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If you’re searching for a top-class coffee maker, then you’ve landed the perfect place. In this post, I’ll discuss jura j6 review and you’d realize why this coffee maker has become so much popular. So, without any further ado, let’s start the discussion.

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Jura J6 Review

Jura J6

The brilliantly-designed Jura J6 offers excellent coffee shots plus milk frothing without any requirement of learning of a more complicated semi-automatic espresso maker. And it is one of the most exciting points about this coffee machine.

Along with 12 drink options, a simple interface, and easy setup plus cleaning, the Jura J6 has become a must-have coffee machine for all coffee aficionados. Now, it’s time to discuss its features, advantages, and cons.

Features of Jura J6

The first and foremost thing that you’d notice about the Jura Impressa J6 is that it is a very compact looking coffee maker that has come with a touch of elegance. Moreover, the black external finishing has given it a great sophistication plus style that will improve your kitchen decor.

It is a fully automatic machine that can prepare both coffee as well as espressos. The Jura J6 is particularly designed to make sure that it’s simple in operation. It features a very easy-to-use control panel that needs a one-touch only with at most 6 pre-programmed beverage buttons.

It is featured with one coffee, one espresso, hot water, two coffees, and steam. Integrated with an incredible rotary button, it allows another 11 sub choices. This coffee maker has come with a 15-Bar pump that enables perfect crema plus high pressure brew procedure.

J6 Review

This coffee machine has come with a rotary button that enables 11 sub choices. It’s amazingly quiet albeit it features a total steel conical burr grinder. Simultaneously, it also holds 6 coffee bean fineness settings.

The Jura J6 coffee maker is featured with a 15-Bar pump that enables perfect crema plus high pressure brew process. The water heating system of this coffee machine is also a commendable feature.

Moreover, this amazing coffee maker can make endless amounts of froth milk and steam. The frothing feature of this coffee maker is incredibly advanced and it can pretty much perform everything.

This amazing coffee maker center is featured with actually 2 interchangeable froth systems. The first one is the Dual Frother Plus that’s designed for manual frothing or steaming, accompanied by two settings for either steaming (that means lattes) or frothing (cappuccino).

And the second system is known as the frothXpress automatic frothing system. It is able to siphon cold milk and it can amalgamate with steam and then produce any amount of frothed or steamed milk straightforwardly into the cup.

Its water storage tank is significantly large (71 ounces) that enables up to 45 espressos on one tank. Moreover, its 9-ounce bean storage container is equipped with an incredible feature of an electronic sensor and it prevents the coffee beans from running out completely.

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The manual of the J6 is easy-to-read and clear and it will help you in getting your J6 and operating within 20-30 minutes. Maybe you would want to perform some additional dialing in to ensure that you receive the best coffee shots. Otherwise, the setup process is very smooth.

Jura J6 Review

Nonetheless, cleaning plus maintenance of the Jura J6 is also simple. Simple-to-implement guides would be helpful for you in replacing the CLEARYL Smart Filter, descale the machine, and clean the milk system. Such tasks generally don’t need many things than a container of cleaning solution and pressing of a button.

Jura J6 is a true one-touch coffee machine and it’s ready to brew one of the thirteen completely programmable specialties, such as cappuccino, flat white, ristretto, latte macchiato, and so on with only one button press and you even don’t need to move your cup.

You can customize each and every drink between ten strength settings, adjustable water volume, and three temperature settings. It’s also possible to texture the milk to taste by making use of the intuitive Fine Foam Frother of this coffee machine. You just need to twist the dial before or in times of brewing for customizing the milk texture. You can also grind the Espresso by making use of a fast yet quiet Aroma G3 grinder of this coffee machine. It’s also possible to brew with its Variable Brewing unit that utilizes Jura’s innovative Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System for pre-infusing the grounds for a complete plus more even extraction.

Jura Smart Connect can hook up with your smartphone by making use of the Bluetooth technology for easier operation. You can also program and brew your drinks right from your phone- all credit goes to the intuitive Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.). Moreover, its Smart Connect is convenient and it is a creative way to make the J6 touchscreen incredibly operable.

Cons of Jura J6

The coffee bean container of Jura J6 is a little bit small if you consider the size of its water tank. But luckily, an early warning sensor is there so that you’d never run out. Moreover, big clean up may take some time. Most of the parts of this coffee maker are made with plastic. But, these shortcomings can be neglected when the incredible features and functionalities of this coffee machine are considered.


I hope the jura j6 review was an insightful experience for you and you are now familiar with an incredible coffee maker.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Bring Jura J6 to your home today and improve your barista skills. Otherwise, you can opt for Jura Giga 5.

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