Vitamix 5200 Review

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If you want to use a superior blender, then the Vitamix 5200 review of this post will help you. It is a top-notch blender with cutting-edge features and functionalities. Moreover, this appliance features a DVD so that you can use the blender with the ace and ease. Hence, it is time to know more about this feature-loaded blender.

Vitamix 5200 Review

Do you want to streamline the process of making your day-to-day meals? Then, the Vitamix 5200 is your one-stop solution. It can prepare every serving of food apart from breakfast only. As a result, it can blend ingredients with great efficiency, simplicity, and quality. Moreover, heating soups with the 5200 blender is a breeze.

Vitamix 5200 review

What Will You Get In the Product Box?

The Vitamix 5200 range comes with four versions. The package of all these blenders features the cutting-edge design to cater to the requirements of individual users. You can opt for your preferred option from compact, deluxe, super, and standard packages.

All these four versions come with the following elements in their boxes:

  • The blender motor and base are there. It sports an inbuilt cooling fan, a retractable cord, and thermal protection.
  • Moreover, a brilliant 64oz blender container is also there. That means you can make meals for big portions with ease. It comes with a vented lid & spill-proof design. Also, it sports stainless steel blades along with the laser cut.
  • A great cookbook of whole food recipes will help you make delectable, healthy meals.
  • A printed guide as well as a DVD version to get your journey started with this blender.
  • It also sports a tamper to ease the blending process for ingredients that can stick to the blender’s side. Such ingredients include frozen desserts or peanut butter. The product also comes with a warranty.

The Vitamix 5200 standard package comes with the aforementioned items.

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Vitamix 5200 Features, Pros and Cons

Motor & Horsepower:

The 5200 comes with a powerful motor of 2 horsepower. A great efficiency made this blender capable of heating soup. However, this process can take around six minutes. Moreover, top-notch variable speed and some additional high-speed features are also there to control the blender with ease. That means you can control various things in this blender with some clicks.

Easy To Clean:

The cleaning process of the Vitamix 5200 is extremely easy. You just need to do a quick rinse of this machine at the highest speed using the mixture of soap and lukewarm water. You can bid adieu to the dishwasher.

Noise & Space:

You already know that the 5200 comes with a 2-horsepower motor. That means its operation is loud. When it comes to space, it is not possible to store this blender within a cabinet when attached to the jar. If storage is a requirement, then you can store the jar in an adjacent manner along with the blender.

A Range Of Brilliant Options:

The 5200 features a collection of various speed options. The removable design has streamlined the lid cleaning process. Moreover, the lid also comes with the capability of being double like a measuring cup. That means you can get rid of guesswork during preparing a meal.

Furthermore, the Vitamix 5200 equips an on/off button. Many blenders lack this button. However, the speed options may seem a bit difficult for you if you are going to use a blender for the first time.

This feature-loaded blender can warm foods as well. Owing to the brilliant variable speed options, it is possible to convert solid ingredients into heated soothing liquids like soups. You can check the guidelines from the instruction manual as well as a DVD.

vitamix 5200 features

Variable Speed Control:

Owing to variable speed control, you can control the speed of the blender to get needed textures. Moreover, it is also possible to rotate the dial at any stage throughout the blending process. That means you have complete control over this appliance.

Boost Your Passion:

If you are passionate about cooking, then the 5200 will streamline your journey. It can blend delectable smoothies with ease. Moreover, it can also prepare nutrition-loaded juices, soups (piping hot), frozen delicacies, sauces & dressings, spreads & dips, and so on.

Amazingly Designed Tamper:

The 5200 features a temper, specially manufactured to process stubborn ingredients. That means there is no need to scrape off the blender’s sides

Accurate Container Design:

The Vitamix 5200 comes with a top-class container that helps to get smoother blends in less time. The result is an efficient Vitamix vortex.


  • Variable speed control
  • Able to prepare hot soup
  • Robust stainless-steel blades
  • Can prepare large batches
  • Self-cleaning


  • The motor quality could have been better

Wrapping Up

The Vitamix 5200 is a powerful blender with great potential owing to its incredible features. The combination of cutting-edge technology and best-in-class quality offers a great value for investment. Hence, it is time to switch to the 5200 blender and make your kitchen journey streamlined and joyful.

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