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Introduction to Breville Barista Express

The Breville Barista Express produces a fast yet fresh espresso by combining a range of some unique features and functionalities – perfect for a delicious cup of coffee.

Owing to the built-in coffee grinder, preset shot features, the easy dosing, and the steam wand of the professional level, this amazing coffee maker enables you to have a perfect shot of coffee just like your favorite coffeehouse.

Moreover, the easy-to-use cleaning functionalities and the need for minimal clean-up ranging from the water tank to the drip tray will help you easily brew your coffee easily and efficiently.

Breville Barista Express

Features in Breville Barista Express

Breville Barista Express has come with a built-in grinder and thus this machine has become an all-inclusive brewer.

Owing to the stainless steel conical burrs and the 16 grind settings, this coffee maker provides options and quality alike and thus you can fine-tune your grind to get your exact preferences. This machine provides single, double, and manual dosing options.

You can effortlessly remove its hopper that enables you to offload the unused beans (if any) back into an air-tight container to maintain their freshness.

This machine comes in an attractive design that you’ll like to show off to your friends and relatives.  Not only the design but the features of Breville Barista Express are impressive as well. It’s an ideal machine to have a high-quality espresso at one’s comfort zone.

Ranging from a professional top-notch design with brushed stainless steel, this coffee machine has been built to turn heads. It can also act as a centerpiece of any kind of modern kitchen. The top-class features and functionalities will sharpen your barista skills.

Breville Barista Express has come with portafilter along with more than one basket through which you could brew single and double shots. On the contrary, steam wand and manual dosing option enable you to modify your brewing style as long as you have the perfect shot of coffee and cream.

Owing to the 360-degree control plus an amazingly quick 30-second warm up, this coffee machine would enable you to steam your milk like a professional.

Cleaning has made easy with Breville Barista Express. The easy-to-use filtration system and removable water tank plus a built-in “clean me” light and cleaning tables have made its cleaning fast and superbly easy.

Its drip tray features an “Empty Me!” pop up indicator for whenever it is full and the tray removal process is easy as a breeze. That means less time in maintenance and more time in enjoyment.

Additionally, the grinder and the brewer are present on the same drip tray that means all of the brewing processes is located in one, easy-to-clean spot.

This coffee machine is featured with a great water capacity and size. You know the water capacity of 2 liter/67 fluid ounces is an extremely convenient size. In case you prefer larger than the average shot of coffee, this model along with most of the home models won’t go over but here the topic is espresso, not Americanos. So, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Features that I like in Breville Barista Express – Breville Barista Express Review

Like Breville BES870XL, this coffee maker offers 19-22 g dose for full flavor. Many times we wonder why our home-made coffee never tastes like the coffeehouse one. The reason is that most of the authentic coffee machines dose only 11-13 g of ground coffee that’s not sufficient to create the full-bodied, rich taste that you look for. But luckily, it’s not the case with Breville Barista Express.

The difference between an ashy and balanced-tasting espresso can be as small as 33.8° F. Its Infuser makes use of the digital temperature control or PID technology that can detect and minimize any type of fluctuation in times of extraction that makes sure that the temperature is controlled at its optimum range, always.

Now, creating a golden honey cream in your coffee has become a breeze with this incredible coffee maker. Actually, this technique needs the correct pressure at the correct time. The Infuser of this machine uses low pressure and pre-infusion methods to evenly soak as well as expand the ground coffee. The result is a creamy and sweet extraction.

In order to have a great velvety texture in your milk, you require the correct steam pressure for drawing in the air and creating a lot of small bubbles. So, this coffee maker has come with the manual steam wand for its Infuser. It can convert your milk into a smooth and silky micro-foam – needed for latte art.

Cons of Breville Barista Express

The Breville Barista Express holds a little bit of a learning curve and its free tamper is a little bit of too light. But, we can easily neglect these shortcomings after going through its amazing features and benefits.


The breville barista express review was an effort to introduce this amazing coffee machine to all coffee aficionados. Breville Barista Express is the perfect machine for home usage – if you want to consistently prepare delicious coffee without going outside.

This incredible coffee machine would help you become a great barista and I recommend this machine for all average coffee buffs out there. Actually, this Breville Barista Express is an amalgamation of convenience, coffee making capability, and price.

So, if you want to relish your coffee cup in your comfort zone, buy Breville Barista Express today or you can check out Breville Oracle Touch and find out the most suitable one to sharpen your barista skills.