Descaling Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee Machine – How To

Do you own a coffee machine? So, you’ve already realized that this device is no less than a miracle. Since coffee makers do a lot of things on a daily basis to keep you refreshed and relaxed, you need to be aware of the descaling method. Let’s check the process for descaling nespresso vertuoline.

descaling Nespresso vertuoline

What is Descaling?

Do you know a cup of coffee means almost 99% of water? And that’s why water is among the essential elements for brewing a delicious cup of coffee.

As a result, each and every water element, including magnesium and calcium come in contact with the coffee machine. These minerals slowly start storing as limescale on the heating element of the coffeemaker.

Descaling is an important procedure to remove such storage from the coffee machine. Actually, “hard” water puts more damaging effects due to the high content of calcium and magnesium. A coffee maker’s heating elements can’t be visible and so high amounts of minerals start building up without your knowledge.

How often does it need?

You should be aware of the interval of your coffee machine’s descaling process. Actually, it depends upon how much you make use of your coffee maker. The hardness of the water in your locality is also a considerable factor.

A sigh of relief is that most of the coffee or espresso machine now comes with a specific indicator for displaying the need for descaling. But, if your machine doesn’t equip with an indicator, you should descale it minimum once every two months.

Steps to descaling nespresso vertuoline

Prior to starting descaling nespresso vertuoline, you must unplug the device followed by plugging it in again. Let’s take a look at the steps below:

  • Remove Capsules (if any): First, open the lid and start ejecting already used capsules from the respective pod bay. Also, turn the knob to “unlocked.”
  • Clean its drip tray as well as used capsules: It’s time to remove the machine’s drip tray followed by opening it. Now, just drain all the water from it. Also, clean out used capsules (if any) within the particular capsule tank.
  • Start Filling the Water Tank: It’s time for filling its water tank with clean water (500 ml) followed by adding a packet of Nespresso descaling solution. Also, you can make use of citric acid as one of the natural descalers.
  • Turn on Nespresso Vertuoline followed by entering to Descaling Mode: Now, you need to lock the coffee maker. Turn on the machine followed by unlocking and closing the same.

Once it starts pre-heating, the button would start flashing and then become solid. After it gets solid, it’s time for pressing and holding the respective button for a minimum of 7 seconds. As a result, you’ll enter the descaling mode.

And then, you’ll have a total of 45 seconds for initiating the descaling procedure. Next, you need to lock the coffee maker followed by unlocking it. Now, it’s time for pressing and holding the respective button once again for a minimum of 7 seconds.

In this step, a large cup (hold at least 20 ounces) should be placed under the machine’s nozzle. Wait until it drains into the respective vessel.

  • Rinse out everything: At one point, water will be emptied completely. Then, you need to remove and properly rinse out the machine’s water tank as well as drip tray completely.

Now, fill the water tank again more than half with water. It’s time to place that into your coffee machine. Now, lock it followed by pressing the button again. As a result, the water will be rinsed via the coffee maker.

  • Exit the Descaling Mode: At last, you need to press and hold the specific button once more for a minimum of 7 seconds. As a result, the button will become solid after flashing for some time.
  • Let Your Coffee Machine Dry: This process is very simple. Just let the machine to rest for around 20 minutes. And voila! It’s ready to be used again.

The process of descaling nespresso vertuoline is quite straightforward. It’s time to implement these steps.

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