How to make cantaloupe juice in a blender

It is very unfortunate that cantaloupe might not be getting enough respect that it should get. This fruit is rich in a lot of great nutritional benefits.

You might know that adding fruits in the diet is very beneficial for our health. The same thing is applicable to cantaloupe or musk melon. It is a decent choice for the goodness of health.

This post is dedicated to the preparation process of cantaloupe juice. But, first, it’s important to know the benefits of this fruit.

How to make cantaloupe juice

Benefits of cantaloupe juice

Beta Carotene: Cantaloupe is rich in this compound. Do you know this fruit has more beta carotene than grapefruit, peaches, nectarines, mangoes, oranges, etc? Cantaloupe and carrots have the same amount of beta carotene.

Beta carotene is extremely beneficial for our body. This powerful antioxidant helps to combat free radicals. That means you can stay safe from the attacks in your cells.

Vitamin C: Cantaloupe is also loaded with vitamin C. According to research, vitamin C helps to produce collagen in cartilage, bones, muscle, and blood vessels.

Additional studies are needed to prove the effectiveness of this vitamin in combatting various diseases, such as cancer, asthma, etc.

Folate: Cantaloupe is also a repository of folate or vitamin B-9. It is believed to alleviate the risk of certain cancers. Moreover, this component also helps to combat memory loss resulted by aging although more research is needed in this regard.

Water: Cantaloupe comes with a lot of water content, almost 90%. That means you can remain hydrated by consuming this fruit. Proper hydration is very important for our heart health. Moreover, proper hydration is also needed for healthy kidneys, proper blood pressure, and digestion process.

How to make cantaloupe juice in a blender

How to make cantaloupe juice in a blender

Do you know melon juice works as a great refreshment option when it comes to summer or scorching days?

Consumption of melon juice will provide you with an instant energy dosage. Moreover, you’ll also get a rich amount of nutrients plus liquids in the post-workout period. You can also serve this beverage when your kids come back to home after playing outside.

You must take fresh melons (with seeds) of the season to make this juice. It’s worth noting that the seeds include a sort of nutty and refreshing flavor if you add lemon juice to it.

Undoubtedly, you’ll have a feeling of refreshment on an instant basis. And thus, you’ll get a soothing experience in the scorching days of summer. You can serve cantaloupe juice accompanied by some other preparation to make a post-school snack for your kids.

Cantaloupe juice belongs to the continental cuisine and definitely, it is a vegetarian diet. Take your blender to make the juice.

Make Plain Cantaloupe Juice

Start the process by removing the bottom and top parts of a full ripe cantaloupe. Now, it’s time to remove the outer rind of this fruit. Don’t remove the actual fruit much in times of peeling. Cut the cantaloupe into half. Don’t forget to remove seeds. Start making small pieces of cantaloupe by chopping it.

Now, add the pieces to your blender with one cup of water. Start blending at the highest speed. Keep adding more water on a slow pace until you’ll be getting a juice-like texture.

Do you want to make it sweeter? Then, add your preferred sweetener, as per your taste. Now, refrigerate your cantaloupe juice. Serve as it is or by adding with ice. Thus, you can make around four cups of fresh cantaloupe juice.

Flavorful Cantaloupe Juice


Cantaloupe: Half of the fruit

Frozen Mango: Half cup

Vanilla Almond Milk: One cup

Water: Half cup


First, you need to scoop the cantaloupe and add to your blender. Don’t forget to remove its gooey seeds before taking into the blender.

Now, it’s time to add frozen mango and vanilla almond milk. Add required amount of water. Keep on blending until you get a smooth mixture.

Take serving glasses and pour the mixture gently. Relish fresh and nutrient-rich cantaloupe juice with your near and dear ones.


It’s better to retain the pulp in your juice to keep all the nutrients and fibers. But, if you look for liquid texture, just strain the liquid with a strainer and serve it instantly.

Quick Cantaloupe Juice

Do you want to make a quick-fix cantaloupe juice? Then, follow the recipe below:

Cantaloupe: Half of the fruit (don’t forget to peel, seed, and cube the fruit)

Milk: 3/4 cup

White Sugar: 1 tablespoon (you can avoid it)


Add cantaloupe cubes to your blender. And then, keep on adding milk and sugar.

It’s time to cover the blender and blend it as long as you’re getting a smooth consistency.

You can choose any of the processes, as per your preference.

I hope you’re now clear with the cantaloupe juice-making. It’s time to start planning and making the juice to get a nutritional boost for your health.

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