Magic Bullet vs Vitamix

Exploring the world of cooking is something that is never tiresome. Using the appropriate kitchen appliances is a must to achieve the spot on dish. Blenders have become a primary need in kitchen as it is easy to handle and less space consuming. New age blending techniques gave rise to multiples blenders in market. Evaluating the top blender is the objective.

Having so many blenders in the market, it raises the confusion of buying the right one. Various points to consider would be motor power, speed, quality of the blend etc. To make the decision easier, let’s compare magic bullet blender and Vitamix blender to arrive at an honest conclusion of which one to choose.

Magic Bullet Vs Vitamix  Overall comparison

Magic Bullet Blenders

  • Up to 0.335 HP motor
  • 2000 max RMPs
  • Dish washer safe
  • Multiple cups included
  • Cook book included
  • Various options for colors

Vitamix Blenders

  • Up to 2HP motor
  • 37000 max RMPs
  • Dish washer safe
  • Multiple containers included
  • Various controls for superior blending quality

Blenders are most commonly used for blending items in small portions to serve 1 or more persons. It can used to blend veggies, fruits, crush ice, make solid dips (hummus, mayonnaise etc.)

Vitamix Vs Nutribullet

Nutribullet RX vs Vitamix 5200

NameProduct LinkWattageCapacityWarranty
Nutribullet RX1700 watts45 ounceOne Year
Vitamix 52001400 watts64 Ounce7 Years

magic bullet vs vitamix

Which Blender is better? – Vitamix or Magic Bullet

Blender/ModelHP (motor)BladesContainer SizeUnique FeaturePrice Guide
Magic bullet0.335 HP2 stainless steel Cross blade and flat blade18 oz. tall cup, 12 oz. small cupIdeal for small servings and easy to cleanLow
Vitamix2 HP4 stainless steel laser cut blades64 oz.Can bring frosty items to hot in short timeHigh

Which blender blends the best? Magic Bullet vs Vitamix

The magic bullet blender is visibly less powerful than the Vitamix blender. The blades of magic ninja are comparatively less sharp that the Vitamix and therefore activities like crushing ice and better blending uniformity are poorer.

Vitamix blender has a high and low speed option on its blender which helps in maintaining the desired consistency. It also has a tamper option which is used in case of frozen fruits, crushing ice and other solid items.

Magic bullet on the other hand only has an on and off option added to its blender. With no other controlling options, a constant personal supervision is required to attain the necessary output.

Quality and variety are the crucial points to consider while deciding the right blender. Given the above comparison, Vitamix clearly provides better quality and various textures. With better capacity and high RMPs, Vitamix blender provides a significantly better result.

Winner – Vitamix Blender

Comparing the power

Vitamix runs on 2 HP motor. With over 3700 RMPs it assures ultimate quality or the output needed. Speed modification is an added advantage as it helps in achieving various consistencies based purees and smoothies.

Magic bullet however operates on 0.335 HP motor which is drastically less powerful in comparison to Vitamix. Less power means more time consuming and poor blending capabilities. It can blend the ingredients but cannot reach the standard of Vitamix. Therefore, Vitamix is at advantage here.

Winner – Vitamix Blender

The container options

Magic bullet has two types of containers 18 oz. tall cup, 12 oz. small cup. The containers are made of plastic. Unfit to sustain extreme temperatures, it cannot be used to turn cold items to blend or make it hot. It looks sub-standard when compared to decent looking glass jar. However, plastic jars are lighter and can be handled easily. As the containers are small, these can be used for serving only a single person.

Coming to Vitamix it has 4 jars, 64 ounce, 48 ounce, 32 ounce and another 32 ounce container. These are specifically used for distinctive purposes. All the jars are made of glass and can sustain any temperatures. The jars are big and can support more than 2 servings or 2 persons. The containers are sturdy and are safe to operate as it locks itself in the lever.

It is clear that Vitamix is the better one.

Winner – Vitamix Blender

Which blender is easy to use?

Magic bullet blender only has an on and off button which isn’t difficult to control. The blender in itself is self explanatory with no further requirements such as sample manual.

Whereas Vitamix has high and low buttons along with a tamper button for high temperature ingredients. The blender is refined when it comes to usage and extremely customer friendly.

Even with higher controls than magic bullet, Vitamix is easy to use and satisfies varied blending needs without any constraints.

Winner – Vitamix Blender

Which is easier to keep clean?

Magic bullet comes with plastic jar as specified earlier which is light weighted and dish wash safe. Getting cut and fear of breaking it is nil. However, plastic isn’t a safe option for long lasting use. If not cleaned properly it may result in contamination. Usage of glass is much healthier than plastic

Vitamix comes with glass containers which are again dish washer safe. The jar stay sterilized if used in the right manner.

Winner – Magic Bullet Blender

Price Comparison

Magic bullet blenders are comes around $50. Even if you go with higher end magic bullet blender ( like magic bullet nutribullet Rx) that will cost you maximum $150.

But when you goes for lower end vitamix blender it will cost you around $300 and higher end vitamix blender will cost you around $1000. According to price Magic bullets is clearly winner.

Vitamix blender is perfect if you want to blend some heavy stuff like ice. If you are searching for a regular blender for you daily protein shake like stuff then goes with magic bullet.

Winner – Magic Bullet Blender

Keeping the above comparisons in mind, Vitamix is superior in all aspects and should be chosen one.