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Introduction to Jura 15070 E6 Automatic Coffee Center

The Jura E6 is a brilliantly-designed, super-automatic espresso machine that is able to brew long coffees and espresso and steam milk for cappuccinos.

You can easily program stand-alone milk foam plus hot water options for producing a preferred amount of frothed milk or water to make tea lattes or cocoas.

The Aroma G3 grinder from Jura is an impressive addition to the E6 that is meant for consistent and quiet grinding but with higher efficiency.

Jura E6

Features of Jura E6

If you need espresso with a fuller body with dedicatedly luxurious, thicker crema, the Jura E6 will be a perfect option for you. It has become possible, as the E6 pre-infuses coffee by making use of the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System of Jura. It is further followed up by its brilliant Pulse Extraction technique that is able to pulse water via the grounds within short intervals to provide the most out of the extraction.

The E6 Platinum is a bit more hands-on, as compared to other Jura machines when it comes to milk drinks. That’s why you’d need to shift the cup for milk froth.

Moreover, you’d get the facility of on-screen instructions to indicate when to open and close its steam valve making use of the dial on the right of this brilliant coffee machine. And you’ll get the result of frothy, luxurious cappuccino milk.

Jura E6 is featured with an Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System or I.P.B.A.S. The incredible Variable Brewing Unit of this coffee machine enables you to prepare delicious drinks with anywhere from the range of 5-16 grams of coffee.

The Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System from Jura pre-infuses those coffee grounds before the brewing process to make sure the best possible extraction. It’s also possible to adjust coffee temperature plus volume for every individual drink.

This incredible coffee maker has also come with Pulse Extraction Process or P.E.P. Brewing. The E6 makes use of the advanced Pulse Extraction Process brewing technique.

Unlike a constant flow, water has been instead pulsed via the grounds in brief intervals, extracting greater aroma plus intensity while lowering the brew time as a whole.

Owing to P.E.P., you can prepare espresso and ristretto with more considerable flavor and clarity than ever before.

Jura E6 is equipped with Intelligent Water System or I.W.S. The Intelligent Water System of Jura employs RFID technology for automatically detecting whenever this coffee machine is equipped with a water filter.

The CLEARLY Smart or Pro Smart water filter of this coffee maker provides great protection against chlorine, heavy metals, and limescale in the water and thus it preserves the flavor in coffee and also extends the longevity of the machine. You just need to install it and let Jura’s I.W.S. take care of the rest.

This coffee maker comes with an Aroma G3 Grinder. The Aroma G3 grinder from Jura makes sure of even, quiet, and incredibly fast grinding. You can easily adjust the grinder to one of the seven fineness settings to influence the overall extraction time.

It also features a refined burr set plus cutting angles – preferred for higher efficiency and more even grinding. The incredibly integrated bypass doser of this coffee machine also enables pre-ground coffee brewing.

Jura E6 Review

Features that I like in Jura 15070 – Jura E6 Review

P.E.P Brewing: The new brew unit update of Jura alters the pressure on the coffee puck thus it can create a more flavourful yet rounder shot.

Intelligent Water System: The brilliant Clearyl Smart filter from Jura keeps track of the water filtering for its users.

One-touch Cappuccino: Jura E6 is equipped with a simple milk siphon system through which you can prepare cappuccinos by pressing a button only.

Drink Programming: Jura E6 can easily set temperature, dose, milk volume, and shot length for six different drink settings.

Automated Maintenance: This brilliant coffee machine performs a fabulous task by rinsing at start-up as well as shut-down. It also provides handy alerts for rinsing the milk system and reminding its users to descale.

Cons of Jura E6

Maintenance: You’d never miss a scheduled cleaning when you start using Jura E6. So, just get prepared for a number of warning messages, beeps, and reminders.

Latte Foam: The biggest shortcoming of this coffee machine is the absence of dedicated latte settings.

The E6 shares many similarities with the more expensive E8, but doesn’t provide the features like dedicated drink settings for lattes, adjustable foam texture, or a bypass doser for ground coffee. This machine is not suitable for the office environment, as it comes with a very small bean hopper. You should look for some other alternatives if you frequently enjoy espresso.


The Jura E6 is a perfect option for any home with more than one espresso drinker – enjoys one or two daily caffeinated beverage. The large capacity water tank of this coffee machine would enable the brewing up of one drink after another accompanied by an average warm up to 1 minute, 58 seconds of brew time. And I hope that the jura e6 review was insightful for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Bring Jura E6 to your home today and sharpen your barista skills at your comfort zone. If you’re looking for some alternative option, you can check out Jura A1.


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