How to make a milkshake in a blender

Do you want to prepare delicious, lip-smacking milkshake? Yes? Then, you have come to the perfect place. This post is dedicated to the recipe of the same. Moreover, you will also get a lot of other useful tips and tricks. So, without any delay, let’s start the discussion.

How to Make Milkshake in a Blender

Don’t think preparing milkshake is a tricky or cumbersome task. It’s just about balancing of all ingredients. So, if you add ingredients in proper quantities, you can expect to end up serving tasty glasses of milkshake.

Don’t forget to keep the correct base of the milkshake. Definitely, you can make use of your preferred flavoring substances. However, taking help of some useful tricks will help you to ace the entire preparation.

How to make milkshake in a Blender

What about the Milk Quantity

Are you thinking of using a lot of milk to your shake? Sorry! But, you’re not on the right track. It might be a homemade shake but you just should add at most a fewer ounces of milk. Otherwise, you need to get ready to taste milkshake of runny consistency.

On the contrary, the addition of limited milk can make it difficult to consume at first. But, since it has ice cream as the ingredient, you will soon get a favored consistency. You can prefer to have thicker milkshakes.

Don’t think about adding ice to your milkshakes ever. Moreover, you should also dilute the combination of ice cream and milk. As a result, you can reduce the creaminess of this mixture. Just use frozen water in this regard. Do you have a lot of ice in your kitchen? You can make smoothies with the same.

Which Ice cream should you use?

You can prefer to make use of vanilla ice cream.

Are you looking for preparing a strawberry or chocolate or some other flavored shakes?

Just go for vanilla ice cream, as it will go well with all of those flavors. Just you need to add chocolate syrup or cookie crumbles in case of chocolate shakes.

Remember, other ice cream flavors can make milkshakes excessively sweet. So, using vanilla flavor means getting the correct taste for your milkshake.

You might know that milkshakes are one of the very popular desserts in America. There is no doubt that such desserts are incredibly refreshing and cool. Their balanced sweetness and amazing taste with proper consistency can make a boring day special. Are you a sweet buff? Then, milkshakes can make an ideal dessert option for you to appease your soul.

With the simple-to-follow recipe below, you can expect to make a delightful milkshake at your comfort zone. Do you have ice cream on your kitchen? There, you have already crossed the halfway. Just execute the steps properly and surprise your family and friends.

How to prepare Milkshake at Your Home with a blender ?


Milk: One-third cup of milk. It is possible to take 2% of whole milk.

Ice Cream: One and a half cups of ice cream. You already know that vanilla flavor can make a brilliant base. You can use it for most of the milkshakes. Else, you’re free to use chocolate or some other flavor.

Chocolate syrup, chopped banana, peanut butter, etc can be used as ingredients to make your milkshake more delightful. You can also use butterscotch chips.

And definitely, you’d need a blender. Do you have an immersion blender? You can use it. Or, you can also use a classic stand blender.


Step-1: Start combining with the Ingredients

First, add all ingredients to the blender. Do you want to get the best results? Then, add the milk first. Thus, the blender can fast blend the ingredients.

Don’t forget to soften the ice cream before using. If you don’t do that, you might need to add more amount of milk later on. As a result, you will get thinner milkshake than what you’d actually get.

Step-2: It’s time to start blending until you’re getting the desired consistency. You should get a perfectly balanced milkshake- not too runny or not too hard. Definitely, you can customize the texture, as per your choice.

Do you want to get a thicker milkshake? Then, you need to use less amount of milk. Otherwise, you should use more amount of milk.

Step-3: Serve the Shake

It’s time for serving milkshake to chilled glasses. You can use whipped cream as a topping. How about using sugary cereal atop the milkshake? Do you want to add some dash of colors? Just go for rainbow sprinkles at the top.

It’s the recipe of a fundamental milkshake. You can also add some ingredients to make it as per your preference, such as low-fat milkshake, lemon milkshake, etc.

I hope you have got a lot of insights into milkshake preparation with a lot of other helpful information.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan for preparing milkshake and satisfy the sweet tooth of yours’ and the near and dear ones.’

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