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Congratulations! You’ve reached the destination because I’m going to discuss jura a1 review in this post. And believe me, it’s one of the best-in-class coffee machines through which you can sharpen your barista skills. So, without any ado, let’s start our discussion.

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Jura A1 Review

Jura A1 is able to brew better that’s too without the unnecessary whistles and bells. This super automatic coffee machine provides a compact solution for all coffee buffs, who want to relish superior cups of coffee in their comfort zones.

Jura A1 has been carefully designed to brew up mind-blowing espresso just at the touch of your finger. Jura’s latest brew technologies have come with a faster-grinding burrset plus a pulsing brew unit to offer more flavor-rich shots. It’s a perfect coffee maker for the espresso-only households.

The brilliantly-designed backlit touch-sensitive control panel plus chrome accents have provided the A1 with an impressive appearance.

Features of Jura A1

Jura A1 is a remarkably fast machine being small in size. It is capable of delivering one drink after another within just a couple of minutes before you need to refill the water – all thanks to the speedy Aroma G3 conical burr grinder plus the quick-heat thermoblock boiler of this coffee machine.

Even though its brewing process is amazingly fast, the espresso produced is of top-notch quality – the credit goes to Jura’s P.E.P. or Pulse Extraction Process technique. This incredible technique enables the A1 to push the heated water via the portafilter in bursts. The result is the extraction of only the best flavor from the grounds.

A1 manual

Jura has a detailed focus on its shot quality but the rest of this machine is very much simple. And it is evident from the outside appearance of the Jura A1, as it only features the coffee spout plus a couple of buttons up top.

The buttons of this top-class coffee machine would enable you to go for the amount of espresso you need to drip into the cup. You’d also get two different choices in coffee strengths. Its water tank plus the bean hopper disappear into its smooth-running black paneling up top.

If you’re searching for an easier-to-use and extremely convenient espresso machine, the Jura A1 makes a perfect option for you. Since this machine comes with limited options, you won’t get confused while programming a complicated drink.

Until its water tank and bean hopper remain full, you just have to push espresso, ristretto, or regular coffee button and then off it goes. Programming of this machine is possible to tell it for how long this coffee maker should extract espresso based on the setting of each coffee. You are free to select either a 7 or 10 gram shot just with the pressing of a button. And that’s it – nothing else to do.

This efficient espresso machine comes in the black color and it is the slimmest machine in their catalog to employ their revolutionary process of Pulse Extraction. And with the pulsing process of water through the grounds, this coffee maker is able to produce incredible clarity in the flavor along with a more improved crema.

A1 all features

Features that I like in Jura A1 – Jura A1 Review

This particular espresso machine is also featured with Jura’s Aroma G3 grinder so that you could get a quieter yet faster grinding facility. It’s a space-saving machine that comes with three programmable coffee specialties. It can produce a delicious Espresso, Long Coffee, or Ristretto just at the touch of a button. If you want to enjoy high-pressure-brewed coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha, and so on, you can opt for Jura Impressa C65.

You can program each and every drink with your desired strength (1 of 2 settings) as well as volume. Its bean hopper is equipped with an aroma preservation cover that maintains the freshness of the coffee. The great amalgamation of the P.E.P. brewing and the intelligent pre-brew aroma system of Jura makes sure that your espresso is supplied piping hot with a luxurious rich crema.

It’s an ultra-compact coffee machine and it’s the smallest superautomatic from Jura on the market. Its exclusive brewing extraction process is able to pulse pressure in the brew unit to extract finer flavor with every coffee shot.

Its touch panel is featured with illuminated icons for every cup size and it would also prompt you for daily machine maintenance.

Cons of Jura A1

In spite of having a small footprint, Jura A1 has come with some considerable weight so it needs a little muscle to operate. If you are looking for enjoying milk with a delicious espresso, then the Jura A1 is not for you! But, in front of its features and functionalities, this shortcoming is negligible.


The Jura A1 is a brilliantly-designed and super automatic espresso machine- manufactured for coffee purists, who like to make a bit of investment on perfectly-extracted coffee. Moreover, the Jura A1 doesn’t create any clutter around the milk.

Actually, the Jura A1 is best suited to espresso junkie- it can quickly produce more than one espresso shots in a row without a need of refilling. Moreover, this coffee machine doesn’t spit out hot water at all. But, it’s not for Americano drinkers.

I hope the jura a1 review was helpful for you. If you need an affordable automatic espresso machine with the features of pulling espresso and steaming milk, look no further – bring Jura A1 today and relish your espresso at your comfort zone.

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