Are you a coffee aficionado? Then,you should have a coffee maker at your place. However, among loads of availableoptions, it seems confusing to choose an ideal one for you. Nonetheless, you havelanded in the right place, as the post is about keurig mini review.

KeurigK-Mini Plus Coffee Maker is one of the perfect appliances for coffee buffs.Hence, without any ado, let us know more about this brilliant product.

Keurig Mini Review

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The KeurigK-Mini Plus comes among the smallest single-serving appliances for coffeemaking. Its appearance, brewing capacity, and size will amaze you. The brewsize of Keurig K-Mini Plus is 6 to 12 oz. That comes with a K-Cup Pod Storage.

The sleekdesign comes with different matte finish colors added with beautiful silverdetailing on the drip tray and handle. It is also available in a beautifulblack color.

Portabilityis one of the best features of the K-Mini. That means you can appease yourcoffee thirst almost everywhere. The Keurig K-Mini Plus is a strikingcombination of convenience, aesthetics, and style.

On theother hand, this Keurig model does not feature loads of bells as well aswhistles. However, the features and functionalities, which it has come with,are enough to win your heart. If you are looking for a travel-friendlysingle-serving coffee machine, then the Keurig K-Mini Plus makes a perfectoption for you.

Keurig Mini Features, Pros and Cons

Very SmallFootprint:

Do you havea small-sized kitchen? Cannot you dedicate a spacious space for your dreamcoffee maker? Then, the K-Mini is for you!

This coffeemaker equips a footprint of lower than 5 inches. Moreover, it can also slideinto kitchen counter spaces. That means a perfect utilization of the space thatis extremely important for small kitchens.

RemovableDrip Tray:

Its driptray can accommodate a maximum of liquid of one full cup. That means you caneasily manage the situation, where you would forget to place a cup beneath itsbrew nozzle. The best part is that you can remove the drip tray with ease foremptying and cleaning the machine.


The K-Minicomes with less than 5 pounds of weight. That means you do not need to worryabout its portability. So, if you are traveling somewhere, Keurig K-Mini Plus can accompany you with theace. The measurement is 11.3″ × 4.5″ × 12.1″. As a result, it is no heavier than abig textbook.

keurig k mini features

Compatible With Travel Mugs:

The brilliant brewer comes suitable for travelmugs of a maximum of 7″ height (excluding the drip tray). Hence, it is a greatoption for frequent travelers. Due to the sliding ability of the drip tray, itcan easily make space for a travel mug.

Pod StorageContainer:

The Keurig K-Mini Plus features an amazing cylindricalpod storage container. It comes with the capacity of a maximum of 9 K-Cup pods.Whenever you are not using it, you can place it beneath the brew nozzle.Therefore, you can store the machine with ease with enough amount of coffee forthe next use.

SeparateCable Storage:

Do youwonder about the storage of its power cable? You are in luck! You can wind upthe cable into the coffee maker itself. As a result, it gets possible to storethe appliance with ease, even in the limited space of a kitchen. Thus, themachine also becomes incredibly portable.

Best SuitedWith One Cup:

The K-Minicomes with an incredible capability of brewing one cup of coffee. Even each ofthe details of this machine comes aligned with the one-cup concept. If you area frequent coffee drinker, you will find this machine a great match for you.

Simple& Convenient:

The Keurig K-Mini Plus has an eye-catchy designadded with simplicity and user-friendliness. It comes with just two buttonsthat means it boasts an amazingly minimalist design. The “Power” button turns themachine ON and OFF. On the other hand, the “Strong” button brews a strong cupof delectable coffee.

It is very easy to brew a delectablecup of coffee with this machine. Switch on the K-Mini and add a K-Cup. Next,turn its lever down and voila! A tasty cup of coffee will start brewing atonce.

Brew Sizes:

The Keurig K-Mini Plus can brew anywhere between 6and 12 ounces of coffee. Your job is to fill its removable water reservoir withthe needed amount. As a result, brewing a strong cup of coffee becomes abreeze. Moreover, you can brew a small cup of coffee or even a large cup toappease your mind.


Thisfeature-rich coffee maker comes with an easy-to-clean water reservoir. You justneed to use a wet, soapy cloth.


The K-Minicomes with an essential “Auto-off” feature. That means you do not need to worryabout turning it off in the middle of your work.

Themanufacturing makes it prepare one cup of coffee at a time. That means if youprefer to drink one cup of coffee per day, the Keurig K-Mini Plus is an ideal option for you.

Moreover,this feature can turn off the machine after 90 seconds of the last brew. Thatmeans it is also an energy-efficient coffee maker.

Easy-To-Clean& Maintain:

You can clean the K-Mini with ease. That means there is no need to devote a lot of time for the cleaning purpose. To ensure longevity, it is essential to clean its external parts. Moreover, you must also descale it frequently, preferably every 3 to 6 months.


  • Very small brewer
  • Smart cord storage
  • Attachable potholder
  • User-friendly & convenient
  • Portable
  • Easy-to-handle user interface


  • Single-serving reservoir
  • No whistles and bells
  • Tippable 

Keurig K mini vs Keurig K mini Plus

Keurig k mini vs keurig k mini plus

Wrapping Up

A cup of soothing coffee can refreshyour morning. Moreover, the delectable taste of coffee can keep your mood highand bring a big smile on your face. Hence, you should seriously think aboutbuying a feature-loaded coffee maker. It will also enable you to sharpen yourbarista skills.

I hope the keurig mini review was helpful for you and you have amazed by knowingabout its brilliant features.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Keurig K-Mini Plus today!