How to make a slushie with a blender

Do you want to relish a delightful frozen delicacy in scorching summer days? Then, you should definitely learn how to make a slushie with a blender. Some basic ingredients are needed to make a perfect summer treat.

Does your kitchen have sugar, ice, food coloring, flavoring, and a blender? Then, it’s just a matter of some time to prepare the slushie.

Different types of flavorings are available for slushies. You can opt for your favorite ones, such as Kool Aid or slushie syrup. You can also visit your nearby grocery shop to find some unique flavors for your slushie.

Some well-known flavors in this regard include fuzzy peach, strawberry, banana, pineapple, etc. It’s also possible to make use of soda or juice. It’s very important to add flavoring in a proper amount. It’s because, in times of blending with ice, some flavor will get diluted. A slushie can be a great surprise drink for your kids.

How to make a slushie with a blender

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and procedure of preparing a slushie at your comfort zone.


Sugar: One cup

Water: Two cups

Ice: Two cups

Flavored Extract: 1 1/2 teaspoons

Coloring: Five to ten drops

How to make a slushie with a blender


Start the slushie making process by dissolving the sugar in water. The quantities are already in the ingredients. The slushy won’t contain sugar grains if you dissolve it prior to the preparation. Take entire water into a bowl and add entire sugar to it. Keep on stirring as long as you’re not seeing sugar grains separately.

It’s time for adding flavor as well as color. Do you want to make the traditional slushie? Then, don’t forget to mix your preferred flavored extract (1 1/2 teaspoons) to it. You can opt for flavors like coconut, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, raspberry, etc.

Now, add food coloring (five drops). You can add more if you want. Now, stir the mixture properly with a spoon. Do you want to add a bit more coloring in the mixture? Just do that. The same thing applies to the flavored extract as well.

Are you looking for relishing soda-flavored slushies? Then, you need to refrigerate your preferred soda. As a result, you will get ice cubes. Soda-flavored slushies need just the replacement of ice and water with soda ice cubes and cold soda respectively. Don’t add sugar in this process.

Don’t have flavored extract in your kitchen? or Don’t have enough time to buy it? You can replace it with Kool-Aid powder. Just use one packet of it in place of food coloring as well as flavor.

It’s time for blending the sugar water after adding two cups of ice. Start pouring the mixture into your blender followed by adding whole ice cubes (take two cups). Remember to take a powerful blender if you want to blend the ice cubes. Thus, you can get the traditional consistency of the slushie.

Tip: You can grind some ice cubes with your blender before diving into the actual process. Thus, you can test the actual strength of your blender. If you’re not getting perfectly grounded ice, it’s better to opt for some other procedure.

Do you want to make your slushie thinner? Then, it’s time to add an extra half cup of water. But, if you want to relish a thicker slushie with icier consistency, you should alleviate water by a half cup.

Some Helpful Questions and Answers – Slushie Recipe

What is the process of freezing slushie?

You should store the slushie in your freezer for a minimum of two hours. The main goal is to freeze it perfectly. If you want, just keep on checking it every thirty minutes. Once your slushie reaches your preferred texture, prepare it for serving.

What can be the substitute for food color?

It’s possible to use soda or juice by substituting food coloring as well as flavoring extract. Coloring is just for a vibrant appearance. So, it won’t contribute to the taste of your slushie. Remember, coloring is completely optional and you can avoid it if you want.

Which type of sugar will go best with slushie?

You should use regular sugar.

Is it possible to add fruit in place of food coloring?

Definitely, you can do that. As you already know food coloring is only added for the appearance, you can add substitute it with the fruit. But, remember, the slushie texture can get changed after adding the fruit. Still, you can add it.

Is it possible to store the slushie overnight but without melting?

Definitely, it is possible. Just you need to refrigerate the slushie rather than storing it in the freezer. You’ll get a perfectly cold slushie without getting melt.

Now, you’re well aware of the steps of how to make a slushie with a blender. It’s time to make it, enjoy it and have a soothing feeling.

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