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Jura E8 Black Friday 2021

As we know black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best time to buy any product. So why to miss Jura E8 black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Here I listed down the best Jura E8 Black Friday deals for you. Keep in mind, this year’s Black Friday sale is started on 26th November, and the Cyber Monday sale will start on 29th November. So be ready to grab the maximum discount on these two days.

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Actually, the purpose of a super-automatic espresso machine is to prepare delicious espresso, coffee, and milk-based beverages, such as cappuccinos and lattes easily and quickly.

Being a bean to cup machine that has set a new benchmark for providing easy-to-use, top-class, and value-added machine, Jura E8 has come with three new features – previously available only on more expensive Jura machines.

Jura E8 Review

Features of Jura E8

Coffee Settings: Jura E8 is able to prepare strong coffee but you can control it. Owing to the 8 coffee strength settings, its dosing is adjustable within a range of 5 to 16 grams.

Nonetheless, on various machines, you might have only three strength options and such cafe-size coffee doses need waiting for two separate grind cycles in times of brewing.

Along with the PEP, the E8 coffee machine can make use of a brief pre-infusion to briefly wet the coffee. It swells the coffee prior to the application of the pressure and it is helpful in improving the flavor extraction.

With the help of pre-infusion, large dosing, and PEP brewing capability, the Jura E8 is able to produce some of the finest coffee plus espresso of any available super-automatic coffee machine. The best part is that it makes use of the same brewing technology and it brews the same way just like the more expensive Jura machines.

Form Factor, Aesthetic, and Footprint: The first and foremost thing that you’d notice about Jura E8 espresso machine is its color. This coffee has come in glossy black (piano black along with a couple of silver accents) and that’s the only color this coffee machine is available in.

Another point-to-remember is that you’ll leave fingerprints on this unit every time you touch this machine. However, it is one of the benefits of more expensive coffee machines and since they are constructed with brushed metal, they can greatly conceal fingerprints.

The other noticeable thing is that the Jura E8 espresso machine is manufactured with ABS plastic. It’s a strong material but it is not that much durable that is constructed with more metal. And if you take care of it properly, it would offer you many years of available service, but it needs more care.

Boiler System: The brilliantly-designed Jura E8 super automatic espresso machine makes use of a single aluminum boiler –fringed with stainless steel and featured with Thermo block technology for the purpose of rapid heating.

But, most of the coffee buffs look for the systems with two boilers that enable you to brew coffee and steam milk on a simultaneous basis, as single-boiler systems enhance the total brewing time for the milk-based drinks. It’s due to the fact that the single boiler needs some time to switch from one chore to other.

Jura E8

Features that I like – Pros

Jura E8 has come with a 64-ounce water reservoir that can work with the internal filtration system of this machine in order to eliminate calcium along with other deposits from the water.

This coffee machine can rotate the knob for selecting from the eight program options, come with hardness and aroma levels.

It is featured with an automatic off feature that enables you to set a time and tell your machine when to shut down for alleviating overheating and accidents.

This coffee maker has come with an 18-bar pump that’s larger than the bars, as compared to other machines so that you can get more flavors from coffee beans.

This incredible coffee maker is featured with a ceramic burr grinder that is designed like the ones used on commercial machines. Its cup selector enables you to prepare a once-ounce espresso shot or at most eight ounces of coffee and milk.


More Grind Settings: A large number of E8’s features are actually a cut above but the count of grind settings didn’t justice with the model.

A Double Boiler: Addition of this feature will increase the price but it will alleviate the wait time of the milk-based drinks.

User Profiles: One of the biggest drawbacks of this coffee machine is that its users can save one person’s favored settings each drink. If it implemented user profiles, each and every person could save the settings of their preferred espresso plus latte macchiato separately that would be incredible.

Less Plastic, More Metal: It’s okay to use ABS plastic on the inside Jura E8 but looking at its price, it can be concluded that at least the front face of this machine should be constructed with metal and probably the top as well.

difference between Jura E8 vs E6

[wps_table style=”hover”]

Jura E6 Jura E8
1.9 Liter water tank 1.9 Liter water tank
200 grams bean hopper 280 grams bean hopper
7 different products 12 different products
8 Adjustable coffee strength 10 Adjustable coffee strength
no one touch cappuccino fuction Have one touch cappuccino fuction
Jura E6 Jura E8 Review
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Jura E8 vs E6 comparison

From the above comparison table you can easily assume Jura E8 is much more superior than jura E6. Although they have same amount of capacity,  aroma G3 grinder, intellegent pre brew aroma system, milk spout system, dual coffee spout system, pulse extraction process etc.

The major differences are in Jura E8 you can make one touch cappuccino where as in jura E6 you can’t ( Acutally in E6 you have to do it manually). In Jura E8 has more coffee drinks option as well as more no of coffee strenght level compare to Jura E6. Another major difference is jura E8 can work on grounded coffee where as jura E6 can work on coffee beans. Jura E8 also have preheating technology which gives more enery efficiency compare to jura e6.


The Jura E8 is among the few espresso makers – made by Jura – that’s not the segment of a larger line such as its ENA or Impressa lines.

This coffee machine is featured with a built-in system that can filter the water to eliminate calcium plus other things that can convert your coffee taste bitter or rusty.

But, if you discover that your coffee still doesn’t taste as expected, you can use its hardness setting to alter how it filters the water.

I hope that I have successfully introduced Jura E8 through the jura e8 review. So, what are you waiting for? Bring this coffee machine to your home today otherwise, you can think about Jura ENA Micro 1 if you need an espresso-only machine.

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