Ninja Blender 1500 Reviews

The Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500 Food Processor Blender System is a multipurpose kitchenware that is made up of 1500 watts or 2 horsepower that help in handling food and drinks in any possible situation. It also has an 8-cup food processor bowls that allow the owner or handler to add fresh ingredients to the original amount. The processor bowls allows you to add up to 2 pounds of dough in approximately 30 seconds. This ninja blender 1500 has a high performance blender pitcher of 72 oz. The blender is designed in a way such that it can grind ice and other frozen foods and fruits hence make a cold fruit juice which is also creamy. Other components are three 16 oz. nutri ninja cups which allow the operator to prepare drinks.

Ninja Blender 1500 Review

ninja blender 1500 review

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Special features

  • The system has an extra-large 72 oz. professional blending jar which readily makes drinks for a whole family in as little time as possible. The blending jar is also designed such that it can grind through tough stuff like ice and frozen fruits. It also makes creamy like products when correct ingredients are put in
  • Secondly, the system has 16.0 Nutri Ninja cups which are used to make personalized drinks that can be taken as packed drinks to trips and outings like such
  • Termed as one of best ninja blenders, Ninja mega kitchen system also has a nutrients and vitamins extractor. This is a very powerful motor that also has extractor blades on it. It breaks down complex foods, fruits and vegetables into grinded simple juice which is used for refreshments and nutrient supply to the body. It is called a nutrient extractor as it makes drinks with vitamins and other nutrients out of fruits and vegetables
  • There is also the 8-cup professional bowl for food processing. This is efficient in making dough. The bowl has a feed chute lid which allows for addition of dough at the rate of 2 pounds in 30 seconds and this is very efficient compared to other dough processor machines. The bowl also has the dough blades which also greatly contribute to the quick rate of processing dough
  • This ninja blender 1500 has blades designed to withstand and tolerate low temperatures. This is used for frozen blending to make creamy drinks and also blend ice to make much colder drinks than other systems can do
  • The system also has a hopping section that is designed for even cutting of materials like strips of cheese or in form of slices. This is a section in ninja mega kitchen system that is no so commonly found in other types of kitchen wares making it the best ninja blender system. Even you can try vitamix blender as ninja blender alternative.
  • Ninja Mega kitchen system also has a grater which enables easy and even grating of materials like cheese
  • Among all these is a safety lock system which ensures no accidents are incurred in the process of blending


  • Has a secure interlock, which is important to avoid any uncertain accidents during blending
  • It has blades that facilitate easy blending of frozen substances like ice; this is no common in other blending devices
  • Have blades and discs that enable easy and uniform shapes of slices of the cut materials
  • All materials e.g. blades, jars and the lids of every component in the ninja mega kitchen system are BPA free
  • Lids and containers make up the ninja kitchen system are spacious enough to allow for easy washing d also safe since the blades are safe from the rest of the system
  • Storage is easily done by putting the smaller jars inside the larger one hence saving on space
  • The system is durable with high efficiency due to the high power to bend the materials
  • There is faster processing of dough through the dough accessory with a high speed and power
  • Blades are made of stainless steel which is tough and resistant to thing like scratches and rust
  • This best ninja blender requires simple assembly with no tools to use during the process making assembly easy and saves time


  • They are relatively expensive to buy due to the advanced technology involved in their manufacture. The price is also contributed by the fact that the system is a multi-ware with many components joining to form one system

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Maximizing the efficiency of a ninja blender 1500

Ensure the system is always kept clean at all times.

Ensure you repair broken or spoilt parts and replace the ones that are destroyed beyond repair.

Who would ninja mega kitchen system most suit?

Have you ever realized that your kids love soft foods or sliced foods such as bended juice and such? This is a very important kitchen ware that you should not miss in such a house.

Similarly, when people who love going for trips and other outings prefer to carry with them prepared drinks rather than buy them wherever they are going, it would suit them to have this system in their homes.

A place with many kids who cannot eat solid foods like the very young like in preparatory schools or day care centers are among the best centers to have these systems so as to make foods for the kids.

A person who hates cooking foods due to the long time taken to prepare foods would love this blender because of the easy handling and the short time it takes to prepare foods and drinks since it has a high performance.

What people say about the Appliance

The ninja mega kitchen system has gained peoples’ interest due to many reasons especially the high performance capability, easy storage since smaller units are nested by larger units and also for the reason that in has a variety of areas of application. Therefore, people like it and with time, it will outdo most of the kitchen wares that are in competition with it.


The Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500 Food Processor Blender System is an appliance that anyone would like to own regardless of their frequency of using it due to the uprising consumption of fruits and such foods all over the world. Get one ninja blender 1500 today and see the world of difference it can bring to your life.

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