Things to do and don’t when remodeling a Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen can be a hectic stuff unless you have a proper knowledge and guide. In this post I’m going to share some essential things you should and you shouldn’t do during kitchen Makeover.

Points to keep in mind during Kitchen Makeover


After bathroom, the kitchen the most expensive area to renovate. With the different types of laborers (plumbers, electricians etc), materials, times and there are many more things going on in a small space. According to rule from your total home valuation invest 10 percentage money in your kitchen.

There are many different things goes into the kitchen, when you try to add more customized features. As a full fledge kitchen cabinet installation can cost you around $20000. So before start renovating kitchen, draw a rough estimation cost of renovation process. Good thing is, Kitchen renovation process cost you lesser than a new kitchen installation.


Lifestyle is describing your kitchen types clearly. Like whether you want to use your kitchen to entertain guests or you want to get perfect natural light into your kitchen or you want to use your kitchen to function. These are the some important things that you should ask your kitchen designer before starting renovation process.

Interior Designer

An interior designer can help you see the actual picture before renovation. So through designer eyes you can get a complete idea of the renovation process and what will be final result. So always hire a interior designer before doing any renovation work. Having a interior designer for your project mean you will get whole layout ideas, total electric connections, lighting and many more. Even through layout in varios ways you can adjust your kitchen cabinet, appliances according to your need.


Set a timeframe. Ask your kitchen designer and contractor a time mean how much days they need to complete the renovation process. Having a timeframe mean you will see faster work. Less time frame means less labor cost. So always set a time frame whether you renovate your kitchen, bathroom or home.  


Get the best you can afford. If you want install appliances perfectly, then they need to be planned from the beginning. Oven, under counter wine fridge, built in coffee maker, dishwasher should be placed perfectly. Otherwise it will mess your kitchen design.

Don’t do this during kitchen renovation

Never buy cheap appliances

Cheap appliances might save few dollars for you. But cheap appliances always bad in terms of longevity and durability. So don’t wastes you’re hard earn money on purchasing cheap appliances. Invest money on good quality appliances I can assure you will get better result.

Never buy fragile appliances

Sometime we purchase too much fancy appliances for our kitchen.  Which over the time become fragile. So don’t overlook your kitchen appliances durability. Not only focus on kitchen appliances but also focused on kitchen cabinet materials.

Never choose appliances last in the process of makeover

Choose your needed appliances first then design your kitchen renovation work. Sometime odd appliances size makes your kitchen design hazard.

These are the few do and don’t while renovating kitchen. I hope this post will help you to organize your kitchen renovation process. If you had any query you can leave message in the below comment section.

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