your coffee maker doesn’t come with a removable water reservoir, you need to
descale the inside area of the coffee maker. As a result, the reservoir area
will also get cleaned.

Cleaning of the Cup Holder as well as the water reservoir every one or two

Remember, you don’t need to clean
the cup holder and the water reservoir as frequently as its drip tray. But,
it’s better to clean these parts on a daily basis.

Do you make use of your Keurig Mini coffee maker regularly? Then, cleaning of its water reservoir and its cup holder in every two to three weeks will be the result. But, if you use your machine less frequently, such parts can be cleaned once in a month only.

It’s okay if you hardly remember to
clean out your machine’s reservoir and cup area. You can do it in times of
cleaning out your drip tray and in times of wiping down its exterior. Actually,
proper cleaning on a frequent basis will boost the coffee taste.

Now, you’re familiar with the steps of cleaning your Keurig Mini coffee machine. So, what are you waiting for now? Do start cleaning your nespresso machine as soon as possible.