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Jura Z6 Review

Jura z6 features

The brilliantly-designed Jura Z6 has come with all the convenience that you need to sharpen your barista skills. One of the latest features in this coffee maker is Pulse Extraction Process or P.E.P. that can pulse in times of the brewing cycle for espresso plus specialty coffees for strengthening the intensity as well as flavor.

The Jura Z6 is featured with updated milk temperature plus milk foam temperature system that is now able to select the temperature at most 10 levels where level one is about the coolest temperature.

Its former models are not equipped with a milk carafe and the Z6 is also not an exception in this regard. Nonetheless, Jura has updated the cleaning system and it is literally among the best updates.

The Z6 has also come with a kit that’s filled with goodies, such as a handy container for cleaning. You can make use of this container with your cleaning solution to properly wash out the milk hoses and voila! You are just ready to store away. It’s time to discuss the features, benefits, and cons of this incredible coffee maker.

Features of Jura Z6

If you’re looking for an amazingly-designed one-touch super automatic that can perform it all and offers its users great convenience of use plus ease of operation. And thus you’d be capable of maintaining complete control over the brewing technique of your preferred specialty coffee beverages. And guess what? The Jura Z6 machine offers everything you could expect from a coffee machine.

The first and foremost thing that you’d notice about this coffee machine is that it is a sizeable appliance. Having the measurement of 17.7” x 12.6” x 14.8” and weight of 26 pounds, this coffee machine offers brilliant features and functionalities.

But, in case your kitchen is of small-sized and if you have a limited counter space or if the countertops and cabinets in your kitchen have a small clearance in between of them, you are likely going to face difficulties in finding a space for it.

The segment of the heft of this coffee maker is originated from the fact that both of its front plus top panels are manufactured from aluminium. Its side panels are made of strong ABS plastic.

When it comes to the appearance, it’s clear that its designers emphasized its function over its form. But still, this coffee maker is attractive. Actually, the Z6 is featured with clean and simple lines. It’s ready to operate anytime, as per your convenience.

Reservoir size is among the preferred features of the incredibly-designed Jura Z6 coffee machine. It features a huge 81-ounce plus top-loading water tank, placed on the left side of this coffee machine when you’re standing in front of the machine.

Whenever you purchase Jura Z6, you’d get the facilities of two water filters for its tank that means you’re getting one additional than most of the other machines whose water tanks takes a filter.

Jura z6 Review

Features that I like in Jura Z6 – Jura Z6 Review

The Jura Z6 has come with 15-Bar High Performance Pump and it is able to brew 13 different types of specialty drinks, such as Espresso, Hot Flat White, Macchiato, Hot Water, Coffee, Cappuccino, Portion Milk Foam, Ristretto, 2 Ristretti, Latte Macchiato, 2 Coffees, 2 Espressi, and Portion Hot Milk.

This incredible coffee maker is featured with an Intelligent Water System Filter Detection and 2.4 L of Water tank capacity. Moreover, it can automatically switch between hot milk and foam.

It offers an incredible Pulse Extraction Process so that you can get pure quality Espresso. With Jura Z6, you are free to rename and reposition any drink on its start screen for easy and one-touch brewing.

This brilliantly-designed coffee maker comes with one button touch operation and bean container along with aroma preservation cover. It is equipped with 10 pre-programmed milk temperatures.

The Jura Z6 is equipped with Swiss craftsmanship. Moreover, the refined and intuitive controls have made this coffee maker easy-to-scroll-through. You can customize and brew your preferred drinks and improve your barista skills.

Jura z6

Cons of Jura Z6

It’s true that the Jura Z6 has come with lots of features and functionalities for its users’ convenience but it’ll be better if they add a couple of things in a future model upgrade. These additions will further improve this great coffee maker. There is no specific order for the following:

More Grind Settings: Everyone needs more, right? And looking at the cost of the Jura Z6, the enhancements on its front would be a great decision. It will enable its users to dial in their favorite flavor settings.

User Profiles: It’s really great that you can personalize each drink on its menu but the shortcoming here is that you’re allowed only one saved customization on each drink. The solution is “User Profiles.”

Moreover, a cup-warming tray will be a great and simple addition; however, it’s not mandatory at all.

Jura Z6 vs Jura Z9

Jura Z6 and Jura Z9 has almost similar features, very less difference in between them. In general Jura impressa Z9 is an older version and Jura Z6 is a newer version.

First Major difference is Jura Z6 can be connected through Official Jura App. So through your smartphone you can remotely make coffee for you. But Jura Z9 does not have this feature.

Jura Z6 loaded with latest Aroma G3 Grinder, where as Jura Z9 has oldest Aroma plus grinder.

One Advantage of Jura Z9 over Jura Z6 is, Jura Z9 has double thamro block and Jura Z6 has only one tharmo block. Having double tharmo block means, it will help you to heat up you coffee faster than single tharmo block.

In terms of price, Jura Z6 cost you around $3500, where as Jura Z9 might cost you more than $4000.


I hope the jura z6 review was helpful for you and you’ve got some valuable insights into it. Nonetheless, you can opt for Jura Impressa C60.

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