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Keurig K Select Review

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If you are a coffee buff, then you should have a coffee maker in your comfort zone. However, among loads of options, it is natural to get confused to choose the right one.

Are you facing the same situation? Do not need to worry! This post is about the keurig k select review. That means you are going to know about Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker that can make an ideal choice to appease your craving for coffee. Let us start the discussion now.

Keurig K-Select Review

Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker comes with two brilliant features- Hot Water On-Demand and Strength Control. However, it makes an ideal amalgamation of user-friendly controls and fast operation (even almost instant). That means you do not need to wait for a long time to have your morning coffee.

If you are looking for a cutting-edge single-serving coffee machine, then you can certainly consider this product. Moreover, you can expect a uniform, strong flavor in every cup of coffee. Simply, it is a perfect coffee maker for a home or office.

keurig k select review

Keurig K Select Coffee maker Features, Pros, and Cons


Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker is available in four beautiful colors, such as Matte Black, Vintage Red, Matte White, and Navy. Since it comes as a sleek machine, each of the colors is greatly compatible with this machine. And you can choose one, according to your kitchen decor and aesthetics.


When it comes to size, Keurig K-Select shares similarities with other Keurig models of the present line-up. Since it is a spacious appliance, it needs 9.2” x 11.6” on the kitchen counter. That is why you need to allocate a minimum of 12.5” of clear space to keep it under the kitchen cabinets.

keurig k select features

User Interface:

Keurig K-Select comes with a brilliant, convenient user interface. Every brew size features a separate button. It is an ideal combination of convenience and user-friendliness. Moreover, this feature-filled machine can make four varied sizes, such as 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces.

Are you an aficionado of strong coffee? Then, you will have a “Strong” button on this machine. Hence, are you ready to get a refreshing taste in your coffee? You can easily turn on this button, placed atop the control panel. Moreover, three indicator lights are there below the power button, such as Add Water, Auto-Off, and Descale.

If you keep the machine on by mistake, the “Auto Off” feature will come to the picture and start illuminating. It can turn the device off automatically following an inactive period of two hours. That means you can get a sigh of relief.

Removable Drip Tray:

If you want a perfect single-serving coffee machine, then you must look for a removable drip tray in it. However, the Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker has already come with this convenience. It is completely detachable for perfect cleaning.

Moreover, if it is not there, the coffee maker can hold travel mugs of a maximum of 7.4 inches. That means you can carry Keurig K-Select anywhere you go and keep yourself refreshed.


Do you want to spend a long time cleaning your coffee maker? No, is not it? When it is about Keurig K-Select, the cleaning process is easy. Moreover, some particular parts of this machine call for occasional cleaning. Such areas include the water reservoir, the drip tray, and the exterior.

Water Reservoir:

The machine features a spacious water reservoir of 52 ounces. As a result, you can prepare five cups of coffee at a stretch without a need for refilling. It saves a lot of time and streamlines your morning regime. Moreover, the reservoir is removable by nature so that you can refill the machine with ease.

User-Friendly Button Controls:

As a user, you just need to add a pod and choose a convenient cup brew size. And voila! Get ready to have a fast, refreshing, delectable cup of coffee in less time.

Strong Mode:

The Keurig K-Select features a strong mode that can serve the purpose of strong coffee enthusiasts. You just need to press the button before starting the brewing process and you will get a refreshing cup of coffee.

Available at a mid-range price, the Keurig K-Select makes a perfect choice when it is about a single-serve coffee maker. The amazing customizable settings, convenient user-friendly interface, and easy cleaning features have made it a top player in the market.


The Keurig K-Select comes with some brilliant additional features within a budget-friendly price structure. Moreover, the customizable option will blow your mind.


  • A convenient removable water reservoir
  • Amazing strong mode
  • Brew time of less than one minute
  • Multiple color options
  • User-friendly interface


  • Produces a bit of noise
  • Spacious countertop footprint 

The Bottom Line

Was the keurig k select review helpful for you? I hope it was! If you are a strong coffee buff and looking for convenience and amazing features in a machine, Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker is a perfect model for you.

Hence, why are you waiting for?

Buy Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker today and keep on pampering yourself with refreshing coffee delights.

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